Infrared Soldering Station Quick IR2005

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Infrared Soldering Station Quick IR2005
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Soldering station with the open-type dark infrared heating, even heat distribution and real closed-loop control. Non-contact infrared temperature sensor monitors the changes of BGA surface temperature to ensure precise temperature technical window.

Dark infrared heating technology with 2-8 µm long wave minimizes temperature differences to avoid damages from long dipping, cold soldering and overheating.

800Wattbottom dark infrared ceramic heating plate evenly preheats PCB to prevent its distortion and damage. Top dark infrared heating tube: 720Watt. Heating area can be adjusted according to sizes of BGA. When process is over, generated vacuum automatically picks up BGA components and returns them to the original position.

QUICK IR2005 Infrared Soldering Station Features

  • No need for nozzles. No air flow during re-flow process.
  • Uses non-contact infrared temperature sensor for real-time temperature measurement to achieve closed loop control of temperature during rework process, suitable for lead free process.
  • Reflecting foil can be used to reduce thermal transmission to adjacent components.
  • Can use camera to monitor re-flow process of soldering joints during BGA rework process.
  • No air flow during the course of BGA re-balling. Nearly 100% successful BGA re-balling.

QUICK IR2005 Infrared Soldering Station Specifications

General Power 1600Watt(max)
Power of Bottom Heater 400W*2=800Watt(Dark Infrared heating plate)
Power of Top Heater 180W*4=720Watt
(Infrared heating tube, wavelength about 2-8μm)
Size of Top Heater 60*60mm
Size of Bottom Heater 135*250mm
Adjusting Range of Top Heater 20-60mm(X, Y direction both adjustable)
Vacuum Pump 12V/300mA, 0.05Mpa(max)
Top Cooling Fan: 12V/300mA, 15CFM
Laser Alignment Tube 3V/30mA
Movable Motor 24V DC/100mA
Movable Arm Range 93mm
Max PCB Size 300mm*300mm
LCD Display Window 65.7*23.5mm 16*2 characters
Soldering Station Intelligent Digital Lead Free Soldering Station
Soldering Power 60Watt
Communication RS-232C(connect with PC)
Infrared Temperature Sensor 0-300°C (Testing Range)
Outside K-type Sensor Optional


Total power
  • 1600 W
Upper heater power
  • 720 W
Upper heater type
  • ceramic
Bottom heater type
  • ceramic
Bottom heater size
  • 25x13 cm
Control type
  • microcontroller / PC synchronization





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