Torx screwdriver set Pro'sKit SW-2125

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Pro'sKit SW-2125 is a Torx screwdriver set.


  • Tamper-proof holes are provided for screws such as torx screws with a projection in the screw head. These screws are used in cases where tampering could be a problem.
  • Select the size for working with mobile telephones, communications equipment, radios and precision equipment.
  • Weight: 175 g.

Contents and Specifications

Model Type Size Working length Diameter Grip length Total length
Pro'sKit 89400-T05 T05 50 mm 4,0 mm 85 mm 135 mm
Pro'sKit 89400-T06 T06 50 mm 4,0 mm 85 mm 135 mm
Pro'sKit 89400-T07 T07 50 mm 4,0 mm 85 mm 135 mm
Pro'sKit 89400-T08 T08 80 mm 4,0 mm 85 mm 165 mm
Pro'sKit 89400-T09 T09 80 mm 4,0 mm 85 mm 165 mm


  • torx





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