Semi-automatic Glue Dispenser AD-982

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Note! This item is shipped within 7 working days.


AD-982 is the automatic glue dispenser.

AD-982 Technical Specifications

Voltage 110/220V
Timer 0.01-1s, 0.1-10 s, 0.2-20 s, 0.3-30 s
Mode manual/automatic
Input air pressure 2.5-7 Bar
Output air pressure 0.1-5.5 Bar
Size 238x155x60 mm

*Note! The vacuum pump is not included in the package!

    AD-982 Operating Principles

    • Connect the compression pump to the device. (1)
    • Set the mode (manual or pedal).(2)
    • Fill the syringe-tube with glue and connect it to the device.(3)
    • Turn the device on and set the manual or automatic mode.(4)
    • If you select the auto mode, you have to set the timer.(5)
    • Set the air pressure.(6)
    • Depending on the mode press the trigger or the pedal to start gluing.
    Automatic Glue Dispenser AD-982

    Pros and Cons:

    • Pro: Easy to use. AD-982 can also be used for fluxes and BGA-pastes.
    • Con: AD-982 requires the vacuum pump. You will need to purchase a pump separately.

    Package Contents

    • Dispositivo — 1 ud.
    • Cable de alimentación — 1 ud.
    • Envases para adhesivo — 1 ud.
    • Agujas (boquillas) para aplicar el adhesivo — 1 ud.
    • Mangueras para envases — 1 ud.
    • Pedal — 1 ud.






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