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Smart-Clip and Smart Adaptor Update Zone

Latest Versions

Smart-Clip v5.03 from 08.09.2011
SmartMoto v4.30 from 01.08.2012
S-Card v3.11 from 01.08.2012
Smart Adaptor v1.05 from 09.07.2008


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Note: in order to run ActiveX client software
the Internet Explorer 5.0 or later version has to be used.

In case of having a difficulties while installing unsigned ActiveX client software,
please select form the Internet Explorer menu
"Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level"
and set "Download unsigned ActiveX controls" to "Prompt"or "Enable".

As soon as ActiveX client software is installed,
is strictly recommended to set the
"Download unsigned ActiveX controls" option back to "Disable".



Download Zone

SmartMoto v4.30

Note: Install SmartMoto v4.30 only after the Smart-Clip was updated to the latest version and registered with S-Card. As soon as SmartMoto installation is completed the PC must be restarted.

Download SmartMoto v.4.30 European
Download SmartMoto v.4.30 European (No IMEI)
Download SmartMoto v.4.29 Asian

S-Card Driver

Download S-Card Driver for Win98/ME
Download S-Card Driver for Win2000/XP v.2
Download S-Card Driver for Win2000/XP v.3
Download S-Card Driver for WinVista 32bit
Download S-Card Driver for WinVista 64bit

Smart Adaptor Driver

Download Smart Adaptor Driver for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista.

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