SigmaBox is here!


Please welcome – SigmaBox – same software more possibilities!

SigmaBox - full and ready for work set

SigmaKey arrived less than 3 months ago and made quite a splash. Almost every update brought new features and world's first support. Not to mention 2500+ supported mobile devices. SigmaKey from the beginning was on the cutting edge. And things are going to stay that way. Moreover, it’s just getting better and better. Now you have a choice – box or dongle. For instance, if you already own a connection interface you might want to buy SigmaKey dongle. But if you want full and ready for work set – SigmaBox is your choice. It comes with the full set of MTK servicing cables and variety of features!

Just check out what you get with SigmaBox:

  • FTDI-based servicing hardware
  • Built-in USB hub
  • USB port for connection with PC via USB A-B cable
  • RJ-45 port
  • Built-in smart card reader

Complete set of highly qualified must have cables:

  • Alcatel OT-series, Motorola EX-series, Motorola WX-series Micro USB cable
  • Alcatel OT-series, Motorola WX-series Mini USB cable
  • Fly DS105 / DS120 cable
  • Fly Q420/E176, Huawei G7010/G6150 cable
  • Huawei G7007/G6603 cable
  • TX/RX/GND Signals cable
  • USB A to B cable