Artec Robotist Sensor Light

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Artec Robotist Sensor Light is a universal electronic construction kit that includes over 70 elements for individual assembly of a limitless amount of robots with a wide range of abilities. You can build such light-emitting devices as a robot, a vehicle, a tower, and a plane. The Robotist Sensor Light is great for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related education. Students will enjoy building programmable robots.

Usage Guidelines

This kit is great for hands-on educational experimenting and technical demonstrations. It is equipped with Studuino, an analog of Arduino open-source prototyping platform. All light and sound devices can be programmed to respond to the touch sensor. You can program LED illumination any way you like and create melodies using the buzzer. Use a touch sensor to make a light with a switch. Includes full instructions with information for downloading the robot software (requires Windows operating system).


  • Electronic building kit with over 70 elements for creating a limitless amount of programmable robots.
  • Great for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related education.
  • With this kit you can build the following light-emitting devices:
    • robot
    • vehicle
    • tower
    • plane

Technical specifications

Battery AA (3 pcs. not included)
Material plastic
Package size 301 × 219 × 67 mm
Package weight 1 kg
Age 8+


Package contents

  • Building kit:
    • building blocks — 70 pcs.
    • Studuino platform — 1 pc.
    • sound sensor — 1 pc.
    • touch sensor — 1 pc.
    • light sensor — 1 pc.
    • LED-light — 1 pc.
    • buzzer — 1 pc.
  • User guide — 1 pc.

Required Accessories

  • Battery AA — 3 pcs. (not included)


  • Robotic





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