Congratulations on the 50th Update of Octopus Box!


Dear GsmServer Customer!

Congratulations on the 50th update of Octopus Box.

We are working hard to keep Octopus Box one of the most updated and therefore one of the most trusted solutions for servicing LG phones on the market.

Proud owners of Octopus Box have already experienced its fast and in most cases world first updates.

For those who did not have a chance to experience all the benefits of this solution, GsmServer offers 10% discount on Octopus Box !

How it works:

  • Octopus Box 1 piece is $189, your discount is 10%, your price = $170
  • Octopus Box 2 pieces at $179 each, your discount is 10% , your price for 2 pcs. = $322
  • Octopus Box 3 pieces at $169 each, your discount is 10%, your price for 3 pcs. = $456

We also encourage you to try Octopus Box functionality in action with LG BL20, BL40, GW620 phones ABSOLUTELY FREE of charge!

So, don’t hesitate and Experience Octopus Box Today!

P.S. Doing business seriously? Buy 10 pieces of Octopus Box and Get 1 piece FREE!

Promotion is valid from October 14th thru November 5th.