Gradus Studio


We are glad to introduce our partner Gradus Studio to you.

We are highly interested in your business growth, so let us offer you some tips aimed at increasing your sales.

As you already know, Gradus Studio has developed our website and now supports it also helping us to bring our marketing strategy into life. At present, they are developing and elaborating their new line – creating an eBay listing template. We believe this will be beneficial for your business too.

Why should you create and optimize your online store?

Firstly, it is a working solution aimed at multiplying your revenue from an eBay sales channel. Secondly, it will allow you to stand out among your competitors. Lastly, it is a way to be closer to your online customers.

What changes can you make to improve your eBay store?

Please read the list below and choose the items related to your business interests:

  • Logo: Creating a logo for your store or adapting your existing logo to eBay requirements;
  • Header: Designing and developing a header that will appear at the top of all customized pages;
  • Search: Developing a high visibility search bar, enabling customers to search within your store;
  • Menu: Creating a dropdown multi-level menu;
  • Color scheme: Creating the color scheme in your company corporate colors;
  • Slider: Creating a banner slider with key messages and ads using new and existing banners;
  • Categories: Showing goods categories on the store page;
  • Footer: Designing and developing a footer that will appear at the bottom of all customized pages.

Check out an example here.

Additionally, our partner – Gradus Studio – has granted special offers for our dealers: 10% off when designing a custom eBay store. Please note that you will also have a chance to order a professional branding or landing page with a 5% discount. These offers are time limited and end on 31 of August 2016. So, do not hesitate to contact Gradus Studio directly via email or via Skype.