Digital Multimeter Pro'sKit MT-1820

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Digital Multimeter Pro'sKit MT-1820
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Warranty: 6 month (s)


This digital multimeter measures AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, frequency, capacitance, temperature, and tests continuity, diodes and transistors. The multimeter comes with a USB connector for monitoring and recording measurement data with a PC.

Pro'sKit MT-1820 Digital Multimeter Features

  • Large 3 5/6 digit (5999) LCD with analog bargraph
  • 0.5% best accuracy
  • USB connector for PC
  • Measuring and test functions: :
    • AC/DC voltage and current
    • resistance
    • frequency
    • capacitance
    • continuity (with buzzer)
    • diode test
    • temperature
    • duty cycle
    • relative reference
    • Max/Min value
    • transistor test
  • Data hold function
  • Auto/Manual ranging
  • Auto power off
  • Low battery indication


Pro'sKit Digital Multimeter Comparative Specifications

Model 3PK-345 MT-1820 MT-1860
Display 3¾ digit (3999) LCD 3 5/6 digit (5999) LCD
DC voltage, V 4V/40V/400V ±(0.5%+3d)
1000V ±(0.8%+3d)
600mV/6V/60V/600V ±(0.5%+4d)
1000V ±(1.0%+6d)
600mV/6V/60V/600V ±(0.5%+4d)
1000V ±(1.0%+4d)
AC voltage, V 4V/40V/400V ±(1.2%+5d)
750V ±(1.5%+5d)
6V/60V/600V ±(0.8%+10d)
750V ±(1.0%+10d)
6V/60V/600V ±(0.8%+10d)
750V ±(1.0%+6d)
DC current, A 4mA/400mA ±(1.2%+3d)
10A ±(2.0%+8d)
600μA/6000μA ±(1.0%+10d)
60mA/600mA ±(1.0%+10d)
6A/10A ±(1.2%+10d)
60mA/600mA ±(1.0%+10d)
6A/10A ±(1.2%+10d)
AC current, A 4mA/400mA ±(1.5%+8d)
10A ±(3.0%+8d)
600μA/6000μA ±(1.5%+10d)
60mA/600mA ±(1.5%+10d)
6A/10A ±(2.0%+15d)
60mA/600mA ±(1.5%+10d)
6A/10A ±(2.5%+15d)
Resistance, Ω 400Ω/4kΩ/40kΩ/400kΩ/4MΩ ±(1.2%+3d)
40MΩ ±(3.0%+5d)
600Ω ±(0.8%+5d)
6kΩ/60kΩ/600kΩ/6MΩ ±(0.8%+4d)
60MΩ ±(1.2%+10d)
Special Function transistor test key touching
Frequency, Hz - 100Hz/1000Hz/10kHz/
/100kHz/1MHz/20MHz ±(0.5%+4d)
/100kHz/1MHz/20MHz ±(0.3%+2d)
Capacitance, F 40nF/400nF ±(4.0%+5d) 40nF ±(5.0%+30d)
400nF/4μF/40μF ±(3.5%+8d)
200μF ±(5.0%+10d)
Temperature, ºC 0~400ºC ±(3.0%+3d)
400~750ºC ±(3.0%+5d)
-20~400ºC ±(1.0%+5d)
400~1000ºC ±(1.5%+15d)
Battery 6F22(9V) (not included) AAA 1.5V × 2 (not included)
Size (D × W × H), mm 186 × 78 × 35 192 × 95 × 48 185 × 91 × 49
Weight, g 910 390 (including batteries) 410 (including batteries)

Pro'sKit MT-1820 Digital Multimeter Package contains

  • Digital multimeter
  • Test leads
  • Transistor test accessory
  • Thermocouple
  • USB cable
  • Software CD
  • User manual

Download Pro'sKit MT-1820 Digital Multimeter User Manual (English version)


  • digital
Digit Capacity
  • 5999
Range Selection
  • auto range
DC Voltage
  • up to 1000 V
AC Voltage
  • up to 750 V
  • up to 10 A
  • up to 10 A
  • up to 60 MOhm
  • up to 200 μF
  • up to 20 MHz
Duty cycle
  • no
  • yes
  • no
  • no
True RMS
  • no
  • yes
Analog bar graph
  • yes
Continuity test
  • yes
Transistor check
  • no
Diode test
  • yes
PC connection
  • USB





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