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The reputation of Chinese manufacturers, as well as the popularity of China-made smartphones and mobile phones, grows every day. Moreover, Chinese brands confidently pave their way among well-known existing cometitors.

The competitiveness of European and Chinese companies is put on today's agenda. Chinese manufacturers, under the licenses, worked out the production process for market leaders, simultaneously creating actively their own models of smartphones and mobile phones. Korean companies, domestic market leaders, invest all efforts to break into European market. In fact, nowadays, unknown companies buy up mobile phones production subsidiaries of better known companies. Therefore, they get to the management of already marketed brands.

The wide choice of made in China double-SIM telephones produces certain problems in choosing and replacing spare parts and units. Unfortunately, regardless of such wide variety of mobile phones, their aftersales service is, in fact, unavailable. The sellers of Chinese devices emphasize the low prices for their stock. The bargain is created with the cheap low profile materials used in the production or the absence of the aftersales service.

Taking into consideration the recommendations of our clients and customer demand, having availabile the direct, without any intermediary, spares supply from China, GsmServer Online Store does its best to provide all the necessary spares and units for mobile phones and smartphones.

Out of a doubt, sales of mobile communication devices rapidly grow worldwide. Such tendency has emerged as the result of the electronic commerce sector development and the device's affordable prices. Some less-known brands, which gadgets score high performance marks, are really worth attention, such as Dex, Ergo, GSmart, Gigabyte Goclever, Huawei, IconBIT, Prestigio, Sigma mobile, ThL, Texet, ZTE, Zopo and others. The manufactureers from Celestial Empire sell blueprints and, at the same time, do traditional sales of finished products. As the result we get the devices which are assembled of Chinese units at European factories (that means these European factories have purchased the ready to go device concept and the blueprints). The other gadgets are the products finished at Chinese factories that are branded with certain trademark.

For example, the smartphones on the photo look completely identical, however, they were produced by different manufacturers: Prestigio Multiphone PAP5300 DUO and Pioneer E90W.

 Prestigio Multiphone PAP5300 DUO and Pioneer E90W

Prestigio ‐ is a European brand that has its headquarters in Limassol (Cyprus).
Pioneer Corporation ‐ is a Japanese company that produces audio and video systems.

Such “clones” frequently appear at the market, and, in many cases, their components appear to be interchangeable. The information about the spare parts for these smartphones is, usually, unavailable that makes it hard to identify and select correctly the necessary replacement part.

The preferences of our customers have been carefully acknowledged and we came up with the idea of launching the new section of our web store Spare Parts for Order.

In this section we represent the models of Chinese smartphones which popularity grows day by day. However, finding or choosing the right spare part for such devices is quite a complicated task.

To order a spare part you have to open the Spare Parts for Order section of our web store. Then, please, leave your comment in Disqus field under the smartphone model and the spare part you need. Provide the following information about the spare part in your comment:

  • size
  • identification marking
  • photo of the unit

Attention! You have to provide all the above information about the spare part!

This is how the information has to look like for an LCD:
The marking on the LCD: JKD043-1301-W08D
The marking on the LCD flat cable: WD430-67AF-HX
LCD size: 104*61 mm
The number of the contact points: 25 pin

LCD charcteristics

The external view of the LCD is on the photo below.

LCD charcteristics

always provide the photo of the touchscreen flat cable.

Photo of the flat cable
Photo of the flat cable

The marking on the touchscreen flat cable: F6043009-FPC-V1.0
Size: 125*64 mm
The external view is on the photo below.

Marking on the flat cable

Please, provide the photos that clearly show all the numbers and characters of the markings. In case you were not able to identify which marking is the right one, provide all the characteristics and parameters you find indicated on the unit or provide its photos. Thus, our experts will be able to validate the marking on their own.

Spare Parts for Order service will help you find, order and buy necessary spare parts from GsmServer Online Store. We do our best to find and deliver the spare parts for your smartphones and mobile phones at the best prices.