Multifunctional Universal Touch Screen Controller TSC-206IM

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Multifunctional Universal Touch Screen Controller TSC-206IM
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Universal touch screen controller is designed for touch screen control of additionally connected devices, including navigation box, on additionally installed touch screen panel. The device reads out coordinates of point pressed on the touch screen and transfers them to external video source.

The controller fits for most monitors with resistive touch screen, where 4-wired or 8-wired resistive touch screen panels with paired signals 4x2 are used. It means touch screen controller can be applied in 99.99% cases!

Note! Only the version with additional touch screen panel support is available. Function of simultaneous work of the OEM and additional touch screen panel is not available.

Universal Touch Screen Controller

  • Separate transfer of touch screen panels pressed point coordinates to the respective source.
  • Automatic detection of lines corresponding to X+, X- and Y+, Y- coordinate axis during controller setup.
  • Automatic detection of the connected device type.
  • Programmed input able to produce constant and impulse signals of various polarity.
  • Possibility to program IR commands for all connected devices.
  • System interface for software update and possibility to work with other devices (SerPro program).
  • Basic functions setup without using system interface (without computer).
  • All necessary connectors and adapters available.

Universal Touch Screen Controller
Compatible Navigation Boxes

  • CS9100 *
  • CS9200 *
  • WP9100R (RV) *
  • WP9100 Scale *
  • WP9200 *
  • Element F1 *
  • Element F10 *
  • Element F15 *
  • Phantom SPT-100 *
  • Phantom SPT-200 *
  • WEG-160 *
  • LM7200
  • GVN 53
  • Mircom M500 *

* Select Kenwood protocol in navigation box settings.

Universal Touch Screen Controller

Note! On Car Solutions forum you will find updates and new firmwares for the controller. There is also possibility to discuss the controller operation or make offers on its improvement.

Universal Touch Screen Controller
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Controller is compatible with
  • Universal
  • Touch screen controlller





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