Touchscreen for Bravis NB751 3G; Nomi A07005 Astra 4GB, C07000 7" 3G 8Gb, C07005 Cosmo 7'' 8Gb 3G, C07007 Polo, C07008 Sigma, C07009 Alma 7" 3G; EvroMedia Play Pad 3G DUO; Uni Pad DR-UDM04A13QC; Mystery MID-713G; Roverpad 6.8"; Explay Hit Tablets; China Tablets, (7", 184 mm, 104 mm, 30 pin, type 1, capacitive, without proximity sensor , black) #HS1275 V106/FM707101KD/370-A/YLD-CEG7069-FPC-AO/MDJ M706 FPC/FHF070076-B/YDT1273-A1/QCY 706 J/XHS0700401B/P031FN10869A

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Touchscreen for Bravis NB751 3G; Nomi A07005 Astra 4GB, C07000 7
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Warning! Do not make your order relying only on the tablet name!

This information is applicable to China-Tablet PC.

Before ordering a touchscreen, make sure that it is compatible with your tablet.
Our article "How to Choose the Touchscreen for a Chinese Tablet or Cell Phone?" will help you to identify the right touchscreen.
Please make the following steps pick up the necessary spare part:

  • measure the panel and compare the size with the one on our website;
  • disassemble your device to check the flat cable marking on your touchscreen and compare it with the product marking on our website .

The manufacturer can use different touchscreens with different marking and of different sizes.

Note! When substituting the touchscreen avoid its contact with the display or metal frame. Otherwise, it may cause unintentional activation, malfunctioning or axis shifting.

When the touchscreen stopped working or you have any difficulties with installation, use tips from our article or Tips Section.


Touchscreen is compatible with the following models of Tablets
  • China-Tablet PC 6.8"
  • Mystery MID-713G
  • Roverpad 6.8"
  • Uni Pad DR-UDM04A13QC
  • EvroMedia Play Pad 3G DUO
  • Explay Hit
  • Nomi C07007 Polo
  • Nomi C07008 Sigma
  • Nomi C07005 Cosmo 7'' 8Gb 3G
  • Nomi C07000 7" 3G 8Gb
  • Nomi A07005 Astra 4GB
  • Nomi C07009 Alma 7" 3G
  • Bravis NB751 3G
Number of pins
  • 30 pin
  • 184 mm
  • 104 mm
  • 7"
  • type 1
  • black
  • capacitive
  • without proximity sensor





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