GVIF Interface for Lexus/Toyota/Land Rover/Nissan/Jaguar

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Car video interface allows you to connect aftermarket navigation, rear view camera, external video sources (HD/DVD player, TV tuner) to the OEM car monitor. It offers easy installation, excellent stability and functionality. This GVIF interface fits Land Rover / Lexus / Range Rover / Toyota / Jaguar / Nissan / Infiniti.

The power cable has a filter to protect the board from noises. This GVIF interface does not need any sub-board, user can set functions by means of DIP switch.

* Note! Land Rover cable is required to install the car video interface in Land Rover cars, Nissan/Infiniti cable is needed for installation in Nissan/Infiniti cars.

GVIF Interface for Land Rover / Lexus
Technical Specifications

  • Input (multi video interface)
    • A/V input (external video source) × 3
    • Rear camera source: CVBS input × 1
    • Analog RGB input (navigation system output) × 1
    • LCD input (car system input) × 1
    • GVIF input × 1
  • Output
    • GVIF output × 1
    • Audio select output × 4
  • Power
    • Input power: 8 V DC – 24 V DC
    • Max. consumed power: 12 W
  • Switch input mode
    • By remote control unit
    • By the source toggle
    • Through CAN (available for Land Rover series only)
    • Input video mute function: possible to make each input mute by operating Dip S/W
  • Board dimensions:
    • 141 mm × 87 mm × 26 mm

GVIF Interface for Land Rover / Lexus
Compatible Vehicles

Car brand Model Model years
From To
Land Rover Discovery 3 2005
Range Rover LR2 2008
LR3 2005
Freelander 2007
New Freelander
Lexus LS 2007
Toyota Land Cruiser*  
Jaguar XF* 2008
XK* 2007
Cadillac CTS* 2008
Nissan** GT-R 2010
Infiniti** FX 2009

Note! Compatible only with cars equipped with OEM external navigation box.

* Swap the places of brown and violet wires of the in/out cables. The wires order should be the following: violet, brown, black.

** Only video interfaces of 7.2 and following versions.

GVIF Interface for Land Rover / Lexus

GVIF Interface for Land Rover / Lexus

GVIF Interface for Land Rover / Lexus
Package Content

  • GVIF interface for Land Rover / Lexus main board
  • Remote control with IR cable or OSD keypad
  • Cable set:
    • Power cable with protective filter
    • GVIF cable
    • A/V cable
    • RGB(IN) cable
    • Cable with remote control switch button
    • Touch out cable
    • Touch cables (2)
    • Flat cables


Video Interface is compatible with the following models of Cars
  • Lexus
  • Toyota
  • Land Rover
  • Cadillac
  • Jaguar
  • Range Rover
  • Nissan
  • Infiniti
Rear view camera input
  • Yes
DVD/HD/TV connection input
  • Yes
Navigation input
  • Yes
CAN bus support
  • Yes
Modes switch by OEM buttons
  • Yes
Adaptive parking guidelines
  • No
Touch screen control of the connected devices
  • No
Build-in navigation
  • No





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