Join Octopus Box 5th Birthday Celebration! Benefit from the Wholesale Price on Octopus Credits!

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On the 5th anniversary of the first release of Octopus solutions we are delighted  to offer you a special treat – the wholesale price on Octopus Credits!

With Octopus Credits you get the following benefits:

  • Factory unlock. Factory unlock. It can be performed for 9 credits per phone if you have Octopus/Octoplus Box and for 11 credits if you don't have it.
  • Support for the newest Samsung cell phones*:
    • GT-I9301I, GT-I9515, GT-I9515L, GT-N7100T, GT-S7275, GT-S7275R
    • SM-G313U, SM-G350M, SM-G355A, SM-G3812, SM-G3812B, SM-G3815, SM-G386T, SM-G7102, SM-G7102T, SM-G800x, SM-G850x, SM-G870A, SM-G900x, SM-G900W8, SM-G9190, SM-G9192
    • SM-N750, SM-N900, SM-N9005, SM-N900x, SM-N910T, etc.

    *Please note: you can use Octopus Credits even without Octopus/Octoplus Box.

 Hurry up, the offer is valid until December 25th!

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