Buy spare parts from GsmServer and get up to 5% BONUS!


Tired of looking for good prices on spare parts for cell phones, notebooks, cameras and game consoles? We have a solution for you!

On July 23, 2010 we, at GsmServer, start the Permanent Loyalty Program for our customers. Now, purchasing spare parts brings you bonuses to spend on any item at GsmServer.

Here’s how it works: On the 5th of each month bonuses are calculated to your virtual balance. The quantity of bonuses depends on the total amount of your orders for the past month, namely each $100 bring you 1% in bonuses; the maximum is 5%.

Example: You have spent $300 on spare parts during the month. The bonus is calculated as follows:

300 ÷ 100 = 3%;

3% of $300 = $9

This amount will appear at your Bonus account and you can use it when buying any items from GsmServer in the future*.

Use our special calculator to find out your bonus at the end of the month. Just enter the total cost in the "Monthly orders total" field to calculate your bonus.


Monthly orders total
Your bonus

You can check your bonus information any time at "My account" page.

Enjoy shopping with us!

GsmServer Team

Please note! Customers who purchase spare parts at dealer prices can not participate in the loyalty program.

*Bonuses can be spent on the purchase of $20 and more.