Soldering Iron Tip Goot PX-60RT-5K

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Soldering Iron Tip Goot PX-60RT-5K
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Long-life M type soldering iron replacement tip allows precision component soldering.


Standard Type Soldering Iron Tip Round Solder-Plated Type Soldering Iron Tip
Standard type soldering iron replacement tip:
B, SB, 1C, 2C, 3C, 4C,
1.2D, 2.4D, 3.2D, 5L, LB.
Round solder-plated type
soldering iron replacement tip:
1CR, 2CR, 3CR, 4CR.

Tip Structure

This soldering iron replacement tip has a copper base. Inside of the tip there is an antistick stainless steel collar. This iron tip has a laser print for identification.

Temperature Stability

The characteristic of soldering iron tip temperature recovery

The characteristic of soldering iron tip temperature recovery

The characteristic above was obtained by melting a solder consecutively on 5 x 5mm PCB land size and simultaneously measuring tip temperature with a thermocouple fit on a tip.

While replacing the standard soldering tip, temperature indication inaccuracy may occur because of tip shape or weight differences. In this case, it is necessary to calibrate the soldering iron.

Estimated indication accuracy after replacement of a standard soldering tip:

Tip type B SB 1C 2C 3C 4C 1.6D 2.4D 3.2D 5K LB
Indication accuracy, Cº 0 -20 -5 -10 -15 0 0 -5 -5 0 -20

Replacement Procedure

  1. Unscrew the barrel nut.
  2. Take off the heater collar.
  3. Replace the soldering tip.

GOOT PX-60RT-5K Soldering Iron Replacement Tip

Stainless steel collar inside the tip can stick to the heater. When replacing a tip, be sure to take it off from the heater. To prevent an iron tip and a heating element from sticking to each other and from damage when replacing a tip, regularly take it off and put it back on.

Useful Information

  • The iron tip may work less if you use a lead solder, than when you use lead free solder.
  • Do not clean the iron tip with a cleaning pad or a rasp-file.
  • Soldering iron tip thermal conductivity worsen when oxides stick to it. To clean a tip use moist cellulose sponge. If it doesn't help, use a GOOT BS-2 Tip Refresher.


Soldering Iron Tip is compatible with the following models of Soldering Stations
  • Goot RX-701AS
  • Goot PX-501
  • Goot PX-501AS
  • Goot RX-711AS
  • Goot PX-601
  • AOYUE Int 3210
  • AOYUE 463 Tesla
  • AOYUE 463+ Tesla
  • AOYUE 936
  • AOYUE 469
  • AOYUE 937
  • AOYUE 937+
  • AOYUE 936
  • Lukey 936+
  • Lukey 936A
  • Pro'sKit SS-206B
  • Pro'sKit SS-207B
Soldering Iron Tip is compatible with the following models of Soldering Irons
  • Goot CXR-31/22
Soldering Iron Tip is compatible with the following models of Hot Air Soldering Stations
  • Accta 301
  • Accta 301A
  • AOYUE 906
  • AOYUE 738
  • AOYUE 768
  • AOYUE 908+
  • AOYUE 909
  • AOYUE 768
  • AOYUE 899A+
  • AOYUE 968
  • AOYUE 968
  • AOYUE 906C
  • AOYUE 768
  • AOYUE 909
  • AOYUE 768+
  • AOYUE 768+
  • AOYUE 899A+
  • AOYUE 908+
  • AOYUE Int968A+
  • AOYUE Int968A+ 
  • Lukey 702
  • Lukey 852D+FAN
  • Lukey 868
  • Lukey 898
  • Lukey 852D+
  • Lukey 852D-300-301
  • Lukey 853D
  • Lukey 852D+
  • Lukey 853D
  • Pro'sKit SS-989B
  • Pro'sKit SS-989A
  • hot knife





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