Soldering Iron Tip Goot PX-60RT-4CR

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Goot PX-60RT-4CR Soldering Iron Tip is a long-life replacement soldering iron tip with tin plating (17 mm, one-side cut, 45°) for precision component soldering. Goot PX-60RT-4CR tip is compatible with a range of Goot soldering stations and irons.


  • One-side cut; 45°.
  • Diameter: 4 mm, working length 17 mm.
  • This soldering iron replacement tip has a copper base and antistick stainless steel collar.
  • The working area is tin-plated.
  • This iron tip has a laser print for identification.


Tip Replacement

  1. Unscrew the barrel nut.
  2. Take off the heater collar.
  3. Replace the soldering tip.

Goot PX-60RT-4CR Soldering Iron Replacement Tip

Stainless steel collar inside the tip can stick to the heater. When replacing a tip, be sure to take it off from the heater. To prevent an iron tip and a heating element from sticking to each other and from damage when replacing a tip, regularly take it off and put it back on.

Useful Information

While using this soldering iron tip, you should note the fillowing:

  • The iron tip may work less if you use a lead solder than when you use lead free solder.
  • Do not clean the iron tip with a cleaning pad or a rasp-file.
  • Soldering iron tip thermal conductivity worsens when oxides stick to it.
  • To clean a tip, use a moist cellulose Goot ST-70/75SP tip cleaner sponge.


Soldering Iron Tip is compatible with the following models of Soldering Irons
  • Goot RX-701AS
  • Goot PX-501
  • Goot CXR-31/22
  • Goot PX-501AS
  • Goot RX-711AS
  • Goot PX-601
  • tin
  • single-sided cut





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