10 Reasons to Try Sigma


 The modern GSM market is literally stuffed with a great number of cell phone service solutions. Some are packed in alluring boxes, some have sounding names and the developers of the others make groundless promises. How to choose wisely when shopping for an efficient service tool?
If you want to get a great device, but don't want to go through the time of searching for the right one, an independent professional valuation is the desirable solution.
We offer you a short review of Sigma - the revolutionary solution that has earned trust of thousands and thousands users from all over the world.

Sigma - a Reliable Tool for Professionals

1. Sigma - a Reliable Tool for Professionals

Sigma is a professional solution, that has been developed to unlock and service mobile phones based on various platforms. It is rightfully considered as a flagship of GsmServer product line. Sigma implements all the best features from the long-term GsmServer team's experience in cell phone servicing.
The box is jam-packed with numerous features and supports more than 6000 popular mobile phones and smartphones from the big-name brands such as Alcatel, Sony, Huawei, Motorola, ZTE, to the less known B-brands available on the market.

 If you are looking for unlocking or IMEI repairing box - Sigma is the right choice.

Well-deserved Reputation of Sigma Team

2. Well-deserved Reputation of Sigma Team

Sigma is a product from developers of legendary Smart-Clip service tool, which appeared on the market far back in 2004. Sigma is an ultimate leading tool among the phone service devices available on the market. Most of the large service centers are armed with the box: it's being sold in 130 countries over the world. According to the regular surveys, Sigma is valued very high by its users. Experienced service center specialists recommend servicing new cell phones with Sigma.

Sigma: Advanced Packaging

3. Advanced Packaging

Sigma is available in two hardware versions: as a box and as a dongle. You can purchase FTDI box with a set of cables (cable set is compatible with most of widely spread mobile phones) for only $194. You may also consider a USB Dongle:  it delivers the same functionality in a smaller package and at a lower price - only $164.
Don't you find it's a democratic price for a product of exceptional quality?
With Sigma you get an access to Boot-Loader v2.0 flash files archive for free, detailed step-by-step manuals and video tutorials, professional customer support and 6 months of warranty.
One more argument in Sigma's favor  - the box is built on the up-to-date platform with an advanced  information security system.

Sigma: Regular Software Updates

4. Regular Software Updates

When you buy Sigma, you get a dynamic, evolving tool which doesn't age, but does exactly the opposite - it's regularly updated and improved. In the past three years it has been improved by 170 times, that's the approximate number of released updates.
Buying the box with a particular functionality today, you get an access to the features that will be regularly expanded in the future.

Primary and permanent goal of Sigma project is to focus on developing unique, leading-edge solutions, instead of duplicating the existing ones.

Usage of Sigma

5. Usage of Sigma

You can spot Sigma owner from afar, he's always surrounded by clients. Sigma has been developed for specialists who value efficient solutions.

Consider buying Sigma if you are facing the following issues:

  • You are looking to start up your own business in mobile phone servicing. Simply add Sigma to your equipment to  drive business growth and   outpace your competitors.  
  • You already have service tool set and you are not sure whether you need Sigma or not. Just buy Sigma and follow the news. In a few days a new update might be released and you might win big.
  • You need to unlock your mobile device, but operator's codes can't be found or the procedure in a service center is too expensive? Use Sigma. It will unlock your cell phone and mobile devices of your friends.
  • Your service center has become less profitable? It's a high time to revise your inventory and  resort to professional solutions.

Sigma will breathe new life into your business  and will increase the quantity of customers.

Sigma: Lots of World's First Solutions

6. Lots of World's First Solutions

Sigma is reputed to be one of the leading projects that provides world's first solutions.

Just a brief look at the team latest achievements shows us the following opportunities:

  • Sigma offers full set of the most requested service options.
  • Nearly 500-700 new models (including operators' subtypes and rare firmware versions) are added to the list of supported mobile phones every year.
  • Support for MTK, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Texas Instruments and Hi-Silicon platforms.
  • The one and the only service support for the latest Qualcomm Hexagon-based smartphones ZTE, Motorola and others (Motorola XT1056, XT1058; ZTE Z998, T81, Z740; Moto G/G2/G3/E/E2/X2/X+1 and many more)
  • Support for Sony Hexagon-based smartphones: LT26i, LT28at, LT28i, LT29i, LT30at, SO-01E and 50+ others.
  • The one and the only service support for a wide model range of Motorola (DROID 3, DROID 4, RAZR V, XTxx, MExxx, Axx, MBxxx-series etc.), and new Huawei mobile phones (Mate, Honor 2 / 3, D1 Quad and others).
  • Support for a whole range of the latest and up-to-date Alcatel, ZTE, Motorola, Huawei and other cell phones available on the market.
  • Powerful Yoda method enables unlock and IMEI repair features for devices that are not supported by any other boxes.
  • Service support for B-brands: Prestigio, Micromax, Zopo, Gigabyte, Highscreen, Plum, etc.
  • Unlock codes calculation by IMEI.

Finally, special mention should be made of one more fact: the developers buy phones from all over the world to add them to support if it's impossible to unlock these devices remotely.
However, there is more to come...

Sigma: The Best Support in the World

7. The Best Support in the World

Even inexperienced users notice that developers have taken a lot of efforts to improve customer experience at all stages of work with the box. First of all, you can feel it in intuitive software that asks you just to connect a phone and does not require further actions. Sigma manages all procedures for you. If you are an unskilled user, you can start working with the box right after your first visit to the official website, where all required information is provided in details. You'll find it helpful to visit an official Sigma Youtube channel with hundreds of step-by-step video tutorials.   
If you have any questions regarding Sigma, a qualified technical support team is available online to assist you 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Technical assistance is provided in five languages in real time via Skype, email, various messengers and on the support forum. Can you imagine a better support?

Sigma users rate the level of customer service as one of the highest on the GSM-market.

Sigma: Getting Started is Easy

8. Getting Started is Easy

Getting started with the box is easy: you just have to connect a phone to your computer via regular USB cable,  make few clicks of your mouse in Sigma software, and let it handle the rest. The software is intuitive and the user needs to possess only a basic level of technical knowledge. Moreover, the software has been developed in a way to prevent errors.

When you work with Sigma, you can relax in a comfortable chair, connect your phone to the device  and enjoy your coffee while the most important part of a procedure is performed by the box.

Sigma: Profitable Solution

9. Profitable Solution

It’s well known that Sigma is paid off quickly, as it's focused on support for cell phones that  your clients bring to your everyday service (unlock, repair IMEI, etc.).
Sigma Team in a non-stop mode collects and analyzes information regarding new devices, communicates with service centers around the world and buys the latest cellular phones to provide users with up-to-date solutions.

For its 3-year history, Sigma has evolved from a little-known service tool to a great project that regularly brings a profit to its owner. 

Sigmakey, or... Sigmakey

10. Sigma, or...? Sigma!

If you follow the news from GSM market, you'll probably notice a prompt and sleek  appearance of new products. These products vanish very quickly or are left abandoned  by developers.  Do you remember a tremendous amount of time and money wasted on searching new solutions? Think back to the time when the rivals worked with new mobile phones while you were waiting for new product/activation release. 
Did you purchase a product that had been promised to be the best solution? But, essentially, it appeared to be nothing more than another dummy that could hardly be converted into a profit. Lots of users have experienced the above mentioned issues.

Unlike others, Sigma remains a stable solution with a reliable reputation from GsmServer Team. By investing in the box, you get the maximum opportunities possible. And these are acknowledged facts,  not just fine words.

It's worth mentioning that Sigma project is filled with bright ideas and enormous potential. Those who are following the GSM-market news have probably noticed that Sigma team leads in producing new solutions. They cherish lots of plans that are being partially implemented.

Sigma  is not just a product, there is more behind it - dozens of teammates: developers, technical support specialists, sales and marketing managers, designers, logistics experts and others, who work to provide you with efficient and stable solutions.  The team is very enthusiastic in the work they do. They permanently inform users about new updates, news and report for the work they've done. 


If you are in the market for a powerful, reliable, advanced and regularly updated service tool with a trustworthy reputation, you'll be more than satisfied with Sigma. When it comes to actual work performance, Sigma is astonishingly good.