Professional Tool Kit Pro'sKit PK-15305B

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Professional Tool Kit Pro'sKit PK-15305B
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ID: 841531 6.8 kg 220 V
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Pro'sKit PK-15305B is a professional tool set in a carrying plastic case with a pallet. Tool kit consists of various pliers, cutters, screwdrivers, wrenches, soldering and desoldering tools, and a digital multimeter. It is perfect for various professional applications, including electric installation and service.


  • Large number of professional electricians tools in one set.
  • Includes soldering iron and desoldering pump.
  • Perfect for professionals dealing with electronics equipment and electrical wiring.
  • Robust carrying case.

Contents & Specifications

Pro'sKit PM-736 Long nose pliers (135 mm)
Pro'sKit PM-737 Diagonal cutting pliers (110 mm)
Pro'sKit PM-754 Flat nose pliers (135 mm)
Pro'sKit PM-755 Bent nose pliers (130 mm)
Pro'sKit 1PK-H026 Adjustable wrench (6")
Pro'sKit SI-130B-20 Ceramic soldering iron/gun
Pro'sKit SH-1025 Soldering tip cleaner
Pro'sKit DP-366P Desoldering pump
Pro'sKit 9DP-S001 Solder core 63%, SN
Pro'sKit 9DP-3616A Square scraper
Pro'sKit 9DP-3616B Slotted shaft / split 45 lever
Pro'sKit 9DP-3616C Tapered reamer / tapered needle
Pro'sKit 1PK-108 Reverse action tweezers (165 mm)
Pro'sKit 9K003A-1 Needle file flat
Pro'sKit 9K003B-1 Needle file round
Pro'sKit MT-1210 Compact Digital Multimeter (3-1/2)
Pro'sKit 9HW-002B Hex key set (7 pcs, metric)
Pro'sKit 9MS-001 PVC insulated tape
Pro'sKit DK-2039 Utility knife (3 blades self loading)
Pro'sKit DK-2040 Measuring tape (3 m)
Pro'sKit SR-330 Electrician's scissors
Pro'sKit MS-154C Blow brush (Φ62×130 mm)
Pro'sKit 9301N-P0 Precision Phillips screwdriver #0×20 mm
Pro'sKit 9301N-P00 Precision Phillips screwdriver #00×20 mm
Pro'sKit 9301N-P1 Precision Phillips screwdriver #1×20 mm
Pro'sKit 9301N-S2.0 Precision slotted screwdriver 2.0×20 mm
Pro'sKit 9301N-S2.4 Precision slotted screwdriver 2.4×20 mm
Pro'sKit 9301N-S3.0 Precision slotted screwdriver 3.0×20 mm
Pro'sKit 9SD-201A Slotted screwdriver 3.0×75 mm
Pro'sKit 9SD-201B Phillips screwdriver #0×75 mm
Pro'sKit 9SD-202A Slotted screwdriver 5.0×75 mm
Pro'sKit 9SD-202B Phillips screwdriver #1×75 mm
Pro'sKit 9SD-207A Slotted screwdriver 6.0×100 mm
Pro'sKit 9SD-207B Phillips screwdriver #2×100 mm
Pro'sKit 9SD-220A Slotted screwdriver 6.0×40 mm
Pro'sKit 9SD-220B Phillips screwdriver #2×40 mm
Pro'sKit 9SD-200-M5 Hex nut driver 5 mm
Pro'sKit 9SD-200-M6 Hex nut driver 6 mm
Pro'sKit SB-1912 Utility component storage box
Pro'sKit 9PK-15305-P Pallet for Pro'sKit PK-15305
Pro'sKit 9PK-15305-TP Top pallet for Pro'sKit PK-15305
Pro'sKit 9TC-700 Carrying tool case
Voltage 220 V ~ 240 V
Plug type B
System Metric
Size 450×325×132 mm


  • electronic maintenance





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