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ID: 7504 4 kg 220 V
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Pro'sKit 1PK-710KB Electronics Tool Kit is a professional kit with tools for electronics fixed inside the carrying tool case. Pro'sKit 1PK-710KB kit includes screwdrivers, pliers, hex keys, a compact digital multimeter and a soldering iron with the necessary soldering equipment.

Pro'sKit 1PK-710KB Electronics Tool Kit Features

  • A great variety of professional electronics tools in 1 set.
  • Includes screwdrivers, pliers, and hex keys for different applications.
  • Includes a compact digital multimeter.
  • Includes a soldering iron and necessary soldering equipment.
  • Tools are fixed inside the carrying tool case.
  • Perfect for professionals working with electronics.

Pro'sKit 1PK-710KB Electronics Tool Kit Technical Specifications

Long nose pliers 138, 150 mm
Side cutter 125 mm
Side cutting pliers 150 mm
slot 3.2x75 mm
slot 5.0x75 mm
slot 6.0x100 mm
cross #0x75 mm
cross #1x75 mm
cross #2x100 mm
Solder 63%, SN
Stainless scissors 6"
Soldering Iron Voltage 220~240 V
Case size 330x250x110 mm

Pro'sKit 1PK-710KB Electronics Tool Kit Package Contents

  • Pro'sKit 1PK-710KB electronics tool kit:
    • Long nose pliers (2 pcs.)
    • Side cutting pliers (1 pc.)
    • Side cutter (1 pc.)
    • Straight tweezer (1 pc.)
    • Utility component storage box (1 pc.)
    • Soldering iron 110 V or 220 V (1 pc.)
    • Soldering aid tools (3 pcs.)
    • Soldering iron stand with a sponge (1 pc.)
    • Desoldering pump (1 pc.)
    • Solder (1 pc.)
    • Screwdrivers (6 pcs.)
    • Crimping tool (1 pc.)
    • Flat needle file (1 pc.)
    • Round needle file (1 pc.)
    • Digital multimeter (1 pc.)
    • Folding hex key set (inch or metric) (7 pcs.)
    • PVC insulated tape (1 pc.)
    • Stainless scissors (1 pc.)
    • Utility knife (3 blades) (1 pcs.)
  • Carrying tool case (1 pc.)
  • Removable pallet (1 pc.)


  • electronic maintenance





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