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Octoplus - is my choice!

Many of you are already familiar with Octoplus Box - new groundbreaking phone servicing solution that combines unibox and JTAG interfaces and supports a wide range of models and CPUs. Everyday Octoplus Team receives a number of great replies and thus decided that all of them deserve to make public, so now you can get a free Sony Ericsson unlimited activation for good words you spread out there. All you need to do is leave a good comment about Octoplus Box at any language version of the website and you're in to win!

Here's the instruction:

1. Sign in using your real email address, so you can be reached when you'll win:

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Please note that one user is eligible to post only one comment. Doubles won't be included in the final draw.

2. Post a comment why do you like Octoplus Box:

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Hint! You can leave a comment at any language version of the website (English, Russian, Spanish or Portuguese). All comments will be summed at the end to determine the winner.

3. That's it. Now you'll have to wait for your comment to be approved by the administrator of the page and you're in to get your free Sony Ericsson unlimited activation from Octoplus Box Team. Good luck!

The competition will be held from June 10 till June 24. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, June 25. There will be only one winner determined with service.