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Did you know that you can expand functionality of Sigma with additional activations just in 2 clicks? Simply activate Sigma Pack 1 and Pack 2 and see for yourself.

No delivery required, the activation procedure is performed immediately.
You'll be impressed by all of the advantages you get from these activations. Just check some of them below.

Benefits of Pack1

It provides you with lots of outstanding features and support for a great number of mobile phones:

  • MTK: Experience Yoda method - an exclusive solution for mobile phones servicing. Direct Unlock and Repair IMEI for smartphones based on MT6516 / MT6571 / MT6572 / MT6573 / MT6575 / MT6577 / MT6581 / MT6582 / MT6589 / MT6592 / MT8312 / MT8382 / MT8389 chips (including Alcatel smartphones!).
  • Texas Instruments: Support for RAZR V, MILESTONE 3, DROID 3, DROID 4 and the whole range of the newest Motorola smartphones.
  • Hi-Silicon: Support for Honor 2, Honor 3, Mate, HN3-U00, U9200, U9508 and other popular Huawei smartphones.

Consider the fact that a huge range of mobile phones included in support list for Pack1 is supported exclusively by  Sigmakey!

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Benefits of Pack2

Get access to the successful implementation of breakthrough ideas in innovative solution. It  transforms the future of GSM world.

Explore the advantages:

  • Service support for 100+ new phone models based on Qualcomm HEXAGON (even more are yet to come).
  • Sony Hexagon-based smartphones: LT26i, LT28at, LT28i, LT29i, LT30at, SO-01E and 90+ others
  • Motorola: XT1058, XT1056, XT926, MB886 and lots of other popular devices that clients bring to your everyday service!
  • ZTE: Z998, Z740G, T82, Open C, Kis 3, SFR StarXtrem and a whole range of the most common mobile phones!

Consider the fact that mobile phones included in support list for this pack are supported ONLY by  Sigmakey!

Activate  PACK1 or  PACK 2 now and be the first to get access to unique functionality that Sigma Team will introduce in the future!

You can activate Pack 1 and Pack 2 either simultaneously or sequentially. Please visit this page if you have any questions regarding Packs.

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