Thermal Compound TERMO 500, (in a jar, 30 ml)

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Thermal Compound TERMO 500, (in a jar, 30 ml)
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Hyprotherm THERMO-500 thermal paste is based on improved manufacturer formula, has a high thermal conductivity, high viscosity and thermal stability. Hyprotherm THERMO-500 thermal paste was developed to maximize the heat transfer from the CPU (or other element that is need to be cooled) to the heatsink.

Hyprotherm THERMO-500 Thermal Paste Specifications

  • Jar capacity: 30 ml
  • Viscosity: high
  • Working temperature: -30... +180 °C
  • Heat conduction: 2,2-2,4 (W/m K)


Package Content
  • in a jar
  • 30 ml





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