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19.12.2006   New arrival on stock
Original LCDs for HTC Q-Tek 8020/8010/8100, Motorola E1000, Siemens AX72, Siemens EL71.
19.12.2006   Soldering equipment SUNKKO
Welding Station SUNKKO 850A and Infrared Digital Preheater SUNKKO 863E in sale.
14.12.2006   Samsung LCDs on stock!
New arrival of LCDs for Samsung D600, D800, D900.
12.12.2006   Smart-Clip updated!
Released S-Card v1.02, SmartMoto v2.03 & Smart-Clip v3.02. With this release we announce a new step in unlocking, flashing and repairing technologies. From now on, all procedures for majority of the latest models can be performed without disassembling and making a TestPoint connection. The following models can be served avoiding a TestPoint connection: C390 (boot v.8.26), E1 (boot v.A.02), L2 (boot v.8.D0), L6 (boot v.8.D0), L7 (boot v.8.D0), L7 (boot v.A.20), U6 (boot v.8.A1), V190 (boot v.8.A0), V190 (boot v.8.D0), V235 (boot v.8.E0), V360 (boot v.8.A0), V360 (boot v.8.D0), V3i (boot v.A.30), V3r (boot v.A.30).
06.12.2006   Smart-Clip updated!
SmartMoto v2.01 Released. In this update: unlock and repair PDS options are supported for V3t (fw version R3443U5_G_0E.C8.0CR); fixed and improved unlock procedure for the models with ERROR 9B and V975 model with "Unhandled exception".
04.12.2006   Smart-Clip updated!
S-Card v1.0, SmartMoto v2.0 and Smart-Clip v3.0 Released. First of all we want to introduce a totally new product - S-Card dongle, a portable USB key for Smart-Clip updates, SmartMoto software operations and access to new flash files database. K1 is added to the list of unlock and repair supported models (unlock via TestPoint). Improved unlock for V3xr - fw R25227LD_U_86.31.34P and unlock/repair PDS procedure for specified below firmware versions (TestPoint connection method is required): L7 - fw R4517_G_08.C4.1ER, V360 - fw R44419_G_08.D6.19R, V3r - fw R3443U2_G_0E.C0.13R, V3r - fw R3443U2_G_0E.C0.13R-S. Added "Unlock via TestPoint" feature for C390 (boot 8.26) and V1075. "Enable Unicode" and "Set subsidy code to "00000000" options are implemented to SmartMoto "Service" tab.
02.12.2006   DreamBox updated!
DBSS v2.2 and DreamBox fw v1.06 Released. In this update: Format Bootcore method added for Siemens SL75 and S75. File system formatting added for Siemens SL75, S75, EL71, S68 and C81. "Freeze IMEI" (by one click) introduced. "Delete personal data" for EGold developed. File system formatting for Sgold improved. "Read Master Codes" feature added. Improved "Skey viewer". Interface became more user-friendly.
01.11.2006   NsPro updated
NsPro v1.7.2 released. Fixed communication prolems, Fixed update problems, NsPro activator updated.
01.12.2006   Martech II Plus/Lite updated
SIEM Service Tools v13.7 released. New features: BOX/CLIP calibration routines improved. DIRECT_MODE without "BOOT_PASS" menu for C45, S45/Me45, SL42/SL45, M50/MT50, S46. "Not activated" problem for box LITE in DIRECT MODE corrected. "Abort" button added in DIRECT_MODE panel. Corrected unlock of C81 with new PCBs. Corrected entering test mode routines (error messages). Auto storing BootCore HASH and BootCore IMEI in log file. Corrected "exeption error" - for generating BOOT_PASS during fullflash+BootCore.
01.12.2006   Infinity updated
Pantech PG-C300 model added! Supported features: sp-unlock, lock to network, flash read.
22.11.2006   SHU-Box available in stock!
We are ready to process your orders!
22.11.2006   Infinity-Box updated
Infinity Box S-Module v1.12 is released. Geo-G1 phone is added. Supported features: sp-unlock, flash write, flash read, reset.
21.11.2006   Infinity-Box updated
Infinity-Box M-Module v1.15 released. Added support for: Fly 2040, Fly 2040i, Fly MX200, Fly MX300, Fly SL300m, Fly SL400m, Fly MP400, Fly SL500m, Lenovo V707. Supported features: flash write/read, unlock, user code, imei.
20.11.2006   SCDR2 & Sagmaster on-line server updated
New algo added: 6C 28 05 my501c, 41 20 05 my501c, 84 0E 01 my100x, 18 3C 01 myC5-2v, 44 2C 05 myC5-2v.
20.11.2006   Furious Gold updated
Added support for LG TG800, LG TG800F, LG KG120. Supported features: Unlock, Flash, Repair, Imei repair etc ... Flashes uploaded to support area.
20.11.2006   Vygis O2 Workshop updated
Vygis O2 Workshop new version is released. The following features are added to Sony Ericsson J100 support: phone unlock code reading, EEPROM repairing,"Phone hacked" repairing and IMEI changing.
16.11.2006   Consumables on the stock!
Now available chemical products for PCB and contact cleaning KONTAKT 60, KONTAKT WL, SWA, fluxes INTERFLUX, BGA solder pastes. Hot Prices!.
16.11.2006   UST PRO II updated
New models added: Samsung X510, X530, P310, T219, C417, T619, E420, C300 (flashing beta), C400 (flashing beta). Improvments: Samsung X620, X49x, T319 IMEI. Rebuild function updated, needed time: 2 seconds. Samsung X620, X49x, T319 Lock to network function updated, need time: 2 seconds. Swift Platform Flashing improved.
15.11.2006   Cruiser updated
Updated TAC list for Sony Ericsson K310i, K510i, K800i and Z530i. Several internal software modules were updated. Increased client-server communication code robustness. Minor change to UI.
15.11.2006   MT Box updated
ASIC11 unlock is added. Now the following phone models are supported: Nokia 1112, Nokia 2310, Nokia 2610. To use it you need to have Griffin server account.
14.11.2006   Furious Box 2 updated
O2x4 support for all users. DBTEL j6/emablaze sting support for all users. Alcatel vle5/6 full support to unlock all models. Alcatel new algo supported via special switch inside soft. New client version. New ip for server. Some misc bugs fixed.
14.11.2006   FuriousGold updated
Nec 122 - flash read, write, direct unlock. Alcatel OT-E801 - unlock by patched flash, flash read, write, repair, fw change, language change. Pantech C300 - read/write flash/direct unlcok/phone code read.
14.11.2006   Vygis updated
Added ACER models: Motorola C168 and W220. Supported functions: fast flash reading-writing at 812 kb, fast unlock (3-6 seconds), phone code reading, FFS formating, Eeprom and "Unauthorized phone" repairing.
08.11.2006   Martech updated
Martech Plus/Lite v13.5 is out. New features: "DIRECT_MODE" - SGOLD "via cable" solution added.
08.11.2006   JAF Box updated
JAF ver 1.97 beta7 released. Corrected link to support server added.
08.11.2006   Infinity Box updated
Lobster 575 model added. Supported features: SP-Unlock, Flashing, Flash reading, Fast speed support.
01.11.2006   Cruiser updated
Cruiser v10.01 released. New features: Added support for DB2020-flashing server. Updated TAC list for Sony Ericsson K610i, V630i, Z550i. Fixed minor certificate repair issue.
01.11.2006   NsPro updated
NsPro v1.6.1 released. Samsung T619 operational bugs fixed. Agere unlocking bugs fixed. Improved software functionality.
01.11.2006   Mult-Box updated
New version 1.28 released - added REAL support for LG F1200 (RSA), LG KG110, LG KG118, LG KG119, LG KG240, LG KG810 (RSA), LG KG98 (RSA) and removed bug in support of LG T5100.
01.11.2006   Infinity Box updated
Support of My Way MW100 phone added. My Way MW100 Software features supported: SP-Unlock, Flashing, Flash reading, Fast speed support, User code reset.
31.10.2006   Infinity Box updated
List of improvements for Motorola W220: sp-unlock improved, new versions 1.130 and 1.09A are supported
31.10.2006   MT-BOX Sony Ericsson updated
New DB2020 files are uploaded at support area. Added customization files for Sony Ericsson K610 fw versions R1CB001, R1CE001, R1ED001, R1EG001, R1EJ001
31.10.2006   Mult-Box updated
Support added for new firmware version of Philips 355 (version 0040) and Philips 9@9e (version 000C).
31.10.2006   Vygis updated
World first opportunity offered: LG KG110, MG110 support added. LG KG120 is added for beta testing.
28.10.2006   MT-BOX Sony Ericsson updated
Added Sony Ericsson W850 and Z610. FLR files updated for SE K310 and SE Z530. Erom update files for K790 and V630 added. Reset user lock to factory default (0000) for all suported models. Solved problem in communication with some phone models (error2, error4)
28.10.2006   MT-BOX Sony Ericsson updated
Sony Ericsson W850 and Z610 are supported now. FLR files updated for Sony Ericsson K310 and Z530.
28.10.2006   Infinity Box updated
VK2020 model added. Supported features: IMEI repair, user code reset, reset to factory defaults.
26.10.2006   Infinity Box updated
Fly/VK2000 model added. Supported features: flashing, flash reading, user code, IMEI repair, reset defaults, empty board flashing, fast speed supported
26.10.2006   JAF Mitsubishi add-on updated
Some bugs were fixed. Don't forget to uninstall the previous version before installing the new version.
25.10.2006   Micro M2 Sony Memory Sticks on stock!
They are designed to work with the latest generation of Sony Ericsson and Sony M2-compatible devices including cell phones, digital cameras and camcorders. Due to their easy access and enhanced usability, Micro M2 Sony Memory Sticks give you the power to enjoy multimedia on the go.
19.10.2006   Infinity Box updated
Motorola W220 is now supported by Ifinity box. Supported features: sp-unlock, user code, flashing, flash reading.
19.10.2006   Martech II Plus/Lite updated
Martech II Plus/Lite service tools v13.4 released. Full support for all new flash chips in BenQ Siemens EL71 added. BootCore writing procedure corrected.
13.10.2006   Martech Clip updated
Siemens Service Tools (v13.2) updated. New features: corrected LANGUAGE function, T9 extraction from fullflash ("button not active" problem is fixed). Corrected TP red line detection on SGOLD (for CLIP built-in adapter) - "Conected to GND" problem is fixed. New version of CLIP's firmware released.
13.10.2006   Martech Clip updated
LGs Tools v1.4 - clip program update. New features: new flash support for KG800 model.
13.10.2006   Martech Clip updated
Siemens Service Tools - clip edition version 2.8 released. New features: corrected TP procedures for SGOLD (for the new versions of CLIP device). Detection of SGOLD TP lines is corrected (for the new CLIP versions) - "Connected to GND" problem is fixed.
09.10.2006   Vygis O2 Workshop updated
Added support for: Pantech C120, GB200, G670, PG1000, PG1200, PG1300, PG3000, PG3500, PG3600 and PG6100 models.
09.10.2006   Infinity Mini Plus updated
TCL GQ05, Nerys-N330: unlock/lock code/flash read/write.
09.10.2006   Griffin Server Alcatel updated
C series new networks supported. Alcatel OT-S853 supported.
09.10.2006   NsPro updated
NsPro v1.5.2 released. Added IMEI write feature for Sanyo S750, S750i, LG U8210, U8290 (only for repair phones with damaged IMEI). Added full support for E380, T619, T629. Improved restore calibration data for Swift phones with MSL security. Improved communication for Zxxx phones.
09.10.2006   MultiBox updated
New update for LG. New LG Tool v.1.27a - fixed bug with LG M4410. New model DAEWOO 860 added.
09.10.2006   SwS SaG BoX updated
Added support for HASH tables: 650401, 730101, 810001, 240301, 040401, 440801, 886801
04.10.2006   JAF box updated
New jaf 1.98 beta4 is ready. Added support for Fia loaders 6.35.036. Fixed factory reset bug in dct4 (before that usb communication was always selected).
04.10.2006   Vygis O2 Workshop updated
Pantech GB200 support confirmed (choose G900 from models list )
04.10.2006   JAF box updated
New jaf 1.98 beta3 is ready. Fixed bug with Manual Make INI. Added DCT4 simlock file upload via USB. Added Factory settings for DCT4 and BB5 in USB mode and many more.
03.10.2006   Infinity Mini Plus updated
Virgin Lobster 544: sp-unlock, flash write/read.
02.10.2006   Vygis updated
Added unlock function for NEC E122. Changed firmware and eeprom sizes for NEC E122,at support sites uploaded unbranded and branded for MOVISTAR E122 firmware flashes. For beta testing added NEC E101 and NEC N342i models.
02.10.2006   Infinity Mini Plus updated
Special repair Flex file uploaded in support area: C261_Flex_90_61_B310_Locked_70403_70604_33403_2140 7_71030_71402_73002_72207_74000_73212_21402_74807
29.09.2006   Cruiser updated
Cruiser V10 released. Implemented complete support for programming DB2020 emptyboards. Enabled flashing of DB2020 CID49 phones, although for customizing an EMMA smartcard is required. Added support for customizing DB2020-based phones by means of an EMMA smartcard. Added support for manipulating filesystem of DB2020-based phones by means of an EMMA smartcard. Updated built-in customizations for K610, K790, K800, W850 and Z610. Updated built-in customizations for W300 and K310. Added support for red CID49 DB2020 "EROM Upgrade". It is accessible via the Repair EROM button. Updated langpack description for K310 and K800. More later on. Minor change to the Replace certificate function. Updated TAC list for J220i, K300i, K310i, K510i, K610i, K750i, K800i, T106, W300i, W550i, W810i, Z300i, Z525a and Z530i.
29.09.2006   Vygis O2 Workshop updated
Added support for Pantech G500, G900, GB100, GI100, GF200, PG1400, PG1410 and PG3210 models. Corrected some older models unlock algo.
28.09.2006   NSPro updated
NsPro v1.5b released. Improved new Agere unlocking protocol. Fixed minor Sysol flashing bug.
28.09.2006   Infinity Mini Plus updated!
V690, V872, V878 user code option added.
26.09.2006   Martech Lite/Plus updated
Improved BootCore info - after opening fullflash file. Added support for flash 017E in SL75 model. Improved fullflash writing routines. Auto "IMEI Repair" option after fullflashing added. S68 lang description corrected.
26.09.2006   SagemCode Reader II and SagMaster updated
Online Server Free Update: 04 07 01 my202x, C0 08 01 myC2-3, 52 85 01 my100x, 67 41 01 my201x, C0 08 01 my100x, 24 60 01 VS-1, 28 29 01 myZ-5
25.09.2006   USF + HWK updated
Release of: UFS_DCTxBB5 v2.0.2, UFS_LG_GSM v2.0.2, UFS_SAMs v2.0.2.
25.09.2006   NSPro updated
NsPro v1.5 released. X650 unlock bug fixed. Added flashing support for X650, P910, P920, Z150, Z230, Z540, ZV40. Improved communication protocol.
25.09.2006   Infinity Mini Plus updated!
Moto02 v1.20 Released. c168 sp-unlock method improved (new version 1.450 supported). c168 "Reset" option added
23.09.2006   DreamBox updated!
DBSS v1.29.1 Released. This is hotfix update. Version based on renewed algorithm. That stabilizes work process on some AMD and PIII-based computers.
22.09.2006   DreamBox updated!
DBSS v1.29 Released. SP65 phone model supported. Auto power on option in manual java. Phone Power On / Off function. Improvement on Siemens contrast tuning. Simulate SimCard feature. Renewed interface. Skip "RAM Testing".
22.09.2006   UST Pro 2 updated!
UST PRO 3.02 Released. Improvements: General user interface improved, minimize, move, etc... is possible now. X210, X160, C130 flashing improved. Bugs fixed: Minor bug in ultiflashing fixed. Z400 (Z560, ZV40, ZV50, Z560) flashing bug fixed. E350 IMEI rebuild fixed. X650 EEP Erase bug fixed. New models Added: E780 Full support added (include MSL remove). T319 Full support added. New functions added: E370 MSL Remove added. TST Dongle support added.
22.09.2006   NSPro updated
NsPro v1.4.2 beta released. Calibration data repair on IMEI write added for ALL swift phones with MSL security. This feature will repair network and battery problems after IMEI change on D820, D900, X670, etc... To repair phones with damaged calibration data, just write the IMEI again. E780 flashing bugs fixed. This feature in not fully tested. That's why this is a beta version. D800, E900 minor flashing bugs fixed. T519 support added.
21.09.2006   Infinity Mini Plus updated
BenQ-Siemens EF61, CF61, M580, C71A, O2X2i, E61. SE J100 repair dead phones. UTstarcom GSM708. Voxtel RX11. Newgen Mars. Geo GV500. Konka EC001. TCL 728. Hyunda H-MP728. Motorola C168 unlock method improved.
21.09.2006   SagMaster updated
New phone algorithms already added to online server: 25 08 01 my100x, 60 26 01 myC2-3, 65 08 01 my202x, 10 25 01 myV-56, 51 19 01 myC5-2v.
21.09.2006   Multi-Box updated
Maxon Tool v.3.2 (new model added DAEWOO 860). Samsung Swift Tool v.1.1 (NEW TOOL added, swift cable schematic added also). Samsung AGERE Tool v.1.1 (NEW TOOL added, swift cable schematic added also). TCL Tool v.1.0 (cable schematic for TCL U80 added).
21.09.2006   Multi-Box updated
New Nokia Tool v.2.0k. GUI Improved. Added RSSI module to manipulate RSSI Values into phone. Added Repair module to COMPLETE REPAIR the PM AREA of phone: IMEI, Singal values, keyboard values, charging values, etc. Supported are 67 DCT4/WD2/BB5 phones. And many more!
21.09.2006   Infinity Mini Plus updated
Read/Write eeprom option added for x6x, X200, X400, A500. x6x sp-unlock method improved. Minor bugs fixed.
18.09.2006   Infinity-Box updated
Sp-unlock, user lock, eeprom read, flash read, flash write, high speed supported for BenQ EF61 and BenQ CF61. Beta-test BenQ M580.
18.09.2006   JAF updated
New JAF Setup ver 1.98 beta1. Fixed reading security code in usb mode. Fixed reading security code in fbus mode for DCT4 INFO. Fixed RPL208 save. Fixed APE Variant manual selection in USB mode for BB5. Fixed N80 usb flashing for content (search, fprot etc). Other small bugs fixed.
09.09.2006   Vygis O2 Workshop updated
Added support for Siemens-Benq SFG75. Supported unlock and phone code reading.
09.09.2006   Infinity-Box updated
RepairModule v1.11: Sony-Ericsson J100 model added, new flash chips supported.
08.09.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 updated
SCDR 2 v 21.00. Added my 202x. Added new algotithm to online server: 64 03 01 my100x, 3C 32 01 myC5-2v, A4 21 01 my3-2.
09.09.2006   Vygis O2 Workshop updated
Added support for Siemens-Benq SFG75. Supported unlock and phone code reading.
09.09.2006   Infinity-Box updated
RepairModule v1.11: Sony-Ericsson J100 model added, new flash chips supported.
08.09.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 updated
SCDR 2 v 21.00. Added my 202x. Added new algotithm to online server: 64 03 01 my100x, 3C 32 01 myC5-2v, A4 21 01 my3-2.
08.09.2006   JAF updated
New JAF Setup ver 1.97 beta14. Fixed problem with kaspersky antivirus. Added Status Bar with info about Type, Version, Imei and time. Fixed crashing problem with ??????????? imei when reading info in DCT4. Fixed NO answer problem in RPL208 saving causing disabled commands. Added a loaders update system in update tab.
04.09.2006   Infinity-Box updated
Added Newgen Mars sp-unlock/flash write/flash read/reset. Added SP-Unlock, Flashing, Flash reading, Fast speed support for UTstarcom GSM708. Added SP-Unlock, Flashing, Flash reading, Fast speed support for Voxtel RX11.
04.09.2006   Vygis O2 workshop updated
Added full support ,including unlock, phone reset, flash reading-writing for Siemens BenQ A38. Some flashes with Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian languages for A38 uploaded also.
04.09.2006   FuriouS GOLD updated
New QFG module version now available in 3 languages: English, Italian, French. Support for usb flash/repair/temp unlock for u880 and usb flash/repair for U900. All bugs were stripped and everything runs much faster.
01.09.2006   Infinity-Box updated
Added sp-unlock, user code, flash write/read for BenQ C71A.
01.09.2006   SETool updated
New card version of the standalone (v0.91380039) is out! SEMCsec released EROM updater for db2020. it can help with red blink and "gdfs startup error:29" on db2020 phones. Some fixes in com cables and db2020 booting. Card unblocking not works as intended, fixed.
01.09.2006   NsPro updated
NsPro v1.3c released. Improved Agere flashing protocol. Fixed sysol flashing bugs. NsPro UK version released.
30.08.2006   DreamBox updated
DBSS v.1.28 Released. M56 and C56 phone models added. Testpoint mode is now supported for SL75.
30.08.2006   Sagmaster and SCDR 2 updated
New CLIENT TOOL v 6.00 for SAGMASTER & SCDR 2. New options added: download personal flash file for your device; upload flash file; shared file ftp section; test points and cables description; help section
30.08.2006   Multi-Box updated
Released new update tool v.1.2! Fixed some bugs. Added more usefull info for custumer.
30.08.2006   Furious-Gold updated
04.08.2006   Multi-Box updated
New Samsung tool for Quallcom platform. With this tool you can read codes from Samsung Z-series: Z100, Z105, Z105u, Z105v, Z107, Z107u, Z107v, Z110, Z130, Z140, Z300, Z500, Z510, Z700, ZM-60, ZV-10, ZV-30 (Notice: Without MSL Security only!).
04.08.2006   Martech Clip updated
New features:
- corrected 017E flash type support in S68 type
- added C81 model
03.08.2006   Multibox updated!
Added support for new LG models like: L5100, T5100, M6100, KG920.
New flash files for all new models were added also.
03.08.2006   SWS-SAG Box updated!
My 201x new hash tables added:
HASH 760701
HASH 600601
HASH D40301
HASH 081201
HASH 340501
HASH 410201
02.08.2006   Vygis Alcatel Workshop updated!
Support for new versions Alcatel E256, E259 added
01.08.2006   Martech Box II Plus / Lite updated!
new features:
corrected flash 017E support in S68 model
01.08.2006   NKLIP update
Alcatel E series NEW Versions Unlock added!
31.07.2006   JAF ver 1.97 beta 8 released
- added full info on INF for BB5 fbus
- greatly improved DCT4 fbus local mode
30.07.2006   Multibox installer V5.0 released
List of changes:
- LG2G Tool v.1.24 ( added support for LG P7200, S5100, S5200)
- Maxon Tool v.2.0 ( new sig file added )
- Philips Tool v.5.8 ( Philips 289 cables schemtic added )
- Samsung Swift Tool v.1.0 ( NEW TOOL added, swift cable schematic added also )
- Samsung AGERE Tool v.1.0 ( NEW TOOL added, agere cable schematic added also )
- Vitel TSM Tool v.1.2 ( sig file updated )
- TCL Tool v.1.0 ( cable schematic for TCL U80 added )
28.07.2006   Vygis O2 Workshop updated
First in the world!
Added support for Gradiente GF910, Ezio MP500 and Elson MP500.
28.07.2006   Furious Gold update #10
Full support for ONDA N3000 Phone added!
Direct Unlock, Flash Read/Write, Imei Repair, EEprom Write, Security Code reader etc ...
27.07.2006   VygisToolbox updated!
LG Workshop v1.60SC is uploaded at support sites in LG section.
Added support for LG CG225 and LG F7200.
26.07.2006   Infinity-Box updated!
Konka EC001 model added
25.07.2006   Martech Siemens USB Box II and Martech Lite updated!
Added support for C81 model
24.07.2006   Vygis Lobster Workshop Updated!
Added support for Lobster 544
21.07.2006   Vygis updated!
Added support for LG CG300, F1200, KG810 and MG810. LG MG530 added for beta testing.
21.07.2006   Furious-Gold updated!
Released new version V1.21.7.2006. BENQ-SIEMENS AP75 ADDED !!!
20.07.2006   SE Tool 2 updated!
Latest card version of the standalone (v0.91380036) is out: Added "support" for nice tool of arash, Setool2 not working properly under dead os (win95/98/me) fixed. Card version of the standalone (v0.91380035): added server-based db2020 model (k800,v630,k610) flashing, est files updated, was some errors in k600 rest files/
20.07.2006   Furious Gold updated!
V1.20.7.2006 - Philips 158 added and new modules organised. Added Full maintenance service software for Philips 568. Also added new presentation & shortcut to start and find unlock module faster. New organisation of modules. More easy to recognize and faster.
19.07.2006   JAF WM Updated!
IMEI restore software released for testing. Please note, that it works only with unlocked phones.
19.07.2006   ThunderStorm Updated!
Thunderstorm Workshop Build 190706 Released. Fixed LG KG800, LG CE500 unlocking procedure. Added support for new version of Philips 855 and Xenium 9@9++
19.07.2006   Tiger ClipUpdated!
Added support for Philips 189 and Philips 289. Added 12 new firmwares for some Philips Mobiles
19.07.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Installer v.4.8 by Multi-box team: LG2G Tool v.1.24 , Maxon Tool v.2.0, Motorola Tool v.1.0, Philips Tool v.5.8, Samsung Swift Tool v.1.0, Samsung AGERE Tool v.1.0, Vitel TSM Tool v.1.2, TCL Tool v.1.0.
19.07.2006   Vygis O2 Workshop Updated!
Added support for Gradiente GF930, Ezio ESL808 and Elson ESL808
17.07.2006   Vygis O2 Workshop Updated!
Added support for M315,Siemens Benq AP75 and E61
17.07.2006   JAF box Updated!
New JAF 1.97 beta4. Fixed bug in bb5 usb ape flashing - No detection of the phone in boot mode.
17.07.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Added new flash file for Sendo SND620 SV663. This is new flash can fix a problem with blue screen after flashing.
14.07.2006   Vygis Updated!
Added support for NEWGEN C620.
14.07.2006   Furious Gold updated!
Full service software for dragon 1916 and arima 2851. New blackberry unlock algo and possiblity to choose beetwen algos. Added improuved support for alcatel e259. Added fullservice software for lg kg210, kg220, kg225. Changed ip for new necs connections so pls use only last update for them. Added 300mb+ of lg firmwares on support. Added new alcatel e259 language pack.
14.07.2006   SagMaster Updated!
V. 15.00 Released. MY 200X/201X: read unlock code, read user code, direct unlock, close lock.
14.07.2006   Martech Siemens USB Box II and Martech Lite updated!
Added fullflash write, LANG write for A76 model. "default field" of LCD contrast writing feature added (checkbox). Auto select SGOLD/EGOLD type in LCD/Trim menu (after select phone type). Turn ON function for SGOLD models added.
12.07.2006   Martech Clip Updated!
LGs Tools v1.1. Added some next models: C1300, C1300i,C1500, C2000, F7250, F9100, G4010, G4020, G4050, G5500, G7000, G7020, G7030, G7050, G7200, L5100, MG191, MG200, T5100.
11.07.2006   MT-BOX Sony Ericsson Updated!
Imei change for K510,W300,W700,W810,W900,Z530 added. Imei change plugins updated for some old models, also added some new models.
11.07.2006   Universalbox Dongle Updated!
Added Ericsson K800, K610 (DB2020) flashing support with SmartCard.
10.07.2006   SagMaster Updated!
Online server update: 24 03 01 myX-1t, 5C 08 01 myX1-2t, BC 76 01 myC2-3
10.07.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 Updated!
Online server update: 24 03 01 myX-1t, 5C 08 01 myX1-2t, BC 76 01 myC2-3, 6C 01 01 myX5-2v, C4 08 01 myC5-2v
10.07.2006   RedboX II Updated!
Fast unlock for all version of: 8150, 8210 and 8290 !!!! (bugs corrected)
10.07.2006   NKlip Updated!
Alcatel E series unlock added. Bug/Improvements - Improved communication for Nokia Phones. Bug/Improvements - Alcatel Unlock in 2 seconds.
10.07.2006   Vygis Updated!
LG Workshop v1.58SC Released. Added support for LG-MG155. Uploaded some new flashes for KG800. Implemented new function - IMEI "000" or "065" repairing,to call this function - press "CTRL+I",when software is started.
08.07.2006   Universalbox Dongle Updated!
New version released: 1.9.1 - Nokia DCT4 RPL/IMEI Online calculation. Implemented Nokia DCT-4 RPL calculation, and IMEI repair function online, and realtime.
08.07.2006   SE Tool 2 updated!
GUI v0.91380034. Bugfix - during flashing many phones at once software freezes. Bbugfix - lg3g patching code impoved to support some of latest fw. Bugfix - with selected "w550/w600 old" complete not worked. fixed. Bugfix - during ssw conversion of small files GPF occured. Bbugfix - rare occuring bug during imei patch for w300/z530/w810/k510/k310 fixed. Bugfix - locks operation for for w300/z530/w810/k510/k310 fixed.
08.07.2006   Tiger ClipUpdated!
Philips 189, 289 - 12 new firmwares added.
07.07.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Multi-Box Nokia Tool v1.0b. Added corrections to handle higher areas of PM (255-65535). Added "Backup Flash Area RPL", "Warranty Rebuild" Function, "Restore Warranty IMEI to OTP" Function. LCD Patterns are now based upon NMP Ini Files. Security Code READING/WRITING for CDMA Phones Support.
07.07.2006   Universalbox Dongle Updated!
UniversalBox Dongle - Released version: 1.8.9. Improved logging system. Fixed DCT-4 ASK format error due to ASIC2 intel.fia loader. Added BB5 PP file upload support
06.07.2006   UST Pro 2 Updated!
UST PRO 2.10 Released. UNLOCK MD5 HASH function added, you must do this before Unlock/IMEI new Z series and V804SS. Z520 Full Support added (Unlock/IMEI/Flash/MD5 UNLOCK). E370 Direct Unlock fixed. Flashing minor bug on new Z series fixed. E900/P900 flashing fixed. X650 Direct unlock fixed.
06.07.2006   JAF box Updated!
Added checked values by default for RPL208 and LCK308 flashing options. Fixed bug when you have no interface connected, clicking mode tabs will generate errors. Fixed a bug with File System detection, File2 was detected instead of SymbianEPOC. Added DCT4 Erase flash, imei patch, read flash support for UFS interface
05.07.2006   SagMaster Updated!
Online server update: 94 06 01 myC2-3, 04 06 01 my100x, 53 41 01 myC2-3
05.07.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 Updated!
Online server update: 04 06 01 my100x, 53 41 01 myC2-3, 04 08 01 myC5-2v
05.07.2006   Vygis O2 Workshop Updated!
added new software - Gradiente\Ezio\Elson flasher - unlocker
04.07.2006   JAF box Updated!
Added LCK option in bb5 flashing. Added 128k page flash chip support on usb flashing. Improved usb communication. Improved File Sys detection. Corrected 7710 ape usb flashing. Added OMAP mcu check when flash phones with bad ape mcu. Added more error messages to improve hw error detection more easy. JAF NOW SUPPORTS UFS INTERFACE AS FLASHING INTERFACE
04.07.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 Updated!
Online server free update: 1C 08 01 my201x, 76 07 01 my201x, 94 06 01 myC2-3, 02 11 01 myC5-2m, 41 02 01 myX5-2v.
04.07.2006   Infinity box Updated!
SE J100 model supported. Boot[03/04] problem fixed. Unlock process improved (become faster). Flash process improved (become faster). "Format FFS" option for C257, C261, V177. "Smart Write" option implemented.
04.07.2006   SST Service Toolbox updated!
Added flasher function for XBZ flash file format for SGOLD models. Corrected support for ST flash files for A31 phones. New user interface for additional service functions for EGOLD models.
03.07.2006   MultiBox Updated!
New TCL Tool. With this tool you can make read all codes, read/write lang pack, read/write full back up, direct unlock. In this first release we support TCL U80 model.
03.07.2006   NS Pro Updated!
NsPro v1.05 released. C130, X210, X160 support added. E370, D820, T509 unlock bugs fixed. Box Driver updated.
03.07.2006   ThunderStorm Updated!
Added support for new version of philips 855 and azalis 288
02.07.2006   SE Tool 2 updated!
New complete low-level rewrited version of the standalone (v0.91380032) is out.
01.07.2006   Vygis Updated!
New version - Sony Ericsson J100i flasher-unlocker v1.14SC. Solved some connecting problems. Cruiser cable users must set Cruiser cable "Latency timer" to 4.
01.07.2006   Twister-Flasher and UFS-3 Updated!
Released UFS_ATRz v2.0.1, UFS_DCTxBB5 v2.0.1, UFS_LG_GSM v2.0.1, UFS_SAMs v2.0.1,
01.07.2006   MT-BOX Sony Ericsson Updated!
Added "WARM START" option - Fast repair for ARM phones.
29.06.2006   DreamBox Updated!
DBSS v1.22 Released. This update contains a contrast adjusting for majority of supported models.
29.06.2006   Infinity box Updated!
C168 sp-unlock method improved, new flash chip supported. Unlock/Flash method released for newest c113 - c117 (v2.3.65 and other versions that can't be unlocked with any software).
29.06.2006   SST Service Toolbox and Martech II Plus/Lite updated!
Added SK6R model support, added 6688, 6688i(SLCK) models support, extract LANG from fullflash (for S75 model) corrected, S68 opening fullflash problem solved, "eeprom blocks error" problem solved (timeout for fast PCs).
29.06.2006   SwS-SaG BoX Updated!
Update_My_200X_My_100X_Tunisia : Hash 310401 ,Hash 086C01 added.
29.06.2006   UST Pro 2 Updated!
UST PRO 2.0 Released. FLASH Z540 Z150 P910 P920 V804SS and other new qualcomms in SUPER FAST SPEED. DIRECT UNLOCK Z540 Z150 P910 P920 V804SS and other new qualcomms. REBUILD IMEI Z540 Z150 P910 P920 V804SS and other new qualcomms. New phones added. New functions added.
29.06.2006   JAF WM Updated!
New version of JAFWM 2.2b. Advanced G4 chipset handling for flashing G4 chipset devices. Tornado unlocker updated to support latest cingular rom version. Advanced handling of JAFWM and JAF PKEY used at same time on one computer.
29.06.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 Updated!
Added read all unlock code, direct unlock, read user code for MY 201X and my C3b ( 3 new FLASH CHIPS type added ).
27.06.2006   SwS-SaG BoX Updated!
HASH 310401, 086C01 added. Also added My-200X
27.06.2006   Nsdongle Updated!
Nsdongle v3.14 released. Support for C130, X670 phones added. Cable description updated. Software bugs fixed.
26.06.2006   Samsung Cyclone Tool Updated!
Added new models: D520, E870, P300. Repair communication bug.
24.06.2006   Furious Gold updated!
NEC 343, NEC 121, toshiba ts10 module (nec m1). O2x7 module updated. Sanyo 750/750i logger.
24.06.2006   SE Tool 2 updated!
Now you can really flash any CID flash file in any CID phone._ome bugfixes.
22.06.2006   Vygis O2 Workshop Updated!
Sony Ericsson J100i flasher-unlocker. Features: fast flash writing-reading at 812 kb, fast unlock, user area (FFS) formating, eeprom repairing.
22.06.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Added support for LG F3000, C3600, KG320 and KG800
21.06.2006   DreamBox Updated!
DBSS v1.21 Released. This update has Auto Boot mode added for S68 model. Also, released an updated schematic for DreamBox BENQ-SIEMENS cable modification. Please check it out at support section of
20.06.2006   Vygis Updated!
Added support for LG-KG245. Uploaded some flashes for this model.
20.06.2006   SagMaster Updated!
Online server update: 04 00 01 myC2-3, 73 01 01 my100x.
20.06.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 Updated!
Online server update: 04 00 01 myC2-3, 73 01 01 my100x, 91 12 01 VS-3, A0 68 01 VS-1, AC 91 01 VS-1.
16.06.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Added support for LG C1300i, S5000, KG245, KG248. Improved read of phone info for KG22x. Improved read of phone info for C1100, C1200, C1400, F7100, C1150, G3100, W3000, G3000, G1500, G622, G5400, G5300, G5300i, G7100, G7070, C3100, G1600, G1610.
15.06.2006   Smart-Clip updated!
SmartMoto v1.23 Released. This update includes a Repair PDS procedure for model V3i, firmware version R47A.
15.06.2006   MultiBox Updated!
New firmware version support for Medion 95100 ( verison 20022003 ) was added. New descriptions for language packs were added too. New flash files for LG C1300i, C1150, KG225 and KG220 were added also.
15.06.2006   Infinity box updated!
Added Motorola C168 sp-unlock
13.06.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Multi Box Powercalc Tool updated. Added support for new model like: Siemens CL75 and NEC 343i (generate unlock/reset/repair code via IMEI).
13.06.2006   Furious Gold updated!
NEC N500i, NEC N412i, NEC N512i, NEC E949, NEC E938, NEC L1. Each Furious-Gold owner have 40 credits included in pack! Unlock Policy : 1 unlock N500i = 2 CREDITS. 1 unlock 411i/e540 = 1 CREDIT. 1 unlock N412i/ E949/E938/L1/N512i = 5 CREDITS
13.06.2006   SwS-SaG BoX Updated!
HASH C04801, 451001, 274001, E60601, 786E01, 182501, 042501, 300701 added.
13.06.2006   Infinity box updated!
Sanyo S750 sp-unlock added
13.06.2006   MultiBox Updated!
added support of LG KG220
10.06.2006   Infinity box updated!
BenQ M305: sp-unlock, user code reading, flash write/read. BenQ S88: user code reading, flash read. BenQ M100: flash read
09.06.2006   Vygis Updated!
Added support for LG-KG800,LG-KG320 and LG-ME591. Uploaded some flashes for them.
09.06.2006   Great news for JAF WM owners!
First 100 customers have opportunity to get 1 free unlock credit for testing! Check official support section at
08.06.2006   ThunderStorm Updated!
Thunderstorm Workshop Build 080606 Released. Added Support For some LG cell phones KG-, MG-, A-, B-, C-, CE-, F-, G-, L-, M-, S-, P-Series.
06.06.2006   Usb-Smart Multiplatform Dongle Updated!
Free add for all USB-Smart (Motorola activated) dongle owners. Work on C257, C261, V175-177: Direct Fast Unlock (45 seconds), Read EEPROM, Write EEPROM, Read FFS, Write FFS, Erase FFS, Read Flash, Write Flash.
03.06.2006   UST Pro 2 Updated!
UST PRO 1.16b Released. X210, X650 Support added. D820 Unlock/Read Codes bug fixed. P850 Minor Bugs fixed.
02.06.2006   Vygis Lobster Workshop Updated!
Added support for Lobster 575. Imei changing controls are hidden.
02.06.2006   Polarbox Updated!
Added support for some LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson cell phones (unlock functio). Added flashes philips flashes to support. Corrected and improved little bugs in communication.
01.06.2006   Infinity box updated!
V872, V690 flashing/reading. C168 user code.
30.05.2006   MultiBox Updated!
MultiBox Philips Tool updated. Medion ( MD95100/N2860 ) support added.
30.05.2006   JAF box Updated!
Released JAF v.1.96b5. Added: FILE SYSTEM FORMAT in dct4, bb5 fbus and usb mode; timeout on usb communication; language info on ape variant on dct4 ape phones; normal mode transition for dct4 ape phones to set test mode.
30.05.2006   HWK Updated!
Added support for J220, J230, Z300. UFS_ATRz v2.0.0. UFS_DCTxBB5 v2.0.0. UFS_LG_GSM v2.0.0. UFS_SAMs v2.0.0
29.05.2006   Vygis Updated!
Added support for Benq S680C. Added "phone reset" function,corrected display type changing procedure. Also were uploaded firmwares with Russian,Polish and Romanian languages for Benq S660,S670,S680 and O2X2.
29.05.2006   Infinity box updated!
Motorola C115i repair dead boot zone added
29.05.2006   Furious Gold updated!
Full service software for: Microsnapper, Panasonic A10x, Toshiba TS21i, O2x1/Maxon 7970. Direct Unlock for Lobster.
27.05.2006   Martech Clip Updated!
SAMS Tools new features: added E360, E360E, E770 models, added some versions of X660 model.
27.05.2006   Universalbox Dongle Updated!
Added Nokia BB5 USB flash support. Dead USB flashing also supported on models where available. Added Nokia BB5 ADSP flash support on FBUS.
26.05.2006   Martech Siemens USB Box II and Martech Lite updated!
3rd TP variant for A51, A52, A52V, A53, A57. added lang read/write for SP65. corrected "hidden button" of lang read/write in S68.
26.05.2006   Furious Gold updated!
Furious Gold new phones supported GR1000. Features: fast flash read/write, repair, security code and lock code read, direct unlock, imei change/repair, supports auto power on feature after each operation so no need remove battery
26.05.2006   Vygis Updated!
Added support for LG-G7120,LG-F2250,LG-F3000,LG-MG100,LG-ME500,LG-KG210. Uploaded some flashes for them.
24.05.2006   ThunderStorm Updated!
Added Support for Following Phone Models: Haier M1000, V100, V160, V190, V198, V2000, Z100, Z300, Z3000B, Z6100, Z6110. Supported Features: Unlock, Reflash, Change Languages, Repair IMEI (On M1000 and Z3000B You can change every digit). Support for new version of Siemens SF65, Philips 350, added. Fixed communication bug on Xenium 9@9 LAG.
24.05.2006   Martech Clip Updated!
Added some Chinese versions of phones. Added LANG, T9 read/write feature. "Read Phone Info" function improved (added reading Lang, T9 versions).
24.05.2006   SagMaster Updated!
Online server update: 14 22 01 myc2-3, 44 0A 01 my100x
24.05.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 Updated!
Online server update: 14 22 01 myc2-3, 44 0A 01 my100x, A0 11 01 VS-1/VS-2.
23.05.2006   Vygis Updated!
Added support for LG-KG220 and KG-225. NEC N343i: fast flash reading-writing, fast unlock, phone code reading, phone repairing by writing full flash.
22.05.2006   ThunderStorm Updated!
Added Support for Following Phone Models: NEC E101, E121, N342, N343i, Panasonic A100, X300, Philips 568, Siemens CL75. Supported Features: Unlock, Relock, Repair Code Calculation.
22.05.2006   Martech Siemens USB Box II and Martech Lite updated!
Added AL21 model. Added new TP variant for A51, A52, A52V, A53, A57.
22.05.2006   Cruiser Pro 2 and Criser Pro 16 updated!
Added support for W300, W700, Z525 phones. Added support for correct handling of red CID49 Z520 phones with locked-down EROM area. Updated TAC list for K510i, V600i and Z300i.
22.05.2006   Furious Gold updated!
Modelabs ELITE Phone. NEC N500, N200. Siemens C62 module fixed.
22.05.2006   SST Service Toolbox updated!
Benq-Siemens S68 (New SGOLD platform phone support), AF51, AL21 (new models from EGOLDLite platform. Siemens AP75 (Benq model on Calypso-Lite platform) -only flashing/reading for now. Added new function to flash only the firmware zone
22.05.2006   Infinity box updated!
C257, C261, V175, V176, V177 direct unlock, C115i direct unlock/read codes, C115i UserCode reset.
18.05.2006   Boot-Loader/Smart-Clip/SmartMoto update
Launched of totally renewed portal
Added new products to online shop: Access to SMARTMOTO STANDARD and SMARTMOTO PREMIUM. Also, released a new version of Smart-Clip firmware V2.25 and SmartMoto v1.20. This update adds the following models V235 & L2 to the list of supported and includes other features.
16.05.2006   Cruiser Pro 2 and Criser Pro 16 updated!
Slightly increased flashing speed for some phones. Updated built-in customizations. Updated TAC list for J220i. Updated built-in customizations for W810, W900, Z530. Fixed a bug in loading AVR flash files for A1018, T10, T18, T28, R320 and R380 phones. Added several helpful hints to Cruiser code. Minor updates to flasher code.
15.05.2006   Vygis Updated!
New version M300_1_19SC is uploaded in O2 section of support sites. Corrected bug with O2X2i. Repairing using full flash.
15.05.2006   Infinity box Updated!
C168 Flashing, Flash reading, high speed supported.
13.05.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Medion MD95100/2860 Unlock/Flashing/Flash reading added
12.05.2006   Martech Clip Updated!
Added AF51 model. Added support for new ST flash in A31 model.
12.05.2006   Martech Siemens USB Box II updated!
Added AF51 model. Added support for new ST flash in A31 model. Faster unlock for most EGOLD models. Faster flash writing for most EGOLD models. 921kbd problem for old EGOLD models solved. Not showing "OTP Empty" for old EGOLD phones (factory OTP empty models without BootCore).
12.05.2006   Cruiser Pro 2 and Criser Pro 16 updated!
Added support for: reading unlock/relock codes from Z300 and reading flash from Z300. Updated TAC list for Z530i and built-in customizations.
11.05.2006   SagMaster Updated!
Online server update: 14 81 01 myX2-2, 90 05 01 myX1-2trio
11.05.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 Updated!
Online server update: 14 81 01 myX2-2, 90 05 01 myX1-2trio, 04 25 01 myC5-2v, 06 92 01 VS-2, 35 44 01 myC5-2v, 54 04 01 myC4-2, 84 92 01 VS-2
10.05.2006   JAF box Updated!
Released JAF v.1.95. Added: language description ini file support; counters functionality back; small cosmetical changes for usb mode only; loaders version 6.14.010; pkey setup in pkey driver folder; JAF Logger 1.11 and JAF IMEI Tool 1.14.
10.05.2006   Infinity box Updated!
TSM1/2/3/4/5m/6 flash read/write. For test: TSM6 unlock
08.05.2006   SwS-SaG BoX Updated!
Added reset phone code, reset time counter, reset code to default 0000, desactive check code post. Also added support for New HASH Table 534901, 8E9101, 450001 india, C04801, 440001, 400201, 851001.
08.05.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Samsung Tool first release! Unlock/relock, read all possible codes, read flash backup, change IMEI for D500, D500e, D508, D600, D600e, E340, E340e, E350, E350e, E358, E360, E730, E738, E750, E760.
07.05.2006   JAF box Updated!
Added support for: AMD flash chip in bb5 6280 (fbus only); N91, N80 USB flashing and future uni store loaders; N91, N80 fbus flashing, also for N80 ape variant flashing; latest flash loaders version 6.14. Improved some bugs.
05.05.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Added support for new models LG: B2070, B2150, C1150, C3380, F7200, F9100. Added support for Fly Bird 288, 688 and 788.
04.05.2006   Infinity box Updated!
V878 flashing, flash reading. High speed supported.
03.05.2006   RedboX II Updated!
Direct unlock of Vitel O2X7. Read Write at high Speed EEprom, Firmware, Full_Flash.
03.05.2006   USB-Smart Updated!
Added support for W810, Z530 (CID49) Flash and Complete. Removed bug/error 305328, 305329 when unlocking some W810 phones. Added CID49 automatic recovery support for some versions.
02.05.2006   TOTAL MultiServer version 2.13 is out!
W810, Z530 Unlocking by Cable Added
02.05.2006   Infinity box Updated!
TCL T939 added: sp-unlock/user code/flash write/flash read. Fast speed supported
30.04.2006   TOTAL MultiServer version 2.12 is out!
W810, Z530 Flashing, Language Change and Decustomization Added. W810 R4CE012, Z530 R6AC001 Firmware and Language Packs available inside Download Area
29.04.2006   TOTAL MultiServer version 2.11 is out!
Daewoo DW128 Unlock added by IMEI
27.04.2006   RedboX II Updated!
1 New model 655, 1 New model 306, 2 New firmware of OH2, 1 New firmware of 350 added for read code by TAT mode.
25.04.2006   TOTAL MultiServer version 2.10 is out!
Daewoo DW138 Unlock added by IMEI
25.04.2006   RedboX II Updated!
Added DIRECT unlock for O2X4 and BENQ S80.
24.04.2006   Infinity box Updated!
VkMobile VK300, 310, 320, 330 added: Unlock/Imei repair/Flash read. VK5xx unlock method improved (American models).
20.04.2006   Universalbox Dongle Updated!
Fixed Ericsson UMTS filesystem initialization bug. Added Ericsson UMTS CID49 flash support without SmartCard.
20.04.2006   Furious BOX Updated!
Toshiba 803/902/903/904 & Sanyo 801SA: Unlock SP-Lock, Relock SP, Write IMEI. Working with N8 USB CABLE or Sharp GX30 com Cable. For Toshiba must use USB.
20.04.2006   PolarBox updated!
Released NEW PolarBox Suite 1.6. Corrected Motorola C139 Unlock function (now supports new versions). Corrected and fixed bugs in Philips and in LG module.
19.04.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Support of Philips 759 added. New firmware version support for Philips 639 (blue LCD) (verison 000B), Philips 650 (verison 004A) and new model: Philips 759 (verison 0049) added.
19.04.2006   Infinity box Updated!
VkMobile VK300, 310, 320, 330 beta version released.
18.04.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Lobster485 "Toshiba" flash supported. Audiovox GPRS748 unlock/flash write/read.
18.04.2006   Furious BOX Updated!
Airness99 Update. Use Newgen soft and select E1100
18.04.2006   RedboX II Updated!
Added NEC 343 / 343i, Siemens CL75, NEC E121 IMEI Calculation
18.04.2006   MultiBox Updated!
New Philips Tool v.4.7. New firmware version support for Philips 9@9e ( verison 000c ) added.
14.04.2006   Martech Clip Updated!
MEGA Calculator v.1.2. Siemens CL75 model added (calculate unlock codes by IMEI).
14.04.2006   Martech Siemens USB Box II updated!
added CL75 unlock code calculator (look "Additional" menu).
14.04.2006   RedboX II Updated!
14.04.2006   MultiBox Updated!
LG2G Tool Released. Support of LG C, F, G, L, W, B, A, M series. Features: read phone info, direct unlock (or read NCK), restore backup, read and write full flash, read and write calibration data, write original flash, change firmware and languages, fast read and write up to 921kb, rebuild IMEI, calculate NCK by IMEI : 510, 510W, G510, 1200, 1300, 7010, 7020, W3000.
12.04.2006   SagMaster Updated!
New algorithms added to Sagmaster on-line server: 81 00 01 myC2-3m, A0 00 01 myX2-2, C0 04 01 myX2-2.
12.04.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 Updated!
New algorithms added to SCDR 2 on-line server: 81 00 01 myC2-3m, A0 00 01 myX2-2, C0 04 01 myX2-2, 44 08 01 myC5-2v, 53 49 01 VS-1, B4 22 01 VS-3, D1 00 01 myC5-2v.
12.04.2006   Infinity box Updated!
VkMobile VK550 Unlock/Imei repair/Flash read/write
11.04.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Thomson TN320 sp-unlock/flash write/flash read
10.04.2006   UST Pro 2 Updated!
UST 1.10 Released. New phones supported: D520, E870, X810, i750, X670, E370, Z540. D800. P300 flashing improved. INTEL 38FXXXXXX Flash chips supported. Format FFS for agere phones AUTO-ENABLED.
10.04.2006   SagMaster Updated!
New model added my100x.
10.04.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Zonda 1840, 1860, 1880: sp-unlock/flash write/flash read/reset. TCL Q515/718/738 unlock/flash write/flash read.
10.04.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Installer v.2.0 by Multi-box Team. Box manuals docs. Drivers Instalation. Helpfull Links. Support registration. Softwares (Alcatel Tool, JTAG Tool v.1.1, LG3G Tool v.1.1, Maxon Tool v.2.0, Panasonic Tool v.1.0, Philips Tool v.4.5, Power Calculator v.1.0, Sendo Tool v.2.4, Vitel TSM Tool v.1.2). All support docs in PDF format. All cables schematics. All pinouts. Links to helpfull area.
10.04.2006   SwS-SaG BoX Updated!
Added Hash 714101, FC0801, 502701.
07.04.2006   SagMaster Updated!
New algorithms added to Sagmaster on-line server. 4 20 01 myX2-2m, 31 04 01 my100x, 84 08 01 myX-1t, D4 82 01 myX-1t.
07.04.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 Updated!
New algorithms added to SCDR 2 on-line server. 44 20 01 myX2-2m, 31 04 01 my100x, 84 08 01 myX-1t, D4 82 01 myX-1t, 04 85 01 myC3-2, 08 20 01 myC4-2, 82 02 01 myC3-2, D5 02 01 myC3-2.
07.04.2006   JAF box Updated!
JAF version 1.94 beta5 ready. Added master code on INFO in DCT4 and BB5 tab, fbus and usb mode. Added phone mode change for BB5 usb. Added auto USE INI when read INFO if custom ini is not present available to DCT4, BB5 fbus and usb mode. Improved usb flashing for BB5.
06.04.2006   SagMaster Updated!
Added my100x. Sagmaster online server avaible algoritms: 00 0C 01, 00 0E 01, 00 23 01, 01 41 01, 04 0A 01, 05 00 01, 0A 03 01, 15 05 01, 18 05 01, 24 93 01, 30 04 01, 40 02 01, 41 00 01, 45 44 01, 47 50 01, 54 08 01, 58 32 01, 61 59 01, 70 54 01, 80 24 01, 8E 10 01, A0 0C 01, AA 11 01, C0 48 01, C4 22 01, D0 07 01, D1 02 01, FC 08 01.
06.04.2006   Infinity Updated!
SP-unlock, flash write/read for Lobster485
05.04.2006   MultiBox Updated!
New firmware version for Philips 625 (verison 0033) and Philips 655 (verison 0049) were added.
05.04.2006   Furious BOX Updated!
Added Sharp Cid73 Unlock. Booting by testpoints new cid sharps. Patched file for unlock+repair 903 CID 73
05.04.2006   MultiBox Updated!
New Panasonic tool! This tool support Panasonic (X60, X66, X400, VS2, VS3, VS6, VS7, MX6, MX7, SA6, SA7) unlocking, erase sec library, read full back up.
05.04.2006   Universalbox Dongle Updated!
Added Sony Ericsson W900, K600, W550, W600 CID49 unlock support without testpoint, with automatic flash restore
05.04.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Unlock/Imei repair/Flash read/write for VK800
04.04.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Added new tool for Panasonic. Unlocking, erase sec library, read full back up for Panasonic X60, X66, X400, VS2, VS3, VS6, VS7, MX6, MX7, SA6, SA7.
04.04.2006   Infinity box Updated!
SP-unlock, flash write/read for O2X7.
04.04.2006   USB-Smart Updated!
Added USB-Smart Quanta Calculator Tool v1.0. It calculates all codes for Panasonic models: Panasonic A10x, X300, GD55, G5x, G70, Nec 101, 342i, Siemens ST55, ST60, ST50.
03.04.2006   SagMaster Updated!
Added support of D1 12 01 myX2-2
03.04.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Power calculator tool. Generate unlock or reset codes via IMEI for the next models: Philips 568, Panasonic A10x, X300, GD55, G5x/G70, NEC 101, 342i, Siemens ST55, ST60, CL50.
31.03.2006   Martech Clip Updated!
Martech SAMS Tools v1.3. Corrected "timeout" problem - added unlimited time feature with "Abort" button. Corrected procedures for D500 family. Added swift models: D508, D510, E640, E730, E760. Added Sysol model: X490
31.03.2006   Furious BOX Updated!
O2x4 unlock. Free updtae for paid license users.
31.03.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Unlock, Flashing, Flash reading for DBTel-J6 and Emblaze-Sting6
29.03.2006   Infinity box Updated!
SP-Unlock, flashing, flash read for BenQ M315, Siemens AP75 models added.
29.03.2006   ThunderStorm Updated!
Support for Philips 659 added. Improved communication with Azalis 238, Fisio 620. Added support for new version of Philips 650. Hardlock upgrade is necessarily.
29.03.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Alcatel Tool v.1.43. Chinese language for Alcatel Exxx (E157, E158, E159, E160, E252, E256, E257, E259) series. Added Chinese lang pack for Alcatel E256x.
29.03.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Philips Tool v.4.4 - Fixed BAG for change OTP IMEI and added support for new model Philips 355a (OH2). New firmware version for Philips OH2 (version 0048) was added. New descriptions for language packs were added too.
29.03.2006   Samsung Cyclone Tool Updated!
Added Repair Bluetooth in Qualcomm phones using change IMEI function. Direct Unlock in Qualcomm phones. Added support for flashing SWIFT platforms: E340, E350, E360, E640, E650, E730, E740, E750, E760, D5OO, D500E, D508, D510, D600, T309, T809, X700... Repair bug on Agere platforms
29.03.2006   Martech Siemens USB Box II updated!
SIEM Service Tools (v11.5) released. Added A31 model.
29.03.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 Updated!
New myC5-2t added to on-line server. Support of sg341i HT F4 23 01 corrected. New HT 47 50 01 myC2-3, 54 08 01 myX2-2m, 40 26 01 myV-56 added.
28.03.2006   MultiBox Updated!
New tool for Maxon Tool v.2 - in this version were added 2 new models: Daewoo DW710 and D850. New flash files were added for VITEL TSM1 and TSM5m. New Philips Tool v.4.3 supports new phone versions: new firmware version for Philips 362 ( version 001C ), Philips 535 ( version 0042 ), Philips 636 ( version 000B ), Philips 639 ( version 000A ), Philips 859 ( version 0048 ), Philips 650 ( version 004D ), Philips 760 ( version 0006 ), Philips 9@9i ( versions 000A, 000B ). New Sendo Tool v.2.4: some bugs were fixed.
28.03.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 Updated!
New algorithms added to SCDR 2 on-line server. 00 0C 01 myX-1wt, 00 23 01 myX2-2m, 70 54 01 my100x, E6 06 01 myC5-2v.
28.03.2006   Infinity box Updated!
KN-Mobile KN200 sp-unlock, flash write, flash read, reset. KN-Mobile KN300 sp-unlock, flash write, flash read, reset. KN-Mobile KN310 sp-unlock, flash write, flash read, reset.
27.03.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Konka C926 sp-unlock, flash write, flash read. Fast speed supported.
27.03.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 Updated!
New algorithm added to SCDR 2 online server. 41 00 01 myC2-3, 61 59 01 myX1-2t, 80 24 01 myC2-3, 81 12 01 myC4-2, 95 00 01 VS-1.
26.03.2006   USB-Smart Updated!
Panasonic Tool for USB Smart Released. Unlock, read codes, Erase SEC, Read EE and Backup for Panasonic X60, X66, X400, VS2, VS3, VS6, VS7, MX6, MX7, SA6, SA7.
25.03.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Hyundai MP718 flash, flash read. Hyundai MP738 flash, flash read.
24.02.2006   JAF box Updated!
JAF 1.93 final ready. Support for latest loaders v.6.05.003. Improved uniprocesors bb5 phones flashing (fbus mode). Small bug corrected. JAF Logger 1.10 (included in setup no changes)
22.03.2006   JAF WM Updated!
New version of JAFWM 1.2a. fixed bug with in mapping of some Tornado roms. Add automatic hard reset after flashing.
22.02.2006   Vygis Updated!
New software - Toshiba 803 - 902T unlocker v1.12 SC. Features: fast direct unlock, phone code reading.
22.03.2006   SwS-SaG BoX Updated!
VS2 hash 534901 and 8E9101. My100x Hash 614901. Hash D10201 100% corrected.
22.03.2006   USB-Smart Updated!
Repair bug in "read unlock code" from Swift platform phones. added support for flashing Sysol platforms: D488, E330, E335, E338, E630, E635, E700, E800, E820, X100, X460, X490, X495, X497, X600, X620, X640. New feature added to memorize last comport settings used.
22.03.2006   Martech Clip Updated!
Support for new AMD flash in ME75, S75 added
22.03.2005   Martech Siemens USB Box II updated! and Martech Box Lite updated!
Added SL75 model. Improved erase/write procedures for new AMD flash chip in ME75, C75 etc. Added fast read and generate BOOT_PASS via new java midlet for all SGOLD phones (including S75, SL75)
21.03.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Motorola V177 flashing, UserCode reset, flash reading.
18.03.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 Updated!
New model My-100x added. New algorithm added to SCDR 2 online server. 15 05 01 my100x, 08 2C 01 myC5-2v, 16 80 01 VS-1, 20 0D 01 myX5-2m, A0 0E 01 myC4-2, C4 04 01 myC5-2v, D5 00 01 myC4-2
18.03.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Motorola V170, V171, V172, V173 repair dead boot zone added
16.03.2005   Martech Siemens USB Box II updated!
Corrected BOOT_PASS mode (DIRECT MODE) for S75 model
16.03.2006   Universalbox Dongle Updated!
Added Ericsson W550/W600 CID49 unlock support without testpoint. Added DCT-4 information on hardware version.
16.03.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Panasonic X700, X701 Imei repair. COM port selection improved. "Slowest" baud rate selector (repair mode)
16.03.2006   Furious BOX Updated!
Panasonic Vs2, Vs3, Vs6, Vs7, Mx6, Mx7, Sa6, Sa7 Unlocker added
15.03.2006   Martech Clip Updated!
Samsung tool v.1.1 released for Martech Clip. Added selection by model
15.03.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 Updated!
direct unlock ,read all unlock codes for 01 02 01 myC5-2v and 1C 68 01 myC5-2v.
15.03.2006   SE Tool 2 updated!
disabled recovery for all red49 phones, returned old way for w550/w600 handling, added "Identify" for brown phones and many more
15.03.2006   SST Service Toolbox updated!
SST v7.21 released. Fixed bug with AX72/AX75 unlock and repair functions from some previous versions.
14.03.2006   SE Tool 2 updated!
added FULL RED CID49 support for NEW W500/W600, NEW K600/V600/K608, W900, updated "direct flash patching" for new sharp 703/903 firmwares, added "phone id" button (test cable, recognize phone cid,etc) and many more
14.03.2006   Card Reader Mini 21 in 1 on stock!
Supports to Read / Write 20 kinds of Memory Cards. Bus Powered - No external AC/DC power adapter required. Plug and Play. Easy to install and use. Support Card to Card data transfer. Cards adapter not required for RS-MMC / mini SD / MS Duo & MS Pro Duo. xD Picture Card Licensed.
14.03.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Airness AIR99 added. sp-unlock, flash write (separate parts), flash read, reset.
13.03.2006   Blazer updated!
Blazer V8.4 released! C3380 V10b, MG270 V10a (F9200) NEW PHONE, B2100 V10d, S5200 V10a, F2400 V10j, C1150 V10c EN_HU_PL_CZ_RO_SK_CR_BG, C1300i V10b CINGULAR.
13.03.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Added fast flashing support for all Alcatel Exxx (E157, E158, E159, E160, E252, E256, E257, E259) series. Now you can flash your phone with 812500 kb/s
13.03.2006   ThunderStorm Updated!
Support for new version of Xenium 9@9i, Philips 530, Philips 859, Alcatel OT155 added. Fixed bug in language pack info reading on Philips 362.
13.03.2006   Martech Clip Updated!
Samsung tool released for Martech Clip. Current version can read codes, unlock, lock samsung Trident/Agere, Skyworks, Sysol platforms
13.03.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Motorola C257 flashing, UserCode reset, flash reading.
10.03.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 Updated!
Today start online server unlock code calculation option. SCDR 2 online server update: HT 18 05 01 myX2-2m, HT 8E 10 01 myC2-3m, HT D0 07 01 myC2-3, HT 04 04 01 myV-56. For unlock this algoritm you need Internet conection to SCDR 2 server, Firewall Open port 10010.
10.03.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Newgen S410 added. Flash, Flash Read, Reset
10.03.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Support DAEWOO phones added. It was tested on Daewoo DW850 and it works fine. For this model you have to use Maxon tool (select Maxon 7931 in models list )
10.03.2006   Accessories - PQI Cards and drives added!
Intelligent Stick - Smallest volume, lightest weight, high performance Best Convenience!! Plug&Play for regular USB port!
Compact Flash - is one of the most popular flash memory cards, thanks to their wide adoption by digital cameras and handheld PCs.
Secure Digital - Hi-Speed 150X Secure Digital cards can achieve a Data Transfer Rate up to 22.5MB/sec
USB Flash - Cool Drive PRO - Fast Read/Write. USB 2.0 and 1.1 Plug & Play compatible, no external power required. Includes software for password protection, formatting & partitioning.
09.03.2006   Infinity box Updated!
VK900 model added: Unlock/Imei repair/Flash read/write
09.03.2006   RedboX II Updated!
Add Direct unlock for Panasonic VS2, VS3, VS6, VS7, MX6, MX7, SA6, SA7. Direct unlock, unlock NEW versions, read for Panasonic X60, X66, X68, X400
06.03.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Hyundai H350 flash reading. Newgen E1100 unlock/flash/flash read/reset. Test software: Dbtel J6, Emblaze String
03.03.2006   SST Service Toolbox updated!
SST v7.10 is available for download. Supports x65 x75 phones without test-point for 10 sec with with the new "boot password" method
03.03.2006   Alcatel OT Exxx unlocker updated!
Added direct unlock, flash for Alcatel Exxx series; Unlock by IMEI of newest and old phones.
03.03.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Audiovox GSM609 unlock/flash. BenQ S700 unlock/flash.
03.03.2006   RedboX II Updated!
Add Direct unlock for EMBLAZE STRING 6 phone, Add Read ALL LOCK LEVEL for EMBLAZE STRING 6, Add REPAIR BLOKED PHONE, ADD HIGH SPEED FLASHING !! up to 812500 b/s, Add Read / Write Eeprom all sector, Add Read / Write Full Flash, Add Repair Dead Phone.
02.03.2006   Prokit's products on stock!
From now you can buy Prokit's tool kits, tools, equipment and accessories for electronics, industrial, telecommunication, and educational fields in our on-line shop.
02.03.2006   PolarBox updated!
Released NEW PolarBox Suite 1.3. Added Direct Unlock for Alcatel Exxx and LG C3380. Added Read Codes for Motorola C139. Added new Firmware version for Nec E121. Direct Unlock, Relock and Reset features for Samsung V200, I700, D100, D410, D415, D428, S100, S105, S200, S300, S300m, X105, X120, X426, X427, X430, X450, E105, E300, E400, E810, E850, P100, P400. Direct Unlock, Read Codes and Reset features for Samsung D488, S500, X100, X460, X600, E100, E630, E820. Improved and corrected some communication Bugs.
02.03.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Bird S570 SP-Unlock, Bird S570 flashing, Bird S570 flash read.
02.03.2006   Nsdongle Updated!
Nsdongle v3.11.9 released. Minor software bugs fixed. Older software versions are disabled.
02.03.2006   SagMaster Updated!
SagMaster v 13.03. X 2-2 HT 18 05 01 added. Direct unlock, read all unlock code, read user code.
02.03.2006   Sagem Code Reader II Updated!
C3-2 new HT 53 11 01 added. Direct unlock, read all unlock code, read user code.
01.03.2006   RedboX II Updated!
6 New model OH2new (306), 4 New model 350, 2 New firmware of OH2, 1 New firmware of 311, 5 New modele 659, 1 New modele 362, 2 New firmware of OH1, 6 New firmware of SF65 added for read code by TAT mode
01.03.2006   TOTAL MultiServer version 2.06 is out!
Panasonic VS Series (VS2/VS3/VS6/VS7/MX6/MX7/SA6/SA7) and Panasonic X400 Direct Unlock by Cable Added
01.03.2006   PolarBox updated!
Released NEW PolarBox Suite. Added support for Nec E121 (unlock and full reset), Samsung S500i (Direct unlock), Samsung X480 (Reset Phone), Samsung X486 (Direct unlock and Reset Phone), Samsung X640 (Reset Phone), Samsung X660 (Direct unlock and Reset Phone), Samsung Z130 (Direct unlock). Improved comunication in Philips 568 and Nec 342i.
01.03.2006   SwS-SaG BoX Updated!
Add support for New Hash Table: 168001, F40501, D44001, 470101, 480C01, 300701, B20101, 151001, EC6C01, C04801, 010201, 249301, 202701
01.03.2006   Infinity box Updated!
M350 SP-Unlock, flashing, flash read, eeprom repair
01.03.2006   Martech Clip Updated!
Support of S75 added
01.03.2006   Cruiser Pro 2 and Criser Pro 16 updated!
Added support for unlocking several new U8180 firmwares, Updated LG U8110/U8120/U813x/U8180/U83x0 unlock procedure descriptions and many more.
21.02.2006   USB-Smart Updated!
Alcatel Exxx series ALL codes reader added
21.02.2006   PolarBox updated!
Released NEW PolarBox Suite v1.0. Added support for Samsung E330, E700, Z105, Z107, Z140, Z300, Z500, E530, E730, Zm60, Zv30, Zx10, Motorola C115, C116, C117, C118, Alcatel OT-E157, OT-E158, OT-E159, OT-E160, OT-E252, OT-E256. Corrected some communication Bugs. Modified complete GUI.
18.02.2006   JAF box Updated!
JAF 1.92 final Released. Rewritten loaders selection for DCT3 phones, improved DCT3 powerup in local mode. Contact service phones are booted ok now, other small bugs corrected.
18.02.2006   UST Pro 2 Updated!
UST Pro v1.05b Released. Added Support of LG U8210 U8290 U8150, Full support for i300X, E305. E635 and many more.
18.02.2006   Infinity box Updated!
BenQ v1.02. O2X1i, O2X1b. Features are: Fast SP-Unlock, Flashing separately Firmware/LangPack/Flex, Eeprom repair, Flash reading.
17.02.2006   Vygis Alcatel Workshop Updated!
Added Support of Alcatel E15x,E16x,E25x. Supported features are unlock codes reading , direct unlock, fast languages changing (at 812 kb), fast full flash reading-writing (only for backup), Firmwares changing at this moment is not supported.
16.02.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Extrapaid add-on for all MultiBox users released. Adds support for newer and older Alcatel phones: BE4, BE5, BF3, BF4, BG3, BF5, BH4, TH3/4, Exxx series. Unlock, read/write flash, repair phones etc.
16.02.2006   Martech Clip Updated!
Corrections made to Clip firmware. Now MMC card access is 3 times faster!
16.02.2006   Cruiser Pro 2 and Criser Pro 16 updated!
Version 9.10. It is possible to open more flash files at once, customize filesystem automatically right after flashing raw FS. All flasher modules were updated, W550 (new HW) testpoint picture updated, Updated TAC list for T290a, K300i and K700i. And many more changes ...
15.02.2006   ThunderStorm Updated!
ThunderStorm Workshop Released. Multiflashing & Multiunlocking (you can work with so many phones as you want at same time). Alcatel E-Series (VLE5) unlock code reader added.
14.02.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Vitel TSM x7 ( O2X7 ) support added
14.02.2006   Martech Clip Updated!
Support of C45, S45, ME45, M50, MT50, SL45, SL42, SL45i, A50, S46 added
14.02.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Nec E121 software released for test (Unlock/flash/read/reset)
14.02.2006   DreamBox Updated!
New version of DreamBox V1.02 and DBSS v1.16 released. A62, A62C, AX72 added with tespoint method (no cut track needed). These phones supported without cutting tracks: MC60, A65C, A75, A70, CF62, A51, A55, A57, CF110
14.02.2006   MultiBox Updated!
New firmware version for Philips 530 ( verison 0038, 0035 ), Philips 855 ( verison 0047 ), Philips 9@98 ( verison 0045 ) added with language packs.
14.02.2006   Furious BOX Updated!
14.02.2006   Vygis Updated!
O2X2i - added free for O2-Benq activation
14.02.2006   Cruiser Pro 2 and Criser Pro 16 updated!
Fixed GDFS and FS access bug from version 9.00., Fixed brown/blue CID37 booting bug from version 9.00., Added special flashing options for new ARM phones, Fixed RSA AVR booting bug from version 9.00., Fixed minor security zone creation bug, Updated V/K60x testpoint pictures.
14.02.2006   SwS-SaG BoX Updated!
Add support for New Hash Table: 808201, 175101, 615901
14.02.2006   Infinity box Updated!
VK560 model added: Unlock/Imei repair/Flash read/write
14.02.2006   Piranha Unlock Clip Updated!
SE CID49, Newgen C800, Sanyo S750i added
08.02.2006   Furious Box II Upgrade
Direct Unlock Alcatel Vle5 Series 1 Second, Repair Counter Blocked, Read Codes Option Still Available, Stand Alone ! No Need Internet for ALCATEL VLE5 EXXX SERIES
08.02.2006   Cruiser Pro 2 and Criser Pro 16 updated!
LG U8550 unlocking without TP
08.02.2006   Furious BOX Updated!
LG U8550 Direct Unlock Flash On Support now.
08.02.2006   TOTAL MultiServer version 2.04 is out!
Samsung D-xxx, E-xxx, P-xxx, Q-xxx, S-xxx, V-xxx, X-xxx Family Unlock, Re-Lock and Service Resets Added by Cable. Alcatel E-157/E-158/E-159 Direct Codes Reading by Cable Added, Alcatel E-160/E-161 Direct Codes Reading by Cable Added, Alcatel E-252/E-256/E-257/E-259 Direct Codes Reading by Cable Added
04.02.2006   Furious BOX Updated!
UNLOCK for Lobster 485 added .Support of new versions of O2X2 added.
04.02.2006   Furious Box II Upgrade
Extra paid Upgrade Pack for Furious Box 2. Adds support for DBtel J6/Emblaze Sting 6 and Alcatel Vle5 Exxx Series
04.02.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Added flashing, UserCode reset, and flash reading for Motorola C261
02.02.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Support for new models: Nec N200, N208, N910, N916, N917, N919
01.02.2006   New Multi-JTAG-Tool added to Multi-Box!
This tool is universal for JTAG using. First update for this tool is comming with Panasonic. Now you can restore all dead (dead boot) phones GD-series (Panasonic GD52, GD67, GD90, GD92, GD92c, GD93, GD95, GD95c, GD96).
01.02.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 Updated!
SAGEM VS3 - Read Codes/Direct Unlock
01.02.2006   DreamBox Updated!
New version of DBSS v.1.15 released. New features added: Unlock/Flash C70, SX1; "Firmware Bug (manual)" stability improved; S-Gold Bootcore flashing allowed; Minor bugs fixed.
31.01.2006   TOTAL MultiServer version 2.03 is out!
W550 and W600 are unlockable now too simply using SonyEricsson Original DCU-60 Cable.
31.01.2006   Vygis O2 Workshop updated!
O2X4 unlock, codes reading added to O2 Workshop
31.01.2006   Davinci logger updated!
Unlock K600/K608/V600/W550/W600 CID49 phones without testpoint with service cable!
31.01.2006   RedboX II Updated!
Total SwS LG3G Commander updated! Fast Unlock for all versions of LG 8110, 8120, 8130, 8138, 8180, 8210, 8290, 8330, 8380, 8360 in 10 seconds! No more flashing!
30.01.2006   Martech Siemens USB Box II updated!
SP65 model added, improved fullflash writing routines, graphical info about flash areas, improved BootCore writing routines, improved process SP-lock routines for OTP emty phones, BOX INFO (fast access button) added with multi info / fast re-find device, led state of box activity, faster flashing for x60 EGOLD models (M55, A60, C60, MC60, A65, CF62), CLIP's update firmware (removed "Abort" bug).
30.01.2006   Martech Clip Updated!
Supoport of Siemens SP65 added. A65, CF62 bug corrected
30.01.2006   RedboX II Updated!
Support Code reading / Reset Counter / Security Code Reset Without SERVER REQUIRE for Alcatel OT-E157, OT-E158, OT-E159, OT-E160, OT-E252, OT-E256, OT-E257, OT-E259. Read All Lock Level and Generate Code for Reset Counter.
28.01.2006   Vygis Alcatel Workshop
It's an additional, extra payed software that is not included in Standart package. Suppotrs Alcatel OH5, TH3-TH4, BF-BG-BH, OT531 & New Misibishi, Toshiba TS10, TS21i, Sanyo S750i.
28.01.2006   Furious Box II Upgrade
Extra paid Upgrade Pack for Furious Box 2. Adds support for Alcatel OT-Exxx series, DBTEL J6 and Virgin Emblaze
26.01.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Added support of Hyundai H350, Fly Z200, Z300, Z300a, Z400, Z500, X3, X5, Newgen C610, C620, C710, C800, E1000, T1000. Supported functions are SP-Unlock, Flashing, Reset user settings to defaults, Repair software faults/freez etc., Reset user code to defaults, Flash reading, Fast speed supported.
25.01.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Added new tool for Vitel TSM phones which support next models: Vitel TSM3, TSM4, TSM5, TSM5m, TSM6. Read/Write Full Flash backup, Firmware change, Restores phone after incorrect unlocking and Firmware change, Calculating codes via IMEI, Reading codes (TSM 6).
25.01.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Bird/Fly S299 SP-Unlock added
23.01.2006   Martech Clip Updated!
Supoport of Siemens ME75, S66, A71 added.
23.01.2006   MultiBox Updated!
Added new tool for Vitel TSM phones v.1.0 which support next models: Vitel TSM3, TSM4, TSM5, TSM5m, TSM6. Reading codes, flashing, read / write full back up. Flash files were added also to support area for all models.
21.01.2006   UST PRO 2 on stock!
UST-Pro 2 with Cyberflex SmartCard Inside and with multi flashing function is the new and improved device which is faster, more reliable, more powerful and easy-to-use for users who wish to flash, unlock or repair their Samsung Phones. For full service and repair your Samsung phones, UST-Pro 2 is the solution.
21.01.2006   MultiBox Updated!
New firmware version for Philips 362 ( verison 001A ), Philips 855 ( verison 0048 ), Siemens SF65 ( verison 001E ),
Philips 350 ( verison 003A, 0039 ), Philips 355 ( verison 0043 ), Philips 760 ( verison 0008 ), Xenium9@9e ( verison 000C ) we're added with language packs.
21.01.2006   Infinity box Updated!
VkMobile module updated. SP-Unlock algo improved, Support for American market VK phones, Write repair FFS files (for repair freeez/restart problems)
21.01.2006   DreamBox Updated!
New version of DBSS v.1.14 released. From now on, the following models: S66, S6C, S6V are supported without disassembling. Also, software algorithm has been improved.
20.01.2006   Alcatel OT Exxx unlocker added to our product line!
Online unlock server solution for new phones is available! OT-E 157/158/159/160/161/e252/256/257/259 unlock ready.
20.01.2006   SmartMoto v.1.13 released!
IMEI change functions fixed (network communications could reveal hardware IMEI). Added testpoint for new V3i PCB (version R749)
20.01.2006   Vygis updated!
Sanyo S750i added as free add-on to LG software
17.01.2006   TOTAL MultiServer version 2.02 is out!
W550i/W550c, W600i/W600c CID49 Direct Unlock by Cable!
17.01.2006   Usb-Smart Multiplatform Dongle Updated!
SEMC CID 49 without testpoint added
17.01.2006   Infinity box Updated!
Hyundai H350 added. Flashing, Repair freez/restart problems, Reset user settings to default values, Reset LockCode to default value (0000), Fast speed support.
14.01.2006   DreamBox Updated!
New version of DBSS v.1.13 Siemens SL6C now supported without disassembling, Device can be updated directly via DBSS, Some bugs fixed.
14.01.2006   Nsdongle v3.10.8 released
Free add on for LG. SGH-ZX10 support added. Zxxx comunication improved for Nsdongle Box. LG U8150, U8210, U8290 unlock added (free add on,no support). Support area login protocol changed.
14.01.2006   Cruiser Version 8.00
Implemented red CID49 unlocking and flashing without using a testpoint. The real standalone way, no EMMA smartcard usage, world's first! Supported phones are W550i/c, W600i, K600i/c, K608i and V600i.
12.01.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 Updated!
Now its ver. 14.03. Added MyX1-2 Trio HT - 60 14 01
12.01.2006   PolarBox updated!
Released Panasonic Software v6.0.2. Added support for Nec E101, Corrected some communication bugs. Released Samsung Software v6.0.2. Added support for Samsung D500
12.01.2006   Furious BOX Updated!
U8290 UNLOCK added.
12.01.2006   Infinity box updated!
Fly Bird S299 Flashing, FFS Repair, Flash Reading.
11.01.2006   DreamBox Updated!
New version of DBSS v.1.12 released. C55 bug fixed, Read Box Info bug fixed, New updated testpoint pictures added, New phone models added: C72V, CF110, A65C, CX6C, CX6V, CX7C, CX7V, A52M, New file type support: .xbz
11.01.2006   Piranha Unlock Clip Updated!
Support of Samsung Zxxx series (Z100, Z105, Z107, Z110, Z130, Z140, Z300, Z500, Z700) added.
10.01.2006   MultiBox Updated!
New version of Philips Tool - v.3.8. New firmware version for Philips 530 ( verison 0047 ) ware added to this version with language packs.
09.01.2006   Furious BOX Updated!
Worlds First LG U8210 DIRECT UNLOCK added.
09.01.2006   Furious BOX Updated!
LG 8210 - Security Locks Reset Added.
09.01.2006   RedboX II Updated!
SwS BenQ/Sharp/VKmobile Commander: Adding Support for BenQ O2X1l, O2X1i, O2X1b Direct Unlock and Full Flash for Repair.
09.01.2006   Martech Siemens USB Box II updated!
SIEM Service Tools (v10.7). New features are: A52V model added and SF65 support (inside "additional" menu).
05.01.2006   Sagem Code Reader 2 Updated!
New phone models added: Sagem 322i and Sagem MyC2-3m
04.01.2006   Infinity box updated!
Q-Module v2.00. Supported models: Panasonic GD55, G50, G51, G70, A100, A101, A102, X300, A210, SC3. Siemens ST55, ST60, CL75. Philips 568, Nec E101, N342i, N343i.
31.12.2005   RedboX II Updated!
Total SWS Philips Commander: read code by TAT mode added for OH2new (306), 362, OH2, SF65. Total SWS NEC Commander updated. Added NEC E242 direct UNLOCK
30.12.2005   Infinity box updated!
Fly Bird V10 added!
29.12.2005   Infinity box updated!
Panasonic VS2, VS3, VS6, VS7, MX6, SA6, SA7, MX7 Language Activation option added!
27.12.2005   SwS-SaG BoX Updated!
Support for NEW X5-2v Hash 08 0C 01, X5-2v Hash 20 0D 01, C4-2 Hash 30 07 01, C3-2 Hash D5 02 01, V56 Hash 18 25 01, X2-2m Hash 00 1D 01, X2-2m Hash D1 02 01.
20.12.2005   MEGA calculator added to Martech CLIP
Current supported models: Nokia (DCT2, DCT3), Siemens (CL50, CL55, 8008, ST55(old), ST55(new), ST60), Panasonic (G50(old), GD50, GD55)
22.12.2005   SwS-SaG BoX Updated!
Flasher improved. X5 / X1 / X3 second Hardware Flasher DONE !!! UPDATE for: C4-2 HASH C47801, C4-2 HASH 300701, X1-2 HASH 283901, X2-2 HASH 642701, C2-3m HASH 202801
20.12.2005   Infinity box updated!
Panasonic VS2, VS3, VS6, VS7, MX6, SA6, SA7, MX7 Unlock Support Added!
20.12.2005   Sagem Code Reader Updated!
Added 3 new HT: Direct Unlock / Read Code for 05 51 01 - C2-3, 00 2D 01 - C2-3, 15 02 01 - C4-2.
20.12.2005   Blazer updated!
Automatic support for UAS models fixed. C2000 V10a FIDO NEW PHONE (USE CABLE D), C2000 V10b CINGULAR, C2000 V10e CINGULAR, C1500 V10a NEW PHONE (USE CABLE D), C1500 V10c CINGULAR, CE500 V10a CINGULAR, MG150 V10b UNIFON, MG155c V10a Oi, MG155d V10a COMCEL, MG191a V10a TELEFONICA, MG200 V10a MOVISTAR, MG200c v101 CLARO, MG200d V10b UNIFON, MG200D V10f.
20.12.2005   Martech Siemens USB Box II updated!
SIEM Service Tools (v10.6). Qanta calculator builded in (CL50, ST55old, ST55new, ST60).
20.12.2005   Furious BOX Updated!
Fast Unlock For All LG 3G Without Firmware Downgrade (8110/8120/8130/8138/8180/8330/8360/8380).
19.12.2005   MultiBox Updated!
new version of Philips Tool - v.3.5. Support for new firmware version of Philips OH1 was added.
19.12.2005   Sagem Code Reader Updated!
Added two HT: 05 45 01 - C2-3 - Direct Unlock / Read Code and 92 04 01 - Z5 - Direct Unlock / Read Code.
17.12.2005   Vygis updated!
Added support for next models: A7110, A7150, B2070, B2150, B2250, C1150, C1300i (also this model is to be selected for LG1300i for American market), C3380, L1400, F9100, M4410, MG191, P7200, S5000, S5200, C1500, MG200 and Toshiba flash with ID : 9855.
17.12.2005   Blazer 8.0 update!
Added support of M4410, MG101, A7110, MG105, ME500, C1100, C3380, G822, MG130, L1400, MG150, MG200, MG170
16.12.2005   ThunderStorm for Philips 02.36/01.10 Released!
Support For New Version Of Xenium 9@9i, Xenium 9@9++, Fisio 822, Azalis 288.
16.12.2005   Sagem Code Reader Updated!
Support of C2-3, C5-2v, VS2 added.
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