Ceramic Tip Tweezers Pro'sKit TZ-121 (130 mm)

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Ceramic Tip Tweezers Pro'sKit TZ-121 (130 mm)
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0.5 mm tip with ergonomic handle design makes these Pro'sKit TZ-121 tweezers ideal for access in confined areas. Also, with Pro'sKit TZ-121 you get all of the advantages of a ceramic tool.

Ceramic Tweezers Pro'sKit TZ-121 features all of the advantages of ceramics, including:

  • Resistance to chemicals: The materials of the body have excellent resistance to acid and alkaline chemicals making the Pro'sKit TZ-121 perfect for various applications in pharmaceutics and chemical industry
  • Excellent electrical insulation: 100% anti-magnetic shielded tip does not generate static electricity, so Pro'sKit TZ-121 ceramic tweezers are perfect for handling precision electronic parts safely
  • High wear and heat resistance: Heat resistant ceramic tips make Pro'sKit TZ-121 ceramic tweezers usable for long periods with high durability

Pro'sKit TZ-121 Ceramic Tweezers Features

  • Replaceable ceramic tips
  • Made of fine ceramic materials with non-magnetic surface
  • Chemical-resistant and resistant to temperature up to 1500 °C


  • straight
  • antistatic
  • ceramic
  • 130 mm





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