GsmServer presents Rextor Optimus Cable!


Dear GsmServer customer!

We are pleased to present to you Rextor Optimus cable. This brand new cable for Octopus Box has been developed for LG P500, P970, P990, P999 and future models flash, unlock and service.
Rextor Optimus cable also supports other phones launched by various mobile brands that require Micro USB cable connection.

The outstanding feature of Rextor Optimus cable is a built-in resistance switch that allows user to perform all service operations with the latest LG Optimus phones.

If you require a cable that both allows you to service a wide range mobile phones, and provides outstanding stability and functionality, the Rextor Optimus cable should definitely be your first choice.

Learn more about Rextor Optimus Cable and buy it right now!

Best regards,
GsmServer Team