Sigma Summary 2017


Almost six years on the market and counting. We are keeping it up since the product release and we are not going to slow down!

Annual Summary

Rapid development of GSM market somehow sets the pace of our professional development. Every new brand, every new model is a mix of challenge and new possibilities for Sigma team. We have inspiration to work and ideas to implement. Our work results are a huge motivation to work more, to work faster and to develop solutions for even more complicated issues.

In 2017 we released 48 updates and added 600+ new models to the list of supported.

This is what we consider to be the most outstanding in this year:

  • Added flash and repair feature for bricked Qcom/HiSilicon Huawei smartphones (including newest 2017 line)
  • Added support for newest MTK Huawei smartphones
  • Introduced new service features and added support for a range of unique phone models
  • Made expensive service solutions affordable for our customers
  • Added support for models with "Device Unlock" application
  • Added remove FRP feature for the newest Motorola smartphones (various security versions)
  • Added world’s first support for Sony Xperia smartphones (C / C4 / C5 Ultra / E4 / E4g / M5)
  • Added full IMEI repair support for a group of newest Alcatel smartphones

Sigma team is ready to explore the market and extend our potential. We constantly update software, our skills and our goals.

We keep calm and work hard to provide new phone servicing solutions for our customers. New year, new models, lots of new updates! Stay tuned, 2018 is coming!

Best regards,
Sigma Team