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Flash and UnlockBoxes and DonglesGPGGPG JTAG Box


Weight:0.3 kg
Warranty :6 months

This item is currently not available.
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With GPG JTAG Box you can service most of the high-end smartphones: Google, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Samsung and other cell phones. For the moment GPG JTAG Box can repair more than 200 models. Constantly updatable Full Flash archive can offer files for more than 150 cell phones.

GPG JTAG Box Outstanding Features

  • More than 200 phones supported.
  • Constantly updatable Full Flash files archive (more than 150 models supported).
  • Repair CDMA cell phones.
  • Supports Read/Write resume.
  • One-key phone Unlock, Repair CID/IMEI.
  • World's first box that can repair Samsung cell phones with unknown baseband.

GPG JTAG Box Supported Operations

  • Boot Repair
  • Unlock/Repair Phone
  • Repair IMEI
  • Repair CID
  • Read/Write/Erase Full Flash

GPG JTAG Box Supported Cell Phones

  • Acer S100
  • Alcatel OT-910, OT990, OT990M
  • Amoi S2
  • Apanda A60, A60S
  • BBK Vivo V1
  • Bror S6
  • Cher A90, A50
  • Coolpad S126, W706, 58600, E600, E230, D520, 7260, D510, E506, E5270, S116, 5860+, 5870, 7901A, 5210S, D550, 7266, 7500, W700, 5820, 7260+, 7230, 5910, 7901, 7901A
  • Ctyon TE600
  • Damai TSK SK-S100 Low Speed, TSK SK-S100 High Speed
  • DCT E366
  • DELL Streak, XCD28
  • Digittalk DW8101
  • EPhone A6, E63V (Flash ID: 009855B1; Flash ID: 002C55B1), A5, E70
  • Fadar E6
  • Fly N5
  • Google G1 (HTC), G1 (T-Mobile), G1 (Full Flash), G2-32A (HTC Magic), G2-32A (CPU_MSM7200A), G2-32B (HTC Magic), G3 (HTC Hero), G4 (HTC Tattoo), G5 (HTC Nexus), G6 (HTC Legend), G7, G7 (A8181/A8180), G8 (HTC Wildfire)
  • Gionee N200
  • Green Orange Go M1
  • Guoqian GC306
  • Hesens F4, N100, F8, N80, N200, N200, F6, HE-F55
  • Haier C2040, C300, C301R, C5100, C6000, N80W
  • Hisense E89, U850
  • Hualu N50, N3600, S3000, S800, E5700
  • HTC Droid DNA (PL8320000), A6288, A6376, Diamond , Diamond(CDMA), Eris, F3188, HERO200, HD, HD2, HD2(Full Flash), HD7, Magic A6188, Magic A6188W, Magic Sapp400, MAPL100, Mozart, MP6900SP(CDMA), P3700, Rhodium, Rhodium300, Rhodium210, Rhodium 100, Rhodium 110, Rhodium 400, Rhodium 500, Rhodium W, S500, S505, S521, Snap, S600, S900, S900C(CDMA), S900C+(CDMA), Smart, T8698, TITAN(CDMA), Touch Pro2 T7380, Touch Pro2 T7373, XV6800(CDMA), XV6875, VX6900(CDMA), XV6950(CDMA), Wildfire S, P6950, T8788, Surround (PD26100), T9199 (CDMA), P5500, A510C, Incredible 2 ADR6350, Ouch Dual, P4550, Mega, Touch2 T3333, T8686, Trophy, Desire Z, Desire S, Glacier, Incredible 2 (CDMA), Incredible S , Inspire 4G (A9192), Desire HD (A9191), Freestyle, F8181, E272, U8150, U1280, C8800, U1250, U8160, U8180, U8652, C5700, C5900, Click Vera, Click Verb, Dash, Explorer A310E (PJ031000), Explorer A310E (PJ032000), 7 Pro(PC92100), Ozone XV6175, Touch Pro T7272, Topaz, Diamond2, T5353, T5388, Sensation XE (Google G18), Sensation XL (Google G21), X315e, Sensation (Google G14), Evo 3D (PG86300) (Google G17), T7377, Salsa C510E(G15) , Jetstream PG0941000, Sensation PG5811000, Sensation PG5813001, Vivid PH3910000, EVO4G, T328W (Desire V), Flayer (PG41100), Flayer (PG41400), EVO ViewG (PG41200), Evo 3D (G17 CDMA X515d), EVO 3D, Evo 3D PG86100 Sprint 4G, X315B , S610D (PD42100) , CHACHA Google G16, A810E, Explorer A310E, T328T (NEW DESIRE VT), DESIRE VT, ONE V T320E, T328D Blue, T328D Green, , Rezoud, RHYME S510B G20, ONE S Z520E (PJ4020000), CHACHA (Google G16) Flash ID: 00AD55BC, CHACHA (Google G16) Flash ID: 00EC66BC, Incredible (ADR6300), Amaze 4G (RUBY), Tian (X310E), X715E, One M7, Desire C (PL0110000), Desire V (PL1110000), Desire X (PM6610000), Desire X (PM6610000), Desire SV (T326E), Jewel (PJ7510000)
  • Huawei C8500, C8600, C8650, CHT8000, CHT8000+, U7520, U8110, U8120, U8220, U8230, U8500, V716, 1732, U1270, U1300, U1300, U8800, U8800+, C8550+, C5720 (WF), U8660, U8860, C8810, C2605, C2801, C2807, C2808, C2809, C2823, C2856, C2856, C20901M, C2905, C3200, C3500, S8600, S5820, C2806, C2806M, C2830, C2901, C2906, S7, C8812, U3100, C2800, C2808, U8651, 8860E, U8661, G300, U8818, U8150D, U8350, U8350-51, U8815, U8825D, Ascend G330D, C8812, C5730, C3100, U8655, C8500S, U8950D
  • K-Touch E397, U2, E309, 800, W606, E688, E780, W780, W616
  • LG F180K, F180L, F180S, GT540, GD880, P500, P500h, P503, P504, P505, P506, P509, KH2100, SH210, GD880F, GM730, GM703E, GM730F, GM735, GT540G, GT40GO, GT540R, GT540F, C660, TU720, CU720, KH2700, KH2100, KH2200, KH6400, KH3100, KH6500, KH8000, KM1800M, KH8200, KU9100, KU4000, KU9300, P350GO, SH150_150A, SH210, SH240, SH470, SH400, SH640, SH650, SH810, SH460, SU100, SU910, P505R, P506GO, CU575, SH110, C550, C710H, E510, E510G, E510F, P690, P690B, P692, KU370, KU3700, E720, GW820, GW825v, KS20, KS200, KU2800, SU550, SH860, GM750N, GM750H, GM750Q, GM750, E900, SU-630, KU-630, SPECTRUM , LU6200 , SU640 , NITRO HD , P930, KH3400, KH3900, KU4300, KU9200, SU430, SU920, C900 Optimus 7Q , KV600, SU370, F160K, F160L, F160S, F120K, F120S, P693, F100L, F100S, F100K, E610, E612, C6600H, P698, E400, E405, F200L, E400B, E400F, E400G, E400R, P705, F240S
  • Kingsun E920
  • Lenovo C101, W100, W101, S1, A390E (CDMA), A68e, A1-32AB0, S680, S850E, A790E, A790E, S850E, A765E, A710E
  • Miki EA600
  • Motorola A3000, A3100, XT502, XT532, XT615
  • Oppo X907 (Finder)
  • Pantech A760s, A800s, KM-S200, EV S100, Sky A820L, IM-A650S, Sky A810K, Sky A810L, T100K, A830L, Sky A810S, Sky A780L, A850L, A830S, A830K
  • Philips W715
  • Phone A18
  • Samsung 706SC, 707SC, 707SCII, 740SC, 821SC, 930SC, 941SC, A867, A877, B7320, B7320L, C5510, C5510H, C5510U, F488, F480, F480V, F700, F700V, G400, G500, G508, G508E, I900, G800, G800L, G808, G808E, G800B, G810, i450, i559, i5500, i5500B, i5500L, i5500M, i5503, i5503T, i5508, i569 (CDMA), i5700, i579 (CDMA), i5800, i5800L, i5801, i6410, i6500U, i718, i728, i7500, i780, i8000, i8510, I8700, i8910, i897, i9000, i9000B, i9000L, i9000M, i9000T, i9003 S5PC110, i9003 OMAP3630 (1.8V), i9003 OMAP3630 (2.6V), i9003L OMAP3630 (1.8V), i9003L OMAP3630 (2.6V), i9008 OMAP3630 (1.8V), i9008 OMAP3630 (2.6V), i9008L OMAP3630 (1.8V), i9008L OMAP3630 (2.6V), I9020, I9023, i9088, i9100, I917, i997, i900, i908E, i908L, M110S, M180S, M130K, M240S, M490, M710, M715, M8800, P1000, P1000N, SHWM250S, SHWM250K, S3370, S3650, S3650C, S3650M, S3650W, S3850, S5230, S5230C, S5230G, S5230H, S5230K, S5230M, S5230R, S5230W, S5233A, S5233S, S5233T, S5233W, S5250, S5250W, S5253, S5260, S5263, S5330, S5330L, S5333, S5510, S5530, S5570_A, S5570_B, S5580, S5600, S5600, S5600H, S5600L, S5600V, S5603, S5603T, S5608U, S5660, S5620, S5750, S5750E, S5753E, S5830, S5830L, S5838, S6700C, S6700T, S6703, S7070, S7070C, S7120U, S7120H, S7230, S7230B, S7230E, S7230W, S7233E, S7330, S7350, S7350C, S7350E, S7350F, S7350H, S7350i, S8000, S8300, S8500, S8530, SC-01C, SC-02B, SCH-i800, SEC-SCHW420, SPH-W4200, SEC-SCHW550, SPH-W5500, SEC-SCHW770, SPH-W7700, SCH-W850, SEC-SPHW8500, SGH-N023, SPH-P100, T749, T849, T919, T959, T959P, T959V, T939, U700, U700B, U700V, U708, U800, U800F, U808, U900, U900F, U900G, U900K, U900L, U900T, U900U, U900V, U900W, U908, W750, W330, W3300, W768, W799, I550, S5560, P1010, B7330, G810, G818, I520, I550W, I560, i740, I910, I5510, i7500U, I8320, S5560, S5560C, S5560H, S5560I, S5570, S5570B, S5570L, A777, A837, F339, F490, F490v, F500CP, F508, F859, I520, S3370L, S5520, W290, W2900, W589, W799, Z630, T469, W240, W2400, W270, W2700, SHW-A130K, SHW-A130S, SHW-A180S, SCH-W390, SCH-W460, SCH-W560, SCH-W720, SCH-W910, SCH-W9100, SPH-W5000, SPH-W5300, SPH-W5300T, SPH-W5310, SCH-W300, SCH-W350, SCH-W410, SCH-W570, SCH-W590, SCH-W750, SCH-W920, SCH-W780, SCH-W7900, SPH-W3000, SPH-W4200, SPH-W4100, SPH-W3500, SPH-W5200, I5510L, I550T, M290S, M290K, I589 (CDMA), i579, i569, S3653, S3653W, I9220, N7000, W830, W8300, SK-S100, M210S, S5830T, S5830B, S5830D, SHW-M200S, SHW-M200K, I9020A, i9020T, M130L, P6200, P6200, I9100G, I9108 (I9108-W13), I9100P, N8010, P3100, P3110, P3113, S5578, I8910, I8320, M100S, I8150, I9001, S8600, I809, I909, M190S, T759, I500, W289, i509, S5360, S5363, S5830i, S5570i, S5380, S5380D, W9300, W9000, A250k, W930, T589R, T499, 940SC, SPH-D700, I7680, I777, P6800, P6810, I929, SHV-E110s, T989, I727, SHV-E120k, SHV-E120s, SHV-E120l, SHV-E160l (16gb), SHV-E160l (32gb), SHV-E160s, SHV-E160k, SHV-I717, SPH-D710, I9210, B119, B139, B159, B189, B209, B309, M250l, B319, B339, B379, S189, S6888 , I9103, SGH-U908e, W899, S5360, S5369, M90s, S7500, S239, W319 (CDMA), SC-02C, 840SC, A927, A897, W999 , W999+, S3310, C6712, S3310C, i9018 , S6102, A887, S6102E , S7500L, S559, T989D, S6500D, S6500, I9228, B5510, B6520, B7510, S5830G, F619(CDMA), T589W, T989-B, I747, I747M, P7320, I899 - , I920 AP, M8910, I727R, I619, I699, S7530, SC-05D, D720, P7320, P7320T, T879, W609, 920SC, M180W, I535, I535V, B7300, I9198, S7526, S7526i, I829
  • Sharp SH8118U, SH330T, SH807UC
  • Skyworth EG89, PE90, PE89
  • Sony Ericsson E10a, E10i, E15a, E15i, E16i, So-01b, U20a, U20i, X10a, X10i
  • Taop T100
  • TCL A990, C990
  • T-Smart G68
  • Toshiba G910, TG01, G910, G810, T-01A, X02T
  • Twin T90, T99
  • Vinus VS8000
  • Vodafone 845, 858
  • YuSun E21
  • Xiaomi M1, M1 (CDMA), 1S Normal, 1S Normal, 1S Youth
  • ZTE N600, N600+, V880, V887, 003Z SoftBank, P729B Orange, X850, T2, V880, X850 Racer, N760, C-X920, X880, P733, F930, N606, F952, R750, R750+, X876, R710, X640, C321, C335, C370, F280, S131, V889 D, C300, C330, C332, C336, C339, F101, S165, S189, V9, N780, V9E, N880E, N721

GPG JTAG Box Package Content *

  • GPG JTAG Box
  • Main JTAG Cable (2 pcs.)
  • X-10i Cable
  • 10i Cable
  • E16i Cable
  • 20i Cable

* Due to the onrush of technology and efforts to meet every customer's demands, the supplier retains the right to change some positions in the list of cables and accessories included with the product.

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