Sigma Box: Our Results for the Past 7 Months!


Sigma Summary

With the first seven months of 2014 far behind us, it's  high time to summarize first results of this year.
During this period our work has been crowned with a number of world's first solutions; we have solidified and kept our status as the best service tool for mobile phones of the most popular brands on the market.
Our product continues to earn trust of the users by its stability and frequent updates, and offering the hottest solutions.  
Let's have a look at our achievements in innovation, improvements and customer support.

Latest Updates Quick Overview:

  • Number of updates for the period: 34.  The updates frequency is (appx.)~ 1 update per 6 days. Lots of these solutions have “World’s first” status.
  • Number of new models: 290 (not to mention support for hundreds of new potentially supported models)
  • Unlock / Repair IMEI added for Alcatel, Motorola and many other smartphones on MTK processors.
  • Support added for a group of the latest Motorola smartphones on TI processors.
  • Multibrand tool: in addition to support for the most popular brands, now we offer support for the less popular phones, such as Prestigio, Micromax, Zopo, Gigabyte, Highscreen, Plum and others
  • Unlock code calculator: the list of supported PIDs expanded (+10.000 PIDs), support for lots of new models provided.
  • Servicing MTK phones based on MT625A/MT6260 CPUs via USB cable implemented
  • Fast Direct Unlock / Repair IMEI database updated with 60 rare firmware versions
  • Direct Unlock (via ADB mode) introduced for new group of Qcom Huawei smartphones
  • Sigma service software installation and update procedure greatly simplified

Official Website:

  • Updated Supported Models webpage:
    • now you can easily sort the phones by brands, platforms and groups;
    • just one click on the device and you can see all supported operations;
    • instant information about software or hardware, which is required for your device;
    • user manual is available when you click on a phone model.

Flash File Area:

  • More than 40 GB of files added.
  • The most active users and forumites awarded dozens of support activation codes.

Sigma YouTube channel:

  • Now more than 1.2 million views!
  • 55 new video tutorials were added and we got more than 2600 subscribers. Become one of them!

Customer Support:

  • We have provided support to thousands and thousands of Sigma users: from informing them and responding to requests to assisting in developing the required skills to work with the solution easily.
  • We received from the users and added to support dozens of the most popular cell phones and smartphones practically from all over the world.

New Products and Solutions from the Team:

  • Pack1 virtual product released. It allows to extend functionality of your Sigma software.
  • The second generation of Smart-Clip, our flagship product, introduced.

And that's just the beginning, because we are committed to produce solutions that make your business more profitable and your work more comfortable.

Join the professionals!