Infrared Soldering Station AOYUE 720 110V

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AOYUE 720 is a 3 in 1 repair station: infrared gun, infrared pre-heater, contact soldering iron. It is a complex solution for recovering boards with components like BGA, microBGA, QFP, PLSS, SOIC etc.

AOYUE 720 Infrared Soldering Station Features

  • Work with lead-free solder.
  • Telescope temperature sensor can be easily positioned to provide feedback from temperature PID controller.
  • Secure board fixation allows avoiding of its hanging or mispositioning.
  • Use of pre-heater  provides soldering mode, appropriate for given type of  a chip, avoiding its overheating.
  • Adjustable holder allows  precise setting and fixation of heating spot, which is particularly important for large BGA-chips recovery.
  • Digital soldering time and temperature indication.
  • Programmable soldering type, after which the process ends automatically.

AOYUE 720 Infrared Soldering Station Advantages

  • Local infrared heating steadiness (which is crucial for BGA).
  • Protection from accidental board components blowing-off.
  • Universal tip, compatible with any type of the chip.
  • Allows the work with the complex components.

AOYUE 720 Infrared Soldering Station Technical Specifications

Supply voltage 110V
Power consumption 600W
Dimensions 348x242x98 mm
Power consumption 165W
Temperature range 0-480°C
Heating element infrared halogen lamp
Supply voltage 15V
Power consumption 70W
Temperature range 200-480°C
Heating element ceramic
Supply voltage 24V
Power consumption 400W
Temperature range maximum 350°C
Heating element quartz infrared
Supply voltage 110 V
Heating area 140x140mm
Repair table area 260x190mm
Package contains:
  • Control unit
  • Infrared gun holder
  • Infrared gun
  • Soldering iron holder
  • Soldering iron for lead-free soldering
  • Two bits for lead-free soldering
  • Hex-nut wrench
  • Tweezer for microchips
  • Safety glasses
  • Flux cartridge


Bottom heater size
  • 12x12 cm
Total power
  • 1000 W
Control type
  • manual
Upper heater type
  • quartz
Bottom heater type
  • quartz
Upper heater power
  • 165 W





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