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Mastech MS8200G Digital Multimeter

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Mastech MS8200G Digital Multimeter offers the ability to measure DC and AC current, DC and AC voltage, resistance, condenser capacitance, temperature of wide ranges as well as to test transistor hFE and sygnal frequency in sound range. Mastech Digital Multimeter also allows to test semiconductor diodes and troubleshoot wiring; the obtained results are displayed on a large 31/2 LCD and can be recorded by means of DATA HOLD function. LCD back light is very helpful for operations in underlighting conditions. The multimeter is powered by a 9 V battery.

Mastech MS8200G Digital Multimeter designed to international safety standard IEC 1010-1 CAT II 1000V. The package contains probe set and user manual in several languages. This model is compatible with Test Leads MASTECH T3000

Features and specifications:


1999 counts, digit is 28 mm high
back light

Measures per second


DC voltage U=

200 mV/2 V/20 V/200 V ± 0.5%, 1000 V ± 0.8%

AC voltage U~

2 V/20 V/200 V ± 1.0%,
700 V ± 1.2%

AC current I~

2 mA/20 mA±1.2%,
200 mA ± 2.0%, 10 A ±3.0%

DC current I=

2 mA/20 mA±1.0%,
200 mA ± 1.5%, 10 A ±2.0%

Resistance R

200 Ω/2 kΩ/20 kΩ/200 kΩ/
2 MΩ/20 MΩ ± 1.0%

Input resistance R

10 MΩ

Capacitance C

2 nF/20 nF/200 nF/2 µF/
20 µF ± 4.0%

Temperature t°C

-20°C  ?  +1000°C

Sound range frequency F

10 Hz - 20 Hz

Transistor hFE test


Continuity checking with buzzer


DATA HOLD function


Diode test



9 V battery

Size, mm

36 ? 82 ? 191

Weight, g (incl. battery)


Additional functions

Low battery indication
Overload indication «1»

Other options

The input sockets are covered with blinds preventing the test leads from connecting wrongly


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