Samsung Galaxy S III Phone Servicing Tools


The modern GSM-market is literally stuffed with all sorts of phones and smartphones from manufacturers from all over the world – starting with Chinese ZTE, Huawei and ending with giants like Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung and others.

Recently Samsung, one of the largest Korean manufacturers in the world, has released a new device – Samsung Galaxy S III. The phone very soon became a hit and there’s a very good reason. Galaxy S III has a stunning 4.8" Super Amoled (HD) display, two (front and rear) cameras: one for video calls and other (8 megapixels) with autofocus for taking pictures and making HD videos and a GPS module. The phone itself has a quite slim body and is equipped with 1,44 GHz quad-core CPU. Yet it’s one of the most powerful phones in the world, powered by 2100 mAh battery. Samsung Galaxy S III is running the latest version of Google’s Android operating system, which allows its owner to load thousands of useful apps. Good thing that most of them are free unlike Apple’s apps. But the device itself is quite expensive like every good full featured product. The average price for the latest Galaxy S phone is 700 US dollars. But what if you really want one now? Well, most of the carriers offer this device for cheap, though with a contract and no possibility of using the phone on other networks. And still there’s something you can do about it.

The experts had been working on the solution for a while so when the phone was out it was just a matter of choice which tool to use for Galaxy S III unlocking. Even though officially device appeared in stores on 4th of July 2012, world’s first unlocking solution for this phone was released as soon as May 28th. The very first tool that added support for Galaxy S III was AsanSam dongle. With this unlocking software you could also perform Galaxy S III flashing, as well as read/write EFS. On 6th of June SmartSamBox also released unlocking feature for the latest Samsung mobile device. Though, in order to perform Galaxy S III servicing you had to root the phone. And on June 9th NS Pro Box offered another option – Galaxy S III unlocking via flashing.

AsanSam Dongle SmartSamBox NS Pro
AsanSam Dongle SmartSamBox NS Pro

But probably one of the most comprehensive solutions was released by Octopus Box Team on June 13th. It was Galaxy S III direct unlock feature for I9300 and I9300C models and a few days later I9300T version was added to the list of supported for unlock Samsung mobile devices.

Later the phone became so popular that most of the developers added the latest Samsung phone to the list of supported as well. It was Pegasus Box (direct unlock via micro USB cable), Micro-Box AIO (direct unlock and write firmware option via USB port), SL-Box, ORT (Omnia Repair Tool) (boot repair feature), SPT-Box (unlock and repair IMEI options), Z3X (firmware flashing feature, repair and unlock) and LG-Tool (from SE-Tool team).

All of the listed above boxes and dongles you can buy in GsmServer store.

Andrey Sadovy