Trinocular Microscope ST60-24T2 with lighting

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Trinocular Microscope ST60-24T2 with lighting
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ID: 8597 10.5 kg 220 V
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ST60-24T2 is a trinocular microscope width rotating 2x/4x zoom objective on a bay.

Third ocular is developed especially for USB-cameras. It allow user to conduct a research and simultaneously record data. To achieve one of the USB-cameras can be used. Precise optic system with an ocular adjustment angle up to 45°. During objective rotation to the 180° point it is possible to switch between 2x/4x zoom options, which provide clear stereo image and wide field of view. ST60-24T2 can be used in electronic and precise machine-building industry for assembling and inspecting products with irregular surface.

Note! We do not recommend conducting soldering operations under this microscope in order not to damage it.


Technical Specifications

Ocular Lens 10X
Objective Lens 2X/4X
Oculars Adjust Angle 45°
Microscope Rotating Angle 360°
Distance Between Oculars 55-75 mm
Dioptric Correction +- 5 dioptre
Working Distance 100 mm
Zoom 20x/40x

Optical Parameter

Magnification of objective WF10X20 WF15X15 WF20X10
Total magnification Viewing Field of specimen Total magnification Viewing Field of specimen Total magnification Viewing Field of specimen
1X 10X 20 15X 15 20X 10
2X 20X 10 30X 7.5 40X 5
3X 30X 6.7 45X 5 60X 3.3
4X 40X 5 60X 3.75 80X 2.5

ST60 Auxiliary Objective

Auxiliary objective Magnification Working distance (mm)
0.5 0.5X 165
1.5 1.5X 45
2 2X 30

Specification and Option

Specification Model
Parts Description ST60-24B1 ST60-24B2 ST60-24B3 ST60-24T1 ST60-24T2 ST60-24T3
Eyepiece SZM-EWh10X/20mm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Objective 1X/100mm
2X/100mm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4X/100mm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Eye-cap Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Head ST6024 binocular Yes Yes Yes
ST6024TR Trinocular Yes Yes Yes
Focusing Bracket SZM-A1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stand SZM-ST1 Yes Yes
SZM-ST2 Yes Yes
SZM-ST3 Yes Yes
Light SZM-L1 Yes Yes Yes Yes

Package Contents

  • ST60-24T2 binocular microscope — 1 pc.
  • 2x/4x objective lens — 1 pc.
  • SZM-EWh10X/20 mm ocular lens — 1 pc.
  • Satinated glass plate — 1 pc.
  • Protective holster — 1 pc.
  • Rubber ocular straps — 1 pc.
  • User's Guide — 1 pc.


  • maintenance
  • trinocular
  • upper light
  • bottom light
Zoom Rate Control Method
  • discrete adjustment of multiplicity
Maximum Zoom Ratio
  • up to 40X





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