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Digital Multimeter MASTECH MS8218

Buy Digital Multimeter MASTECH MS8218
Weight:1.24 kg
Warranty :6 months

This item is currently not available.
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High-accuracy and multifunctional MASTECH MS8218 professional digital multimeter. PC – interface RS 232C. Root-mean-square measuring. (True RMS). Digital display with 50-segmented analog scale. Digit capacity – 50000. Automatic  calibration via software. This model is compatible with Test Leads MASTECH T3009


Ranging automatic/manual
Counts 50000
DC voltage  50/500mV/5/50/500/1000V ±0.03%
DC + AC voltage  50/500mV/5/50/500/100V ±0.5%
DC current  500/5000µA/50/500mA/5/10A ±0.15%
AC current  500/5000µA/50/500mA/5A ±0.75%, 10A ±1.5%
Resistance 500Ω/5/50/500kΩ/5MΩ ±0.1%, 50MΩ ±0.5%
Capacitance 50/500nF/5/50µF ±1%, 500/5000µF ±2%
Conductivity wire identification yes
Diode test yes
Automatic power-off yes
Data Hold yes
Overload protection yes
Charge battery indication yes
Measurement mode of relative quantity yes
Off-duty factor 5Hz - 500kHz
max/min value measurement yes
rms value yes
Power source 6 o 1.5V (AA)
Dimensions, mm 200 × 100 × 40 mm
PC interface connection  yes
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