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Annual Report

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GSM market is filled with many different boxes and dongles for mobile phones service.

Some teams are exploring new devices, which are not supported yet. At the same time, there are teams which are constantly "borrow" other people's own work.

In modern life, the time is money. Hence, in order not only to work and earn well, it is quite important to be the first to receive updates, when new service solutions released by the developer.

In other words, you have to deal with the real professionals, who continuously explore the market and offer something new to its users on a weekly basis, deal with a team that not just been copying the existing solutions of other developers.

Sigma project exists since the beginning of 2012. During this period, team released more than 200 software updates. Today, it supports more than 6,000 different phone models.

Each year, we provide our users with a progress report. This year we decided to summarize the results of the work, not only for 2015 but for all previous years of the project.
Here are some of the most important solutions, in our opinion, of the hundreds that Sigma introduced FIRST IN THE WORLD:


  • Support for new Sony smartphones (full unlock/repair service, including rooting)
  • Support for ZTE smartphones on Qualcomm Hexagon processors
  • Huawei Balong devices - world’s first standalone support and full IMEI repair
  • Motorola MotoX series devices (even with non-unlockable bootloader). Support without rooting is available
  • Yoda method for servicing MTK becomes even more powerful


  • Direct unlock (via ADB mode) for a big group of Huawei Qcom smartphones
  • Famous Yoda method for servicing all MTK smartphones
  • Huawei smartphones based on Hi-Silicon platform
  • Support for a big group of Motorola smartphones: DROID 3, DROID 4, RAZR V, etc.
  • Alcatel Qualcomm-Hexagon smartphones: OT-5XX, OT-6XX, OT-7XX-series
  • Repair Security Area for Sony Android smartphones
  • Support for Huawei S7-3XX tablets based on Qualcomm Hexagon


  • An instant IMEI Repair feature for Qualcomm-based Huawei Android smartphones
  • Read / Reset / Re-lock Huawei Bootloader Unlock Password
  • Repair security area in Huawei devices
  • Sigma has been voted the best servicing solution for Alcatel
  • Real service support for Alcatel MTK / Broadcom devices
  • Support for a big group of Qualcomm ZTE smartphones, including some rare firmware versions
  • Service support for Motorola smartphones based on Texas Instruments processors: MB, ME, MZ-series


  • MTK-based Alcatel mobile phones with firmware protected against patching
  • Repair hardware IMEI on mobile phones based on MTK platform
  • Repair IMEI for a big group Qualcomm-based ZTE Android smartphones
  • Full service support for lots of Huawei devices
  • Heuristic method for servicing Qualcomm phones and smartphones
  • Support for a big group of Motorola Android smartphones based on Qualcomm CPU

What are our plans for the year to come? We will continue to evolve, develop new world's first solutions and sensational updates. Our ultimate goal is to provide Sigma users with the most efficient solutions which will meet their current needs.

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