Pliers & Cutter Set With Display Stand Pro'sKit PK-4000

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Pliers & Cutter Set With Display Stand Pro'sKit PK-4000
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ID: 7453 13 kg
Availability in stock:HKEUCNUA
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  • 86Pcs
  • Weight: 13kg


Contents (Model No. x 1PCS)
1PK-036D 1PK-067DS 1PK-243 1PK-396B 1PK-706Y 8PK-3002D
1PK-036S 1PK-101-E 1PK-25 1PK-396C 1PK-708Y 8PK-30D
1PK-037D 1PK-102-E 1PK-258A 1PK-396D 1PK-709AS 8PK-805
1PK-037S 1PK-103-E 1PK-258B 1PK-396E 1PK-709DS 8PK-806
1PK-046 1PK-104-E 1PK-25P-CE 1PK-396F 1PK-709Y 8PK-807
1PK-051AS 1PK-105-E 1PK-26 1PK-501A 8PK-101D 8PK-905
1PK-051DS 1PK-20 1PK-27 1PK-501B 8PK-101K 8PK-906
1PK-052AS 1PK-209 1PK-28 1PK-501C 8PK-102D PM-803
1PK-052DS 1PK-21 1PK-29 1PK-501D 8PK-103D PM-804
1PK-054D 1PK-210 1PK-291 1PK-501E 8PK-104D PM-901
1PK-054S 1PK-211 1PK-3001E 1PK-701 8PK-105D
1PK-055D 1PK-22 1PK-3002E 1PK-702 8PK-208D
1PK-055S 1PK-23 1PK-30-E 1PK-705 8PK-25PD
1PK-065AS 1PK-239 1PK-34 1PK-705Y 8PK-25PD-C
1PK-067AS 1PK-24 1PK-396A 1PK-706 8PK-3001D
Empty Rack: 8PK-400P (Weight: 5.1kg)






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