How to Return the Product


GsmServer online store is always willing to have a constructive dialogue with our customers. It sometimes happens so that you need to return a purchased product. To make this process fast and easy we offer a new service. The aim of such service is to make the procedure of products replacement and returns as quick and convenient as possible.

Products are considered defective when they have faults which hinder them from being used as intended. To get more information about our return policy, please, visit our Warranty page.

To activate the Product Return form, please contact the manager who processed your order. So, if you want to send request for products return or replacement, go to My Account, select Product return section and complete the form Make a Return Request.

The system will offer you to select the item from the list of products which have been purchased in our online store.

Choose a product from the list

Please, enter the quantity of products and the reason for their return.

Enter the quantity of products and the reason for their return

Fill in all the items you want to return. After that press Submit the Request button and the system will assign a registration number to your return request.

Registration number of the return request

Put this number into the parcel with the product you are returning.
After you have sent the products, please, go to My Account → Products Return →Return History.

To help us to identify your parcel fast and easy, open your return request, fill in the name of delivery company and tracking number of the parcel, and then click Save button.

Our complaint department will process your request, and after that you will see the status of your request as a whole.

Request status

You can view the status of each item from your return request, as well as the reasons for refusal, if products are not returnable. To do this, open the request.

View the status of each item from your return request

If you found a not returnable product in your request, please, contact the manager who supervised your order to agree the method of product shipment back to you.
GsmServer company is doing everything possible to make your shopping in our store convenient and easy.