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Z3X China Editor

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Comprehensive tool for Chinese mobile phones. Supports firmware editing, firmware translation using dictionary, phones flashing etc.

Z3X China Editor Update History:

Z3X China Editor 4.3.3 (2.09.2010)


  • New keyboard types
  • Single keyboard view/edit mode
  • Waiting card connection when started without card
  • MTK 6253 (in beta mode)


  • Server/user requests
  • NAND bad sectors detection
  • Bug with font showing after change but not save and go back to this font

Z3X China Editor 3.5


  • Virtual keyboard editing
  • New font types added for common regions merging into the new place
  • More pictures formats added to the Picture Editor
  • "Replace" option added to the Picture Editor
  • Custom background selection added to the Picture Editor
  • Transparency added for pictures in the Picture Editor
  • "Fix width" added in the Font Editor
  • "Positioning" added in the Font Editor
  • More faster MTK language apply (3 seconds approximately)
  • Fast height change in the Font Editor (no redrawing chars required)
  • Ask of cut position when Load font with different height
  • Visual hints in deleting duplicates dialog from the Dictionary
  • New MTK 6230 NAND type
  • Line counter for tables
  • "Recommended values" added for Options
  • Wizard for table saving


  • Auto fix "Write SEC" message "scat load fail", as the flashtool does not allow filenames with dots and dashes and the new date function does not use dots or dashes
  • Font activity detection for some font types
  • Bad font type detection for some firmware versions
  • NAND file saving for firmware with a manual spare cut
  • Wrong picture size in media editor for some firmware versions
  • Manual file selection before flash reading
  • Most of bugs from users' Crash Reports
  • Saving to current dictionary


  • Date format to year_month_day_hour_minute_second for better sorting
  • MTK NAND detection method (not need now set "2Mb spare" for some firmware
  • MTK NOR detection method (firmware without first English, also defined in flash-define.ini)
  • Media export excludes pictures now

Z3X China Editor 3.5 Beta 4

Beta 4:

  • Faster MTK language apply (about 3 seconds)
  • More picture formats added to Picture Editor (but not all)
  • Added "Replace" option to Picture Editor
  • Added custom background selection in Picture Editor
  • Added disabling transparent for pictures in Picture Editor
  • Added "Fix width" in Font Editor
  • Added "Positioning" in Font Editor
  • Added Fast height change in Font Editor (without redrawing chars)
  • Added ask of cut position during loading font with different height
  • Added ask of cut position when height changed
  • Added visual hints in Dictionary delete duplicates dialog
  • More code updated

China Editor 3.3

  • New type of Spreadtrum firmware added
  • Language font filter added
  • Fixed freezing of free space searching at 50%
  • Some fonts drawing fixed
  • MTK languages building now works faster
  • New dictionaries uploaded:*
    • English-Bulgarian
    • English-French
    • English-German
    • English-Italian
    • English-Russian.v.2
    • English-Turkish

* New dictionaries are available for download from "Software updates"

China Editor 2.1, Toxic edition

  • Added support for MTK 6230 (World first!) *
  • Added support for MTK 6228
  • Added support for MTK 6223
  • Fully fixed MTK 6225
  • Added 24 hour flash fix
  • Added Windows font information displaying
  • Added language customization (old name Text direction)
  • Fixed redrawing fonts with not standard writing (Thai, Arabic etc.)
  • Fixed saving language in SPREADTRUM CPU
  • Fixed saving differences
  • Changed format of differences for automatic selection of parts in the flasher

* test mode

Z3X China Editor Features

  • Supports all known phone models based on MT6205 - MT6227 CPU
  • Translation using dictionary
  • Manual translation
  • Support to any language(by default to English)
  • Dictionary creation from Excel file
  • Constantly updating dictionary
  • Change name of the language in the phone menu
  • Adding new language
  • Deletes language
  • Supports UNICODE
  • Unlimited words length
  • Comfortable navigation through "unknown phrases"
  • Saving phrases in Excel file
  • Upload unknown phrases to server for subsequent translation
  • Font editor
  • Import font from file
  • Import font from Windows installed fonts
  • Not needed replacement of all chars
  • Unlimited font size
  • Media Import and Export
  • Save full flash
  • Save differences only (patch with SKAT file)
  • Downloading news from server about updates and plans

Z3X China Editor Package Content

  • USB dongle
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