12 V Car Power Filter

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12 V Car Power Filter
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Passive power filter for installation in the cars with 12 V onboard voltage. The filter is aimed at elimination of high and low frequency noises, which are created by the surrounding power devices. These noises can affect connected video devices (image distortion) or on audio path of the connected devices (create additional sound noises). Maximum load current - 2 A.

Car Power Filter

Note, the filter is sold without the wires!

Car Power Filter

Please, pay particular attention to the most common mistake. By any means don't take negative voltage (ground -12 V) from the chassis of the near connected devices!
If you do so, the potential difference effect appears. It causes errors and noises in the connected devices operation. in such case the filter won't help.
You should always take "+" and "-" from the same place, for example, from the OEM radio. Also make sure that the circuit, to which you are connecting, has power reserve and allows to connect the additional devices.


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