Insulated Tool Kit Pro'sKit PK-2809M

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Insulated Tool Kit Pro'sKit PK-2809M
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Pro'sKit PK-2809M is a set of insulated tools (1000 V, 26 pcs.) in a durable tool box including wrenches, screwdrivers and pliers ideal for power plant, HVAC, automotive, military, aircraft field and other applications.

Contents and Specifications

PM-911 Insulated combination pliers (195 mm)
PM-917 Insulated side cutting pliers (165 mm)
HW-V110B Insulated single open end wrench 10 mm
HW-V111B Insulated single open end wrench 11 mm
HW-V112B Insulated single open end wrench 12 mm
HW-V113B Insulated single open end wrench 13 mm
HW-V114B Insulated single open end wrench 14 mm
HW-V117B Insulated single open end wrench 17 mm
HW-V119B Insulated single open end wrench 19 mm
SD-800-S2.5 Insulated screwdriver (-2.5×75)
SD-800-S3.0 Insulated screwdriver (-3.0×100)
SD-800-S4.0 Insulated screwdriver (-4.0×100)
SD-800-S5.5 Insulated screwdriver (-5.5×125)
SD-800-P0 Insulated screwdriver (#0×60)
SD-800-P1 Insulated screwdriver (#1×80)
SD-800-P2 Insulated screwdriver (#2×100)
SK-V752 Insulated 1/2" drive T handle 200 mm
SK-V410B Insulated 1/2" drive socket 10 mm
SK-V411B Insulated 1/2" drive socket 11 mm
SK-V412B Insulated 1/2" drive socket 12 mm
SK-V413B Insulated 1/2" drive socket 13 mm
SK-V414B Insulated 1/2" drive socket 14 mm
SK-V417B Insulated 1/2" drive socket 17 mm
SK-V419B Insulated 1/2" drive socket 19 mm
PD-V003A Insulated straight blade cable knife 50×180 mm
PD-V003B Insulated hook blade cable knife 28×155 mm
SB-3935 Plastic tool box (390×350×90 mm)






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