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Cruiser Pro 2

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Cruiser Pro 2 - Standalone software for new Sony Ericsson cell phones. Fast Unlock, change language, change customizations, repairing. No Internet connection required. Includes complete FIGHTER functionality.

Cruiser Update
(01 March 2006)

  • Added support for unlocking several new LG U8180 firmwares.
  • Updated ARM 2004/2005 FAQ help-file section.
  • Added FAQ help-file section for Sharp 3G phones.
  • Updated LG U8110/U8120 unlock procedure descriptions
  • Updated LG U813x/U8180/U83x0 unlock procedure descriptions.
  • Fixed bug in language pack description for Sony Ericsson K700

Cruiser Update
Version 9.10 (16 February 2006)

  • It is possible to open more flash files simultaneously (just hold down the Ctrl key while selecting files)
  • It is possible to customize a file system automatically right after flashing raw FS
  • All flasher modules were updated
  • Minor changes in CID54 configuration analysis code
  • Modified default state of Extended configuration options
  • Phone Firmware Backup (pfb) files created in this version are not backwards compatible (i.e. should not be used with previous versions)
  • The Lock to network option should not be enabled for red CID41/42 phones
  • Fixed minor FS customization issue
  • Fixed minor GDFS/FS bug from version 9.00
  • Sony Ericsson W550 (new HW) testpoint picture updated
  • Updated TAC list for Sony Ericsson T290a, K300i and K700i
  • Communication code updated
  • Start up code modified
  • A few memory leaks removed

Cruiser Update
Version 9.3 (09 February 2006)

  • Special flashing options added for new ARM phones
  • Fixed RSA AVR booting bug from version 9.00
  • Fixed minor bug from security zone creation
  • Updated Sony Ericsson V/K60x testpoint pictures

Cruiser Update
Version 9.2 (08 February 2006)

  • Fixed GDFS and FS access bug from version 9.00
  • Fixed brown/blue CID37 booting bug from version 9.00

Cruiser Update
Version 9.0 (08 February 2006)

  • LG U8550 unlocking without TP. World's first again!

Cruiser Update
Version 8.11 (30 January 2006)

  • Unlocking flash file for LG U8550 released. In this version phone has to be flashed via TP.
  • To repair phones damaged by other tools tick Overwrite flash certificate option.
  • It should not be necessary anymore to unlock RSA before unlocking new Sharp phones via patching.
  • Installer updated.
  • A bug regarding Sony Ericsson P910a phones fixed.
  • TAC list for Sony Ericsson T630i and Sharp V703SH updated.

Cruiser Mega Update (V7.0)
- Added support for fast direct unlock of Sharp V703SH/V903SH/SX313/SX833 phones.
- Direct OTP/GDFS check enable/disable function added for Sharp V703SH/V903SH/SX313/SX833
- Support for unlocking of any-CID ARM phones with baseband chip IDs 0x7000, 0x7100, 0x8000 and 0x8040. Even for Sony Ericsson W900 phones.
- Support for flashing of any-CID ARM phones with baseband chip IDs 0x7000, 0x7100, 0x8000 and 0x8040 without changing primary certificate.
- Fast LG 3G unlocking functionality via firmware patching was extended in order to support some LG U8550 firmware.
- Added support for locking OTP area in LG 3G and Sharp 3G empty-boards.
- Added an option to write new Bluetooth MAC address to RSA-protected ARM-based SE phones.
- Certificate recovery function updated.
- Repair EROM functionality updated to reflect Sony Ericsson W550 and W600 phones. Both brown CID49 and red CID49 phones are supported now.
- Fixed minor bug in RSA configuration analysis code.
- Updated Customize FS function.
- Updated TAC list for Sony Ericsson W600i, J300a and K750i.

- Support parallel flashing of 16 phones. Speed up to 140MBytes per 2 minutes.
- The first software for unlocking Sharp V801SH, Sharp V802SH and V902SH phones.
- The first software that can unlock red CID36 phones.
- Full support for unlocking LG U8180 and U8330 phones WITHOUT a testpoint.
- Full support for red/brown CID36 phones, now without testpoint!
- Can convert red CID36 phones to brown CID36 without using a testpoint.
- Possibility to operate with up to 16 phones in parallel using cheap Fighter USB cables.
- Possibility to operate via original DSS-20 and DSS-25 synchronization cradles.
- Unlock SIM-Locks. Can read codes (also supports 16-digit codes).
- Unlock User-Lock. Can also read User-lock code.
- Relock SIM-Lock to a specific network (handy for LG phones). MNC of 3 digits is supported too.
- Full security zone rebuild (unlock of 4 closed locks) in R520/T39/T65 also.
- Language pack change and software customization (also without user data loss).
- Contains an easy-to-use CDA tool. This allows using the original Sony Ericsson Upgrade Service.
- Upgrade phone firmware.
- Uploadi signed file archives (SFA).
- Downgrade LG file system to allow unlocking.
- Convert Sony Ericsson K750 to W800, D750 to K750, V800 to Z800, F500 to K500...
- Convert Sony Ericsson P900 to P910, T66 to T600, R380s to R380e...
- Sony Ericsson V800/Z800/D750/K750/W800 EROM repair. Brown and red phones of CID29/CID36.
- Changing band lock setting (to enable 1800MHz in someSony Ericsson Z1010 phones).
- Changing colour of RSA certificate - to force developer units (brown) to accept retail (red) firmware.
- Full support for cross-CID flashing. It is possible to flash CID16, CID17 and CID29 phones by any-CID flashes.
- Automatic memory configuration analysis to prevent accidental GDFS damage - unlike other tools!
- Write almost any combination of languages.
- Write almost any combination of T9 dictionaries.
- Download languages and T9 dictionaries from the phone.
- Download files from the phone.
- Upload user files to the phone (audio, video, themes, etc.)
- Upload any file to any position in the directory structure - for advanced users.
- Repair dead, blinking and contact-operator phones.
- Repairing phones with completely destroyed security zone in case you have no backup.
- Empty board programming (IMEI filling, OTP area programming, RSA certificate upload...)
- Turn camera shutter sound on/off.
- Backup security zone.
- Restore security zone.
- Recalculate all security zone CRCs.
- Change phone type descriptor.
- Reset air time, reset total call time, reset life time.
- Reset joystick counter.
- Enable/disable channel info, battery info, SIM toolkit support, SMS capability.
- Backup/restore/copy GDFS calibration zones.
- COMPLETE FIGHTER FUNCTIONALITY INCLUDED (i.e. all previous phones are supported) !

Supported cell phones:
Sharp V801SH , Sharp V802SH , Sharp V902SH ,

Sony Ericsson D750i , F500i, J300i , J300c , K300i , K300c , K500i, K500c, K506c, K508i, K508c, K600i , K600c , K608i , K700i, K700c, K750i , K750c , S600i , S600c , S700i, S700c, S710a, V600i , V800, V802SE, W600a , W800i , W800c , Z500a, Z500i, Z500c, Z520i , Z520c , Z800i , Z800c , Z1010i, Z1010c,

LG U8110, LG U8120, LG U8130, LG U8138, LG U8180 , LG U8330 , including (R)-marked LG phones, and all older SE GSM phones . The following CIDs are supported: 16, 17, 19, 24, 29, 36, 41 and 42.

How to flash SE with cruiser
Sony Ericsson K750i and K608i red cid49 unlock info with out TP

Package Includes:

  • Cruiser Smart Card
  • Operation with two (2) phones at the same time

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