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About Sim-Lock

The article explains what is SIM-LOCK, its main use and consequences of its removal

GSM Overview

Overview of the Global System for Mobile Communications. History, services, architecture, mobile stations and more

General GSM Information

Understanding what is GSM, what are sim-card, locked cell phone, PIN and PUK numbers and more

GSM Characteristics

Technical charactecistics, GSM radio frequency spectrum, multiplexing techniques, techniques used in GSM and other standards

Basic GSM Services

SMS, Voice mail, Advice of charge, WAP, GPRS, Fax and Data transmitions, roaming, etc.

What is Bluetooth

About Bluetooth technology, features by version, profiles, about the name and more


GSM Acronyms and Glossary

About 3GSM

New step in wireless communication

About Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi technology, IEEE standards, comparing standards, using wlan, security etc.

About E-GPS

New look on GPS for 2G and 3G Cellular Networks

Briefly About WAP

WAP features overview

Great future to mobile phones

Cell phones development progress

First Mobile Telephone Call

Who made a first mobile phone call?


Briefly about 2G network


Briefly about 3G network


Briefly about 2G network

Camera phone

History, video call, etc.

Circuit Switched Data

A few words about CSD technology.

Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution

A few words about EDGE technology.

Evolution to 3G

Operators and UMTS networks. UMTS, 3G Terminals, Standartization.

Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access

FOMA is the brand name for the 3G services being offered by Japanese mobile phone operator NTT DoCoMo.


Briefly about GPRS technology.


Few words about Global Positioning System


Comparison of mobile phone standards

High-Speed Circuit-Switched Data

The other innovation in HSCSD is the ability to use multiple time slots at the same time

High-Speed Downlink Packet Access

Few words about HSDPA technology.

High-Speed Uplink Packet Access

Few words about HSUPA technology.

IP Multimedia Subsystem

History. Basic Principles. Fixed/Mobile Convergence. Architecture. Early IMS. Advantages & Issues. Specifications.


Specification, Devices, etc ...

Cell phone sales in 2003

Worldwide Sales of Mobile Terminals to End Users in 2003

Cell phone sales in 2004

Worldwide Sales of Mobile Terminals to End Users in 2004

Cell phone sales in 2005

Worldwide Sales of Mobile Terminals to End Users in 2005

Cell phone sales in 2006

Worldwide Sales of Mobile Terminals to End Users in 2006


How the technology works. Current use in mobile telephony.


Definition and history. Operating systems.

Universal Mobile Telecommunications System

UTMS Features, Real-world implementations. Technology. Spectrum allocation.


Briefly about W-CDMA technology.

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