Video Interface for Volkswagen/ Skoda/ Seat with RCD 510 Delphi Head Unit

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Car video interface for Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat equipped with RCD 510 head manufactured by Delphi. This video interface allows connecting and using external video sources such as rear view camera, DVD player, TV tuner, etc. with your built-in car monitor.

Car Video Interface for Volkswagen RCD 510 Delphi

  • Automatic detection for NTSC, PAL signals
  • Video source switch with a remote control or remote button
  • Display images from external NAVI and video sources
  • Connected video source control with original touch screen (supported only for some DVD players)

Car Video Interface for Volkswagen RCD 510 Delphi
Technical Specifications

  • Inputs: multi video interface
    • A/V input (external video source) × 3
    • CVBS input (rear camera) × 1
    • Analog RGB input (navigation system output) × 1
    • LCD input (car system input) × 1
    • OEM input × 1
  • Outputs:
    • LCD output × 1
    • CVBS output (video output for headrest monitor) × 2
    • Device selector (12 V power comes out from the AV1, 2, 3, Navi cables during source switching) × 4
  • Power
    • Input power: 8 V DC ~ 24 V DC
    • Consumption power: 12 W, Max
  • Switch input mode
    • Video input mute function: possible to mute each input with DIP switches
    • Possible to switch video sources with a remote control
    • Possible to switch video sources with a remote button
  • Video interface dimensions: 125 mm × 105 mm × 22 mm

Car Video Interface for Volkswagen RCD 510 Delphi

Car Video Interface for Volkswagen RCD 510 Delphi
Package Content

  • Car video interface main board.
  • Sub-board
  • Remote control unit with IR cable or OSD keypad
  • Cables set
    • Power cable with protective filter
    • A/V cable
    • LCD cable
    • Toggle switch with cable
    • RGB cable
    • Flat cable


Video Interface is compatible with the following models of Cars
  • Volkswagen
  • Skoda
  • Seat
Rear view camera input
  • Yes
DVD/HD/TV connection input
  • Yes
Navigation input
  • Yes
CAN bus support
  • Yes
Modes switch by OEM buttons
  • Yes
Adaptive parking guidelines
  • No
Touch screen control of the connected devices
  • Yes
Built-in navigation
  • No





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