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AOYUE 2738 Repairing System

Buy AOYUE 2738 Repairing System
Input voltage:220V
Weight:6.7 kg
Warranty :6 months
This product is discontinued.
Please consider the following substitutes:

AOYUE 2738 it’s a 3 in 1 multifunctional repairing system for lead-free and smoke free operation. Combines functions of a hot air gun, soldering iron and a smoke absorber. Microprocessor controlled ESD safe unit with digital display of hot air temperature, soldering iron temperature and air pressure with touch panel controls. Unique feature: 15-minute standby auto sleep mode. Returns to previous setting when the handle is held up again. Programmable reworking time from 20 to 9999 seconds. Auto cooling feature. When the unit is turned off, it starts to blow cold air until the device reaches a safe temperature of 85°C. This ensures safety and prolongs operation life of the heating element. Efficient compound tip design allows to connect the ceramic heater, sensor, control unit and tip as a single unit. Tip replacement with an easy slip in/out method. Built-in smoke extractor that absorbs the fumes produced by the device. Eliminates the view hindering smoke thus creating healthier working environment. Compatible with various types of air nozzles and soldering tips.


                               MAIN STATION

Power input

220 V


188(W) x 126(H) x 250(D) mm

                           SOLDERING IRON

Power consumption

70 W

Temperature range


Heating element

ceramic heater

Output voltage


                        HOT AIR GUN

Power consumption

500 W

Temperature range


Heating element

metal heating core

Pump/motor type

diaphragm pump

Air capacity

23 l/min (max)

                      SMOKE ABSORBER

Vacuum pressure

600 mm Hg

Package includes:

  • Main station with a hot air gun
  • Replaceable air nozzles (1124,1130,1197, 1313, 1919)
  • Z003 hot air gun holder
  • Soldering iron with built in smoke absorber
  • Soldering iron holder with solder wire stand
  • Tip with heater cartridge
  • 10094 spare heating element
  • Vacuum suction pen
  • 2 pcs filter pads
  • G001 IC popper
  • Power cord
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