What makes Sigma an outstanding solution


SigmaKey was released in February 2012 by the team previously known for developing and supporting Smart Clip and its derivatives (a breakthrough product for Motorola). During the first year of its existence Sigma has shown significant progress. Updates have been released almost on a weekly basis.

Sigma - MTK and Qualcomm based phone servicing tool

Sigma software supports MTK (read codes/unlock, unlock code calculation by IMEI, flash/backup) and Qualcomm (direct unlock, unlock code calculation by IMEI) CPUs which is common among similar solutions. But the nice thing about Sigma software is that it integrates all known necessary and also more highly specialized features in a single product. At the same time Sigma develops its own non-common features one cannot find in other devices.

So, in a nutshell what are the main unique features of SigmaKey/SigmaBox?

  • Unlock solution for Motorola smartphones and tablets - the first and only in the world
  • Repair IMEI for ZTE smartphones and phones - the first and only in the world
  • Heuristic unlock method which allows to decode phones with unknown firmware - the first and only in the world
  • Repair IMEI for MTK phones and models with new firmware protection - the first and only in the world
  • Huge firmware database for MTK (Chinese miracle) phones Alcatel, Motorola, Vodafone

Sigma counterbalances similar MTK/Qualcomm solutions in a few important fields. Sigma software offers a complete set of servicing operations for a wide range of mobile devices. Sigma's superiority is even more apparent in support of Qualcomm platform, in terms of offering the widest set of servicing operations, on one hand, and covering multiple Qualcomm-based smartphones (ZTE, Alcatel, Motorola, Vodafone unlock), on the other. Another outstanding Sigma's feature is IMEI unlock codes calculator for Qualcomm and MTK.

SigmaBox with a set of cables and the phone

There are other features that make Sigma a simple and a handy tool. It tests and identifies phone's model, CPU type and flash size. A massive flash files archive on www.boot-loader.com includes carrier's customizations and language packs which turns Sigma into effective flashing and backup device. Sigma does not require to be tuned for each model, it repairs IMEI and maintains file system calibration, collects backup files to share with other users. User's information is safely retained during unlock. Sigma software works on all common OS including the latest 64-bit Windows 7, and it is compatible with all boxes which can emulate COM port. Another nice thing about Sigma is that it provides multilingual interface for those end users who speak other then English, particularly Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

Sigma comes in two versions. The basic one is SigmaKey (a dongle with a smart card). The premium version is represented by SigmaBox Full Set (FTDI-based servicing hardware, with built-in USB hub and smart card reader, USB and RJ-45 ports) which comes with 9 cables. Both versions come with 1 year support at www.boot-loader.com and don't require server logs.

To finish our short review it's worth mentioning that the number of MTK/Qualcomm based phones grows exponentially, while other major platforms market share declines. And it certainly makes Sigma a good investment in a long run.