HAJA OEM Joystick Adapter for Honda / Acura

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HAJA OEM Joystick Adapter for Honda / Acura
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HAJA is an adapter which allows you to control additionally connected devices, such as navigation boxes or video sources, using the OEM joystick. Thus, you won't need the remote control to use connected DVD, HD player or TV receiver in the car.
The device is designed for Honda / Acura models with non-touch screen monitor.

You need the adapter because it's impossible to install additional touch screen panel unless you remove the protection shield. Even in such case the touch screen control while driving will be very dangerous.

HAJA OEM Joystick Adapter

  • Connected devices control via OEM joystick and buttons in cars without OEM touch screen display.
  • Compatibility with various models due to adapter setup using Win32 «HAJA manager» software.
  • Emulation of common USB HID keyboard and mouse, which allows to use this adapter with any operational systems without prior installation of drivers – Win32, WinCE, Linux, Android, MacOS…
  • Separate control of the connected devices without duplication of the commands sending between the OEM and additional devices.
  • Control of connected DVD, HD player, TV, DVB-T, DVB-T2 receiver without IR RC. Use Win32 «HAJA manager» software to assign the commands to the adapter.
  • Switch between the OEM and aftermarket equipment by OEM button «MAP / GUIDE» (circular switch).
  • Automatic pressing the joystick when turning on – sending «OK» command to the OEM system.
  • Cursor moving speed setup.
  • Built-in RGB switch for easy installation of the external navigation (you will need additional video interface if you want to connect more than 1 device. Video interface is not included in the package).
  • You can select which navigation will start when power is on (ACC) – OEM / external navigation.
  • Possibility of separate control of three connected devices (you will need additional video interface if you want to connect more than 1 device. Video interface is not included in the package).
  • Control of the external video interface-switch of the video signals – sending impulse to switch video inputs.
  • Possibility to connect up to 4 devices, not including the aftermarket rear view camera.
  • Doesn't interfere with the OEM equipment operation logic – automatic switch to the OEM rear view camera.
  • Power control of the connected devices.
  • Sending commands to turn off the connected devices via USB, IR channels – «soft» turn-off.
  • Possibility to update via USB port to extend functionality and fix bugs.
  • You can adjust and upgrade firmware of the devices without 12 V power. The devices will be powered directly via USB port.

HAJA OEM Joystick Adapter
Technical Specifications

Inputs RGB for OEM navigation box connection
JOG for OEM joystick connection
REAR for OEM reverse cameras work/aftermarket camera installation
IR IN for IR receiver connection and adapter programming
RGB for connection of aftermarket navigation box or any other device with RGB output
Outputs RGB for connection to the OEM monitor
JOG for connection of the OEM joystick to the OEM navigation module
MODE for control of the aftermarket video interface (switch between the video inputs)
IR WIRE1 direct output for connected devices control by wire (transfer of the programmed commands from IR remote control)
IR WIRE2 inverted output for connected devices control by wire (transfer of the programmed commands from IR remote control)
IR LED for control of the external devices by the connected IR-LED (transfer of the programmed commands from IR remote control)
POWER for connection of the additional devices and power control (max. load current 2.5 A)
Power Input voltage 8 V DC ~ 36 V DC
Power consumption (max) 3 W
Power consumption (in stand-by mode) 0 W
Modes switch By OEM button MAP / GUIDE

HAJA OEM Joystick Adapter


Model Model years
From To
Accord 2007 2009
Civic Type R 2007
Civic UFO 2007
Inspire 2007
Legend 2006


Model Model years
From To
MDX 2007 2009
RDX 2007
RL 2005

Monitors Appearance

Honda Acura
Monitor and joystick in Honda Monitor and joystick in Acura

The appearance of the monitor and joystick may differ, depending on the car model and model year.

HAJA OEM Joystick Adapter
Package Content

  • Adapter module
  • Power cable
  • Cable for connection to joystick + RGB
  • Cable for connection of the navigation box/interface
  • IR cable
  • Mini-USB cable


Controller is compatible with the following models of Cars
  • Acura
  • Honda
  • OEM joystick adapter





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