LCD for ONYX BOOK i62M Captain; Gmini MagicBook R6HD; Sony PRS-T3 E-Readers, (6", (1024x758)) #ED060XC5

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Note! This item is shipped within 7 working days.
Note! This item is shipped within 7 working days.


Note! Do not make your order relying only on the e-book name!

Before ordering the LCD, make sure that it is compatible to your e-book.

Our article "How to Choose the Touchscreen for a Chinese Tablet or Cell Phone?" will help you to identify the right display.
Please make the following steps pick up the necessary spare part:

  • measure the panel and compare the size with the one on our website;
  • disassemble your device to check the flat cable marking on your LCD and compare it to the product marking on our website;
  • in most cases you will have to update the software after the LCD replacement.

The manufacturer can use different LCD with different marking and of different sizes.


LCD is compatible with the following models of E-Readers
  • Gmini MagicBook R6HD
  • Sony PRS-T3
  • ONYX BOOK i62M Captain
  • 6"
  • (1024x758)


Imagine you have replaced the screen but it doesn’t clear itself before displaying the next page and you can still see some letters or words. In this case, you need to adjust VCON voltage. Many models have a special trimmer for this purpose but some models can be corrected via software only.




Spare Parts Quality Levels

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