Capacitive Touch Panel for Mercedes-Benz CLS (W218) 2016

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Capacitive Touch Panel for Mercedes-Benz CLS (W218) 2016
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8 inch capacitive touch panel compatible with Mercedes-Benz CLS (W218) 2016 OEM monitors. This high quality panel does not lose its optical functionality even after scratches appear on its surface. The panel is used to enable touch screen control of the aftermarket CS9500 navigation box on the OEM monitor.

The most frequently asked questions about touch screens.

Capacitive Touch Screen Advantages

Capacitive touch screens work the same way as smartphone screens: they use electrostatic charge on your fingertip for operation, instead of the pressure applied by the finger, as resistive touch screens do. As a result, these screens have improved touch sensitivity, responsiveness and resistance to scratches. They also provide more vivid and rich colors.

Technical Specifications

  • Overall surface: 263 mm × 131 mm
  • Active area: 173 mm × 103 mm
  • Flexible flat cable length: 172 mm
  • Very good visibility indoors and under direct sunlight
  • Multi touch
  • Highly resistant to scratches

Mercedes-Benz CLS head unit


Package Content

  • 8″ Touch screen panel
  • Set of connecting cables
  • Sub-board


Touch Screen Panel is compatible with the following models of Cars
  • Mercedes-Benz W218
  • 8"
  • No





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