Octoplus FRP Tool

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Octoplus FRP Tool
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Warranty: 6 month (s)


Octoplus FRP Tool allows you to reset Google Factory Reset Protection (FRP) for Samsung, Huawei, LG, Alcatel, Motorola cell phones.

Samsung Reset FRP operations.

1. “Reset FRP UART (UFS chips)” operation. This operation will not reset/delete device user data.

To perform “Reset FRP UART (UFS chips)” operation, do the following steps:

  1. Put the phone in Download Mode (power off the phone, press and hold "Volume-" + "Home" + "Power ON" buttons) and connect USB cable.
  2. Press “Reset FRP UART (UFS chips)” button.
  3. After Software request disconnect USB cable and connect Samsung Micro UART cable.
  4. Press and hold “Volume-“ + “Power ON” keys for 15-20 seconds, Software will automatically close wizard window and will perform the reset FRP lock.
  5. Done.

2. “Reset FRP ADB (Combination)” operation. This operation will not reset/delete device user data.

To Reset FRP lock using combination firmware, you can try to do the following:


  1. Write "boot.img" partition from appropriate Combination firmware.
  2. Perform "Reset FRP ADB (Combination)" operation in the software.


  1. Write full Combination firmware.
  2. Go to "Developer Options" in the phone’s Settings.
  3. Check "Enable OEM unlock" option.
  4. Perform Factory Data Reset.
  5. Reflash the phone with full stock (original) firmware.

Note: "boot.img" from combination firmware can be not compatible with current phone's firmware. In that case phone will freeze on logo, or will be rebooting after writing of such boot. To restore the phone to its initial condition you need to reflash it with different full stock (original) firmware (or try to write only boot of such firmware).

Also note: You can write "boot.img" combination firmware or downgrade phone's firmware version only at your own risk!

P.S. If you cannot find combination firmware for your model in “SAMSUNG/COMBINATION" folder in Support Area, this means we don’t have these files at the moment. As soon as we get new combination firmwares, we will upload them into the Support Area.

3. “Reset FRP (Download Mode)” operation. Be careful, performing this operation will delete all user data (contacts, pictures and other) from the device!

To perform “Reset FRP (Download Mode)” operation, do the next steps:

1. Click "Reset FRP (Download Mode)" button.
2. Put phone in Download Mode (power off the phone, press and hold “Volume-“ + “Home” + “Power ON” buttons).
3. Connect the phone to PC via Micro USB cable.
4. Follow Software instructions (prompts).

4. Reset FRP UART (eMMC chips) operation. This operation will not reset/delete user data on the device.

To perform Reset FRP UART (eMMC chips) operation, do the next steps:

  1. Click “Reset FRP UART (eMMC chips)” button
  2. Connect the phone to Box via UART cable
  3. Press and hold "Vol-" and "Power" buttons for 15-20 seconds
  4. Wait until software requests to connect USB cable
  5. Connect the phone to PC via USB cable. Software will read some data
  6. Connect again the phone to Box via UART cable
  7. Press and hold "Vol-" and "Power" buttons for 15-20 seconds
  8. Follow software instructions (prompts)

Supported models:


  • GT-I9195I
  • SC-01F, SC-04F, SC-04G, SC-05G
  • SM-A3000, SM-A3009, SM-A300F, SM-A300FU, SM-A300G, SM-A300H, SM-A300M, SM-A300Y, SM-A300YZ, SM-A310F, SM-A310FD, SM-A310M, SM-A310MD, SM-A310N0, SM-A310Y, SM-G316HU, SM-G316H, SM-G316MY, SM-A320Y, SM-A5000, SM-A500F, SM-A500F1, SM-A500FD, SM-A500FQ, SM-A500FU, SM-A500G, SM-A500H, SM-A500HQ, SM-A500K, SM-A500L, SM-A500M, SM-A500S, SM-A500W, SM-A500XZ, SM-A500Y, SM-A500YZ, SM-A5100, SM-A5108, SM-A510F, SM-A510FD, SM-A510K, SM-A510L, SM-A510M, SM-A510MD, SM-A510S, SM-A510Y, SM-A510YD, SM-A520F, SM-A520K, SM-A520L, SM-A520S, SM-A520W, SM-A530F, SM-A530W, SM-A7000, SM-A7009, SM-A700F, SM-A700FD, SM-A700FQ, SM-A700FZ, SM-A700H, SM-A700K, SM-A700L, SM-A700M, SM-A700S, SM-A700YD, SM-A700YZ, SM-A7100, SM-A7108, SM-A710F, SM-A710FD, SM-A710K, SM-A710L, SM-A710M, SM-A710MD, SM-A710S, SM-A710Y, SM-A720F, SM-A730F, SM-A730N, SM-A800F, SM-A800I, SM-A800IZ, SM-A800S, SM-A800YZ, SM-A810F, SM-A810FD, SM-A810S, SM-A810YZ, SM-A9000, SM-A9000K, SM-A9100, SM-A910F, SM-A910FD
  • SM-C111, SM-C115, SM-C1150Z, SM-C115M, SM-C5000, SM-C5010, SM-C7000, SM-C700S, SM-C7010, SM-C7100, SM-C7108, SM-C710F, SM-C9000
  • SM-E500F, SM-E500H, SM-E500HQ, SM-E500M, SM-E500YZ, SM-E7000, SM-E700F, SM-E700H, SM-E700M
  • SM-G150N0, SM-G150NK, SM-G150NL, SM-G150NS, SM-G155S, SM-G1600, SM-G316HU, SM-G316H, SM-G316MY, SM-G350L, SM-G350M, SM-G355H, SM-G355HN, SM-G355HQ, SM-G355M, SM-G357F, SM-G357FZ, SM-G357M, SM-G3606, SM-G3608, SM-G3609, SM-G360AZ, SM-G360BT, SM-G360F, SM-G360FY, SM-G360H, SM-G360HU, SM-G360G, SM-G360GY, SM-G360M, SM-G360P, SM-G361F, SM-G361H, SM-G361HU, SM-G3812, SM-G3812B, SM-G3815, SM-G3818, SM-G3819, SM-G386F, SM-G386T, SM-G386T1, SM-G386W, SM-G388F, SM-G389F, SM-G390F, SM-G390W, SM-G390FY, SM-G5108, SM-G5108Q, SM-G5109, SM-G5308W, SM-G5309W, SM-G530A, SM-G530BT, SM-G530F, SM-G530FQ, SM-G530FZ, SM-G530H, SM-G530M, SM-G530P, SM-G530Y, SM-G531BT, SM-G531F, SM-G531H, SM-G531Y, SM-G532F, SM-G532FD, SM-G532G, SM-G532M, SM-G532MT, SM-G5500, SM-G550F, SM-G550FY, SM-G550T, SM-G550T1, SM-G550T2, SM-G5510, SM-G5700, SM-G570F, SM-G570FD, SM-G570M, SM-G570MD, SM-G570Y, SM-G6000, SM-G600F, SM-G600FY, SM-G600S, SM-G6100, SM-G610F, SM-G610FD, SM-G610FZ, SM-G610K, SM-G610L, SM-G610M, SM-G610S, SM-G610Y, SM-G611FF, SM-G615F, SM-G615FU, SM-G615FN, SM-G710, SM-G7102, SM-G7105, SM-G7105L, SM-G710K, SM-G710L, SM-G710S, SM-G7200, SM-G7202, SM-G720AX, SM-G720NO, SM-G730A, SM-G730M, SM-G730W8, SM-G7508Q, SM-G7509, SM-G750A, SM-G750F, SM-G750H, SM-G800F, SM-G800I, SM-G800M, SM-G800Y, SM-G850A, SM-G850F, SM-G850FQ, SM-G850K, SM-G850L, SM-G850M, SM-G850S, SM-G850T, SM-G850W, SM-G850Y, SM-G860P, SM-G870A, SM-G870D, SM-G870F, SM-G870F0, SM-G870W, SM-G890A, SM-G891A, SM-G9006V, SM-G9006W, SM-G9008V, SM-G9008W, SM-G9009D, SM-G9009W, SM-G900A, SM-G900F, SM-G900FD, SM-G900FG, SM-G900H, SM-G900I, SM-G900K, SM-G900L, SM-G900M, SM-G900MD, SM-G900P, SM-G900S, SM-G900T, SM-G900T1, SM-G900T2, SM-G900T3, SM-G900V, SM-G900W8, SM-G901F, SM-G903F, SM-G903FD, SM-G903M, SM-G903W, SM-G906K, SM-G906L, SM-G906S, SM-G9105, SM-G910S, SM-G9200, SM-G9208, SM-G9209, SM-G9200, SM-G9208, SM-G9209, SM-G920A, SM-G920AZ, SM-G920D, SM-G920F, SM-G920FD, SM-G920FZ, SM-G920I, SM-G920K, SM-G920L, SM-G920P, SM-G920R4, SM-G920S, SM-G920T, SM-G920T1, SM-G920W8, SM-G9250, SM-G925P, SM-G925A, SM-G925F, SM-G925FQ, SM-G925I, SM-G925K, SM-G925L, SM-G925P, SM-G925S, SM-G925T, SM-G925T1, SM-G925W8, SM-G9287, SM-G9287C, SM-G928C, SM-G928F, SM-G928G, SM-G928V, SM-G928I, SM-G928K, SM-G928L, SM-G928N0, SM-G928P, SM-G928S, SM-G928T, SM-G928W8, SM-G9308, SM-G930A, SM-G930F, SM-G930FD, SM-G930K, SM-G930L, SM-G930P, SM-G930S, SM-G930T, SM-G930T1, SM-G930U, SM-G930V, SM-G930VL, SM-G930W8, SM-G935A, SM-G935D, SM-G935F, SM-G935FD, SM-G935J, SM-G935K, SM-G935L, SM-G935P, SM-G935S, SM-G935T, SM-G935T1, SM-G935U, SM-G935V, SM-G935W8, SM-G950U, SM-G950U1, SM-G955U, SM-G955U1, SM-G9600, SM-G960U, SM-G960U1, SM-G960W, SM-G9608, SM-G9650, SM-G965F, SM-G965U, SM-G965U1, SM-G965W,
  • SM-J100F, SM-J100FN, SM-J100G, SM-J100H, SM-J100ML, SM-J100M, SM-J100MU, SM-J100MV, SM-J100VPP, SM-J100Y, SM-J105H, SM-J105B, SM-J105F, SM-J105M, SM-J105Y, SM-J106H, SM-J106F, SM-J106B, SM-J106M, SM-J110F, SM-J110H, SM-J110G, SM-J110M, SM-J111F, SM-J111M, SM-J120A, SM-J120AZ, SM-J120F, SM-J120FN, SM-J120G, SM-J120H, SM-J120M, SM-J120P, SM-J120W, SM-J120ZN, SM-J200BT, SM-J200F, SM-J200H, SM-J200G, SM-J200GU, SM-J200M, SM-J200Y, SM-J210F, SM-J210FD, SM-J250F, SM-J250G, SM-J250M, SM-J250N, SM-J320A, SM-J320AZ, SM-J320H, SM-J320F, SM-J320FN, SM-J320G, SM-J320ZN, SM-J320M, SM-J320MU, SM-J320P, SM-J320W8, SM-J320AG, SM-J320YZ, SM-J321AZ, SM-J327P, SM-J327U, SM-J330F, SM-J330FD, SM-J330FN, SM-J330G, SM-J5007, SM-J5008, SM-J500F,SM-J500FN, SM-J500G, SM-J500H, SM-J500M, SM-J500N0, SM-J500Y, SM-J5108, SM-J510F, SM-J510FN, SM-J510G, SM-J510H, SM-J510K, SM-J510L, SM-J510MN, SM-J510N, SM-J510S, SM-J510U, SM-J510UN, SM-J530F, SM-J530FM, SM-J530G, SM-J530GM, SM-J530K, SM-J530L, SM-J530Y, SM-J530YM, SM-J700F, SM-J700H, SM-J700M, SM-J701F, SM-J701FD, SM-J701M, SM-J701MT, SM-J7108, SM-J710F, SM-J710FD, SM-J710FN, SM-J710FQ, SM-J710FZ, SM-J710GN, SM-J710K, SM-J710MN, SM-J727A, SM-J727AZ, SM-J727P, SM-J730F, SM-J730FM, SM-J730G, SM-J730GM, SM-J730K
  • SM-N750, SM-N7500Q, SM-N7505, SM-N7505L, SM-N9005, SM-N900A, SM-N900L, SM-N900P, SM-N900S, SM-N900T, SM-N900V, SM-N900W8, SM-N910A, SM-N910C, SM-N910F, SM-N910G, SM-N910H, SM-N910K, SM-N910L, SM-N910P, SM-N910S, SM-N910T, SM-N910U, SM-N910V, SM-N910W8, SM-N9150, SM-N915A, SM-N915D, SM-N915F, SM-N915FY, SM-N915G, SM-N915P, SM-N915S, SM-N915T, SM-N915W8, SM-N916K, SM-N916L, SM-N916S, SM-N9200, SM-N9208, SM-N920A, SM-N920C, SM-N920CD, SM-N920F, SM-N920G, SM-N920I, SM-N920K, SM-N920L, SM-N920P, SM-N920S, SM-N920T, SM-N920W8, SM-N9300, SM-N930A, SM-N930F, SM-N930FD, SM-N930K, SM-N930L, SM-N930P, SM-N930R4, SM-N930S, SM-N930T, SM-N930U, SM-N930W8, SM-N935F, SM-N9500, SM-N9508, SM-N950F, SM-N950FD, SM-N950N, SM-N950U, SM-N950U1, SM-N950W
  • SM-P350, SM-P355, SM-P355C, SM-P355M, SM-P355Y, SM-P550, SM-P555, SM-P555C, SM-P555K, SM-P555L, SM-P555M, SM-P555S, SM-P555Y, SM-P585, SM-P585M, SM-P585N, SM-P585Y, SM-P601, SM-P602, SM-P605, SM-P605M, SM-P605S, SM-P605V, SM-P607A, SM-P607T, SM-P901, SM-P902, SM-P905, SM-P905FO, SM-P905M, SM-P905V, SM-P907A, SM-P907T
  • SM-T111, SM-T111M, SM-T111NQ, SM-T210, SM-T211, SM-T211M, SM-T217A, SM-T217T, SM-T230, SM-T230NT, SM-T230NU, SM-T231, SM-T232, SM-T235, SM-T237P, SM-T239C, SM-T239M, SM-T280, SM-T280Q, SM-T280QZ, SM-T285, SM-T285M, SM-T285YD, SM-T287, SM-T310, SM-T311, SM-T312, SM-T315, SM-T315T, SM-T330, SM-T331, SM-T331C, SM-T332, SM-T337A, SM-T337T, SM-T350, SM-T355, SM-T355C, SM-T355Y, SM-T357T, SM-T357W, SM-T365, SM-T365FO, SM-T365M, SM-T365Y, SM-T375S, SM-T375L, SM-T377W, SM-T377T, SM-T377P, SM-T520, SM-T525, SM-T530, SM-T530NU, SM-T531, SM-T532, SM-T533, SM-T535, SM-T560, SM-T561, SM-T561M, SM-T561Y, SM-T562, SM-T580, SM-T585, SM-T585C, SM-T715, SM-T715C, SM-T715N0, SM-T715Y, SM-T719C, SM-T719Y, SM-T805, SM-T805C, SM-T805M, SM-T805Y, SM-T807A, SM-T807J, SM-T807P, SM-T807R4, SM-T807V, SM-T810, SM-T813, SM-T815, SM-T815C, SM-T815N0, SM-T815Y, SM-T817P, SM-T817T, SM-T817W, SM-T818T, SM-T818V, SM-T819C, SM-T819Y, SM-T820, SM-T827, SM-T827V, SM-T900, SM-T905
  • SM-W2014, SM-W2015, SM-W2017
  • SPH-G930

Huawei Reset FRP operations.

“Reset FRP” operation. Be careful, performing this operation may reset/delete all user data (contacts, pictures and other) on some devices and firmware versions! Software will inform you about this in log, so please read and follow software instructions (prompts) carefully!

To perform “Reset FRP” operation, do the next steps:

  1. Remove SD and SIM cards from the phone.
  2. Put the phone in FastBoot Mode (power the phone OFF; press and hold “Volume-“ button, insert USB cable and wait until the phone goes in FastBoot Mode).
  3. Install necessary driver.
  4. Click "Reset FRP" button
  5. Follow software instructions (prompts).

Supported models:


  • ANE-AL00, ANE-AL00I, ANE-L01, ANE-L02, ANE-L03, ANE-L12JPZ, ANE-L21, ANE-L22, ANE-L23, ANE-L42, ANE-LK1, ANE-LX1, ANE-LX2, ANE-LX2J, ANE-LX3
  • AGS-L03, AGS-L09, AGS-L09V, AGS-W09, AGS2-L09
  • ALE-CL00, ALE-L01, ALE-L02, ALE-L03, ALE-L04, ALE-L21, ALE-L22, ALE-L52, ALE-L53, ALE-TL00, ALE-UL00
  • ALP-AL00, ALP-L09, ALP-L29
  • ANE-LX2j
  • ATH-AL00, ATH-TL00, ATH-TL00H, ATH-UL00, ATH-UL01, ATH-UL06
  • ATU-AL00, ATU-L11, ATU-L21, ATU-L22, ATU-L23, ATU-L29, ATU-L31, ATU-L42, ATU-LX1, ATU-LX3
  • AUM-AL20, AUM-L29, AUM-L41, AUM-TL20
  • BAC-AL00, BAC-L03, BAC-L21, BAC-L22, BAC-L23, BAC-TL00
  • BAH-L09, BAH-W09
  • BG2-U01, BG2-U03, BG2-W09
  • BKL-AL00, BKL-AL20, BKL-L09
  • BLA-A09, BLA-AL00, BLA-L09, BLA-L29
  • BLN-AL10, BLN-AL10B, BLN-AL10C, BLN-AL20, BLN-L21, BLN-L21HN, BLN-L22, BLN-L23, BLN-L24, BLN-TL00, BLN-TL10
  • BLL-L03, BLL-L21, BLL-L22, BLL-L23
  • BLN-AL40
  • BND-AL10, BND-L21, BND-L22, BND-L24, BND-L31, BND-L34
  • BTV-DL09, BTV-W09
  • CAG-L02, CAG-L03, CAG-L22, CAG-L23, CAM-AL00, CAM-L03, CAM-L21, CAM-L23, CAM-TL00, CAM-TL00H, CAM-UL00
  • CAN-AL00, CAN-L2, CAN-L3, CAN-L01, CAN-L11, CAN-L12, CAN-L13
  • CAZ-AL00, CAZ-AL10, CAZ-TL10
  • CHC-U03
  • CHM-U01
  • CLT-AL00, CLT-AL01, CLT-L04, CLT-L04C, CLT-L09, CLT-L09C, CLT-L29, CLT-L29C
  • COL-AL00, COL-AL10, COL-L29, COL-TL00, COL-TL10
  • COR-AL00, COR-L29
  • CPN-L09
  • CRO-L03, CRO-L22, CRO-U00
  • CUN-L01, CUN-L21, CUN-L23, CUN-U29
  • CRR-L09, CRR-UL00
  • DIG-AL00, DIG-L01, DIG-L03, DIG-L21, DIG-L21HN, DIG-L22, DIG-L23
  • DLI-AL10, DLI-L22, DLI-L42, DLI-TL20
  • DRA-L01, DRA-L21, DRA-LX2, DRA-LX3, DRA-LX5
  • DUA-AL00, DUA-L22, DUA-TL00
  • DUK-AL10, DUK-AL20, DUK-AL30, DUK-L09, DUK-TL30
  • EDI-AL10
  • EML-AL00, EML-L09, EML-L09C, EML-L022, EML-L29, EML-L29C
  • EVA-AL00, EVA-AL10, EVA-L09, EVA-L19, EVA-DL00, EVA-TL00
  • FLA-L03, FLA-L21, FLA-L22, FLA-L23, FLA-LX1, FLA-LX2, FLA-LX3
  • FDR-A01L, FDR-A04L
  • FIG-L01, FIG-L02, FIG-L03, FIG-L11, FIG-L21, FIG-L22, FIG-L23, FIG-L31, FIG-LA1, FIG-LX1, FIG-LX2, FIG-LX3
  • FRD-AL00, FRD-AL10, FRD-L02, FRD-L04, FRD-L09, FRD-L14, FRD-L19
  • GRA-UL00, GRA-UL10, GRA-L03, GRA-L09, GRA-L13
  • H1511, H1512, H1711
  • HWI-AL00
  • HWT31
  • JMM-AL00, JMM-L22
  • KII-L05, KII-L21, KII-L22, KII-L23
  • KIW-AL10G, KIW-L21, KIW-L22, KIW-L23, KIW-L24, KIW-TL00, KIW-TL00H, KIW-UL00
  • KNT-AL20, KNT-CL00, KNT-L09, KNT-TL10
  • KOB-L09 , KOB-L09A, KOB-W09, KOB-W09C, KOB-W09CHN
  • LDN-L01, LDN-L03, LDN-L22, LDN-L29, LDN-L32, LDN-LX1, LDN-LX2, LDN-LX3
  • LLD-AL00, LLD-AL10, LLD-AL20, LLD-L21, LLD-L21A, LLD-L22A, LLD-L31, LLD-L31A
  • LND-AL00, LND-L21, LND-L22, LND-L23, LND-L29, LND-AL30
  • LON-AL00, LON-L29
  • LP-L09
  • LUA-L21, LUA-L21 V2, LUA-L22, LUA-U22
  • LYO-L01, LYO-L02, LYO-L21
  • M300-L29
  • MHA-AL00, MHA-L09, MHA-L09B, MHA-L29, MHA-L29B, MHA-L2AB
  • MLA-Al00, MLA-AL10, MLA-L01, MLA-L02, MLA-L03, MLA-L11, MLA-L12, MLA-L13, MLA-TL00, MLA-TL10
  • MYA-L11, MYA-L22, MYA-L23, MYA-L41, MYA-U29
  • NCE-AL10
  • NEM-AL10, NEM-L21, NEM-L22, NEM-L31, NEM-L51, NEM-TL00, NEM-TL00H
  • NEO-AL00
  • NMO-L23, NMO-L31
  • NTS-AL00
  • NXT-AL10, NXT-DL00, NXT-L09, NXT-L29, NXT-TL00, NXT-TL00A, NXT-TL00B
  • PIC-AL00, PIC-LX9
  • PLE-703L, PLE-703LT, PLE-701L
  • PLK-L01, PLK-CL00, PLK-L11, PLK-L21, PLK-TL00, PLK-TL01H, PLK-TL11H, PLK-UL00, PLK-UL10
  • PRA-AL00, PRA-AL00X, PRA-L01, PRA-L02, PRA-L03, PRA-L11, PRA-L21, PRA-L21HN, PRA-L22, PRA-L23, PRA-L31, PRA-L31HN, PRA-LA1, PRA-LX1, PRA-LX2, PRA-LX3, PRA-TL10
  • RIO-AL00, RIO-L01, RIO-L02, RIO-L03, RIO-TL00
  • RNE-L01, RNE-L02, RNE-L03, RNE-L21, RNE-L22, RNE-L22J, RNE-L23
  • RVL-AL09, RVL-AL10
  • SCC-U21
  • SCL-AL00, SCL-L01, SCL-L02, SCL-L03, SCL-L04, SCL-L21, SCL-L31, SCL-L32, SCL-TL00, SCL-TL00H, SCL-U23, SCL-U31, SCL-U31 3G
  • SLA-AL00, SLA-L02, SLA-L03, SLA-L22, SLA-L23, SLA-TL00
  • STF-AL00, STF-AL10, STF-L09, STF-L09S, STF-AL20
  • TIT-AL00, TIT-L01, TIT-U02, TIT-U02 V2
  • TOR-A1
  • TRT-A1, TRT-AL00, TRT-L01, TRT-L02, TRT-L03, TRT-L22, TRT-L23, TRT-AL00A, TRT-L21A, TRT-L53, TRT-LX1, TRT-LX2, TRT-LX3, TRT-TL10
  • VEN-L22
  • VIE-AL10, VIE-L09, VIE-L29
  • VKY-AL00, VKY-L09, VKY-L29, VKY-L29A, VKY-TL00
  • VNS-AL00, VNS-L62, VNS-TL00, VNS-L01, VNS-L02, VNS-L03, VNS-L11, VNS-L21, VNS-L22, VNS-L23, VNS-L31, VNS-L53
  • VTR-AL00, VTR-L09, VTR-L29, VTR-L29B
  • Y538, Y560-L01 LTE

LG Reset FRP operations.

“Reset FRP” operation. Be carefully, performing this operation may reset/delete all user data (contacts, pictures and other) on some devices and firmware versions! Software will inform you about this in log, so please read and follow software instructions (prompts) carefully!

To perform “Reset FRP” operation, do the next steps:

1. Remove SD and SIM cards from the phone.
2. Put the phone in Download Mode (power the phone OFF, press and hold "Vol+" button and connect USB cable).
3. Install necessary driver.
4. Click "Reset FRP" button.
5. Follow software instructions (prompts).

Supported models:


  • AS375, AS992, AS993, AS998
  • D850, D850PR, D851, D851TN, D851WH, D852, D852G, D855, D855AR, D855K, D855P, D855TR, D855V, D856, D857, D858, D858HK, D859
  • DM-02H
  • F500K, F500L, F500S, F510K, F510L, F510S, F540K, F540L, F540S, F560K, F570S, F600K, F600L, F600S, F620K, F620L, F620S, F650K, F650L, F650S, F670K, F670L, F670S, F690K, F690L, F690S, F700K, F700L, F700S, F720K, F720L, F720S, F750K, F770S, F800K, F800L, F800S
  • G600K, G600KP, G600KR, G600L, G600LP, G600LR, G600S, G600SP, G600SR, G710AWMH, G710EM, G710EMW, G710PM
  • H340, H340AR, H340F, H340G, H340H, H340N, H340Y, H342, H342F, H342FT, H342I, H342TR, H343, H345, H440, H440AR, H440F, H440N, H440V, H440Y, H442, H442F, H443, H445, H525, H525N, H525TR, H630, H630D, H630I, H631, H634, H635, H635A, H635AR, H635C, H635CX, H636, H650, H650AR, H650E, H650K, H700, H731, H734, H735, H735AR, H735L, H735MT, H735P, H735T, H735TR, H736, H736P, H740, H810, H810PR, H811, H811VK, H812, H815, H815AR, H815K, H815L, H815P, H815PX, H815T, H815TR, H818, H818N, H818P, H818PA, H819, H820, H820PR, H830, H830SV, H831, H840, H840AR, H840TR, H845, H845N, H848, H850, H850AR, H870I, H850K, H850TR, H858, H860, H860N, H868, H870, H870AR, H870DS, H870DSU, H870I, H870K, H870S, H870U, H870V, H870DS, H870DSU, H870V, H871, H872, H872PR, H873, H900, H900PR, H901, H910, H910PR, H915, H918, H930, H930DS, H930G, H930K, H931, H932, H932PR, H932SV, H932U, H933, H950, H950PR, H955, H955A, H955AR, H955HK, H955P, H955TR, H959, H960, H960A, H960AR, H960ATR, H960AY, H960P, H960TR, H960YK, H961, H961AN, H961N, H961S, H962, H968, H970, H990, H990DS, H990N, H990T, H990TR
  • K100, K100DS, K100E, K100TR, K120, K120AR, K120E, K120F, K120FT, K120GT, K120H, K120K, K120L, K120P, K120S, K121, K121K, K121L, K121S, K130, K130E, K130EE, K130F, K130Y, K200, K200DS, K200DSF, K200DSK, K200F, K200MT, K210, K212, K220, K220AR, K220BR, K220DS, K220DSF, K220DSK, K220DSZ, K220F, K220H, K220T, K220TR, K220Y, K220Z, K240, K240AR, K240F, K240H, K330, K332, K350, K350AR, K350DS, K350E, K350F, K350H, K350K, K350N, K350NDS, K350TR, K350Y, K350Z, K371, K373, K420DS, K420N, K420NM, K420PR, K425, K428, K430DS, K430DSE, K430DSF, K430DSY, K430TR, K430TV, K430Y, K450, K500AR, K500DS, K500DSF, K500DSK, K500DSZ, K500F, K500H, K500I, K500J, K500K, K500N, K500TR, K500Y, K500Z, K520, K520D, K520DY, K520K, K520TR, K520Y, K530, K530AR, K530DY, K530F, K530TR, K535, K535D, K535N, K535T, K540, K550, K550BN, K550BNGO1, K557, K580, K580AR, K580DS, K580DSF, K580DSK, K580DSZ, K580F, K580H, K580I, K580TR, K580Y, K580Z, K600, K600HK, K600Y
  • LK460, LMX210APM, LMX210BMW, LMX210IMW, LMX210FM, LMX210HM, LMX210YMW,LMX210ZM, LMX212TA, LMX212TAL, LMX410TK, LMX410ULMG, LMX410ULML, LMX410UM, LS450, LS665, LS675, LS676, LS751, LS755, LS770, LS775, LS777, LS990, LS991, LS992, LS993, LS996, LS997, LS998
  • M150, M150AT, M151, M153, M154, M160, M160E, M200E, M200N, M210, M250, M250AR, M250DS, M250DSN, M250E, M250F, M250H, M250I, M250K, M250M, M250N, M250Y, M250YK, M255, M257, M257PR, M320, M320AR, M320DSN, M320F, M320G, M320H, M320K, M320M, M320N, M320TV, M322, M327, M400AR, M400DF, M400DK, M400DY, M400F, M400MT, M400N, M400Y, M430, M470, M470F, M700, M700A, M700AN, M700AR, M700B, M700DSK, M700DSN, M700F, M700H, M700N, M700TV, M700Y, M700Z, M703, M703PR, M710H, M710DS, MP260, MP450, MS210, MS330, MS345, MS428, MS550, MS631
  • RS500, RS988
  • S02, SP200, SP320
  • TP260, TP450
  • US215, US550, US601, US610, US700, US991, US992, US996, US998, US998U, US998R
  • V300KR, V300KW, V300LW, V300SW, VS425, VS425LPP, VS425PP, VS500, VS500PP, VS501, VS835, VS985, VS986, VS986W, VS987, VS988, VS990, VS995, VS996, US998U
  • V300K, V300L, V300S, V350AWM, V350ULM, V32, V33, V533, V930, V935, V935T
  • X150, X155, X160, X160T, X165, X165G, X170, X170G, X170FTV, X180G, X190, X210, X210CM, X210CMR, X210DS, X210EM, X210EMW, X210G, X210K, X210L, X210ULMG, X210MA, X210MB, X210NMW, X210S, X210UKM, X210ULM, X210ULMA, X220DS, X220DSH, X220DST, X220G, X220M, X220MB, X230, X230DS, X230DSF, X230DSV, X230F, X230H, X230HV, X230I, X230K, X230YK, X230Z, X240, X240AR, X240DS, X240DSF, X240F, X240H, X240I, X240K, X320K, X320L, X320S, X600K, X600KP, X600L, X600LP, X600S, X600SP, X800K, X800L, X800S

Alcatel Reset FRP operations.

“Reset FRP” operation. This operation will not reset/delete device user data.

To perform “Reset FRP” operation, do the next steps:

  1. Remove SD and SIM cards from the phone.
  2. Install necessary driver.
  3. Power the phone OFF and connect USB cable.
  4. Click "Reset FRP" button.
  5. Follow software instructions (prompts).

Supported models:


  • OT-4034D, OT-4034E, OT-4034G, OT-4034X, OT-4047D, OT-4047X, OT-4049D, OT-4049X, OT-4060A, OT-4060O, OT-5009D, OT-5010D, OT-5010U, OT-5010X, OT-5011A, OT-5015A, OT-5015D, OT-5015X, OT-5017A, OT-5017B, OT-5017D, OT-5017E, OT-5017G, OT-5017O, OT-5017W, OT-5017X, OT-5019D, OT-5022D, OT-5023F, OT-5025D, OT-5033D, OT-5044A, OT-5044D, OT-5044G, OT-5044R, OT-5044S, OT-5044T, OT-5044Y, OT-5045T, OT-5045A, OT-5045D, OT-5045F, OT-5045G, OT-5045I, OT-5045J, OT-5045Y, OT-5045X, OT-5046G, OT-5046I, OT-5047D, OT-5051A, OT-5051D, OT-5051J, OT-5051M, OT-5051T, OT-5051X, OT-5052D, OT-5052Y, OT-5054A, OT-5054D, OT-5054N, OT-5054O, OT-5054S, OT-5054T, OT-5054W, OT-5054X, OT-5056A, OT-5056E, OT-5056N, OT-5056O, OT-5059Y, OT-5065D, OT-5065N, OT-5058A, OT-5058I, OT-5058J, OT-5058T, OT-5058Y, OT-5059D, OT-5070D, OT-5080X, OT-5085D, OT-5085O, OT-5095I, OT-5095K, OT-5095Y, OT-5098O, OT-6039A, OT-6039H, OT-6039J, OT-6039K, OT-6039S, OT-6039Y, OT-6044D, OT-6045O, OT-6045I, OT-6055K, OT-6055U, OT-6058D, OT-6058X, OT-6070K, OT-7048X, OT-7070F, OT-8050D, OT-8050E, OT-8050G, OT-8063, OT-9001A, OT-9001D, OT-9001I, OT-9001X, OT-9003A, OT-9003X, OT-9008D, OT-9010X, OT-9015B, OT-9015J, OT-9015Q, OT-9024W

Motorola Reset FRP operations.

“Reset FRP” operation. This operation will not reset/delete device user data.

To perform “Reset FRP” operation, do the next steps:

  1. Put the phone in Factory Mode (power the phone OFF; press and hold "Vol-" + "Power" buttons; select “Factory Mode” in phone’s menu and confirm selection; wait until the phone powers ON).
  2. Connect USB cable.
  3. Install necessary driver.
  4. Click "Reset FRP" button.
  5. Follow software instructions (prompts).

Note: “Reset FRP” operation may not work for some devices with latest Security patch level.

Supported models:


  • G5S Plus
  • XT1021, XT1063, XT1064, XT1068, XT1069, XT1072, XT1077, XT1079, XT1092, XT1093, XT1095, XT1096, XT1100, XT1103, XT1254, XT1521, XT1524, XT1526, XT1527, XT1528, XT1540, XT1541, XT1543, XT1548, XT1550, XT1557, XT1562, XT1563, XT1565, XT1575, XT1580, XT1585, XT1601, XT1602, XT1607, XT1609, XT1621, XT1622, XT1625, XT1626, XT1635-01, XT1635-02, XT1640, XT1641, XT1642, XT1643, XT1644, XT1650, XT1650-01, XT1650-02, XT1650-03, XT1655, XT1662, XT1663, XT1670, XT1671, XT1672, XT1675, XT1676, XT1685, XT1706, XT1700, XT1710-02, XT1710-06, XT1710-07, XT1710-08, XT1710-09, XT1710-10, XT1710-11, XT1721, XT1723, XT1725, XT1750, XT1754, XT1755, XT1756, XT1757, XT1758, XT1760, XT1761, XT1762, XT1765, XT1766, XT1767, XT1768, XT1770, XT1771, XT1772, XT1773, XT1775, XT1794, XT1800, XT1804, XT1805, XT1806, XT1900-1, XT1900-2, XT1900-4, XT1900-5, XT1900-6, XT1900-7, XT1922-3, XT1922-6, XT1922-7, XT1922-9, XT1925-5, XT1925-12, XT1926-3

Supported Brands and Models:


  • Cameleon C6


  • A1-734, B1-7A0, B1-780, B1-790, B1-850, B3-A20, B3-A30, B3-A40, T02, T03, T04, T06, T09, T10, T11


  • I5, I7


  • A8


  • AC70PLV6


  • A9 Lite, P41, P42, V2, X4 Soul Lite


  • Starxtrem 5, StarXtrem 6, Starnaute 4, Startrail 7, S60, T10


  • AM410, AM530


  • AC101AS3GV2, AC101XSE, AC101enev2, AC50ENE, AC50AS4G, AC50ASCLR3G, AC50PL4G, AC55AS3G, AC55HE, AC55CRS, AC97CP

Ark Benefit:

  • S401, S502


  • AS-5411 Max, AS-5412 Max, AS-5432, AS-5435, AS-6431


  • A001, A002, A007, A009, P00A, P00C, P00J, P008, P024, P028, X00DD, X00HD, X00GD, X00ID, X00LD, X00LDA, X00RD, X00QD, X007D, X008, X008D, X008DA, X008DB, X008DC, X014D, X015D, X017DA, X018D, Z00L, Z00LD, Z00SD, Z00UD, Z00UDA, Z00UDB, Z00VD, Z00W, Z00WD, Z01BD, Z01BDA, Z01BDB, Z01BDC, Z01FD, Z01HD, Z01MD, Z01BS, Z010D, Z010DA, Z011D, Z012D, Z012DA, Z012DB, Z012DC, Z012DE, Z017D, Z017DA, Z017DB, ZB555KL


  • Mate Pro


  • IRO A5Q


  • SP500


  • BMM541D


  • A5, A7, A7 Pro, A10, BV2000s, BV6000, BV7000 Pro, E7s, S8


  • Advance 4.0 L3, C5 LTE, Dash XL, G110Q, Grand X, Grand X LTE, Grand XL, Grand XL LTE, Energy X Plus 2, Grand M, Grand M2, L0090, R2 LTE, S490U, L0090, Studio G2, Studio G3, Studio G Mini, Studio 7.0 LTE, Studio C HD, Studio J2, Studio J8, Studio One, Studio Pro, Studio Selfie, Studio Selfie 2, Studio Touch, Studio X Mini, Studio XL 2, Tank Xtreme 4.0, Touchbook M7 Pro, V050, Vivo ONE, Vivo XL


  • AX1070, AX820


  • Pulse Glide, Shaker-Slim, Strika Play


  • Aquaris E5, Aquaris M8, Aquaris M10 FHD, Aquaris U Plus, Aquaris X5, Aquaris X5 Plus, Fox 4526
  • 4028, 4501G, 5020 Strike, 5025, 5059 Strike Power, 5032, 5035, 5037, 5058, 5065, 5070, 5007L, 5009L, 5508L, 5512L, 5340


  • A501 Bright, A503, A506, A552, A553, A504 Trace, Next, NB85, NB105, NB106M, NB961


  • 620 SZ


  • Via A1, Via S10


  • CAT S31, CAT S40, CAT S41, S30, S60


  • Ufeel 4G


  • C Fame, C Jazz, C Fantasy, C Luna, C Titan, C Wiz


  • EON Blaze Pro, EON Curve, Omega 6

Cherry Mobile:

  • Cosmos Three, FB100, Flare A1, Flare A3, Flare J2s, Flare J3, Flare J3 Lite, Flare P1 Mini, Flare P3, Flare S4, Flare S4 Max, Flare S5 Max, Omega Icon 2

China Mobile:

  • M631Y


  • Essence


  • ClemPhone 7


  • M9021G


  • Thrill Boost


  • SM6, T7 Wi-Fi


  • C1, C1 Pro, C2 Lite, S1


  • PGN-409, PGN-513, PGN-514, PGN-515, PGN-516, PGN-517, PGN-518, PGN-521, PGN-522, PGN-523, PGN-524, PGN-527, PGN-528, PGN-605, PGN-606, PGN-608, PGN-609, PGN-610, PGN-611, PGN-612
  • PHQ-520, PHQ-525, PHQ-526
  • SP-413, SP-414, SP-530, SP-531, SP-614, SP-615, SP-617, SP-620, SP-621, SP-622, SP-623, SP-624, SP-625, SP-627, SP-631, SP-632, SP-633, SP-637
  • TB-717G, TB-717L, TB-802L
  • TFX-711G, TFX-712G, TFX-713L, TFX-714L
  • TGW-102L, TGW-710G, TGW-801G, TGW-801L
  • TMK-715L


  • 3505I, C106-9, C1-U02, CP3635a, CP8676_I02, E561


  • Trekker-M1 Core


  • J3 Pro, Cheetah 2, King Kong, Magic, Max, Note Plus, Note S, R9, Rainbow, Rainbow 2, X18 Plus


  • Konnect 402


  • Ixion G155, Ixion ML150, Ixion ML350, Ixion P350, ML250, X150


  • M50E-1A


  • Linx C500 3G


  • Guide C1, X11


  • TS-M70E


  • BL5000, BL7000, Mix, Mix Lite, S30, S55, S60, Shoot 1, Shoot 2, T5, T6, X5, X5 Max Pro, X6, X7 S, X9, X10S, X20, X20L, X50, X53, X55, X60L, X9 Pro, Y6, Y100 Plus


  • BL5000, S30, SG503, Shoot 2, T6, X9, X20, Y6


  • P1, P2


  • D5-S


  • Look, Plum, Studio


  • S8


  • S500E

Energy Phone:

  • Max 4G


  • E3


  • A502 Aurum, A503 Optima, A550 Maxx, B501, B500 First


  • Woozel45


  • MID7458G


  • i240, N6

Eurostar :

  • Onyx 3S, Onyx-3S LTE


  • Q7 LTE


  • F55L, F55L2, M50L

Firefly Mobile:

  • Razor Plus 4G


  • 5S, FS402, FS407, FS454 MTK, FS454 SPRD, FS456, FS458, FS504, FS505, FS508, FS509, FS553, FS554


  • ConeXis A2

General Mobile:

  • 4G, GM5


  • Note


  • A1, A1 Lite, F103, F103 Pro, M5 Plus, P5 Mini, P5L, P5W, P7, S Plus, S6, S6s, S6 Pro, X1, X1S


  • K1


  • Pixel, Pixel XL


  • X55L


  • A7


  • G5, G9, X1, X Mini


  • Classic Joy


  • S4, V6, Vans 8


  • A728 XP2


  • Mix


  • G21, G7 Lite


  • Bay, Easy S, Easy XL Pro, Power Five Evo


  • C1, C20, C30, C30 Lite, E76, F10, F17, F20, F20AE, F20DE, F22, F23, F24, F31, F31M, F31M 2, L635, L670, L675, L676, L678, L830, S40, T5 Plus, T5 Pro, U601S, U962, U965, U972 Pro, U989


  • S9 Plus, HT37, HT6, HT7, HT70, HT16, HT20 Pro, S8, Zoji Z7


  • Beam, Blaze, Fire, Giga, Glaze, Rush, Swirl, Vibe


  • E465GO, E502, L500U


  • Flair


  • B001, D001


  • ImPAD M701, ImSmart A504


  • X521, X5515, X5515I, X556, X557, X559, X559C, X572, X601, X602, X603, X603B, X606B, X606C, X606D


  • IF9007, M535


  • 3 Pro


  • 2 Lite


  • NS-P11A8100


  • Aqua 4G Mini, Aqua Trend Lite


  • Fighter


  • L1002


  • Kylin 5.5


  • SP571, TZ55, TZ831


  • G7050, IS2 Plus, I-S6, Vox 4S, Vox Energy, Vox Fortis, Vox Pop, Vox Pop Plus, Vox Steel Plus, Vox Vero


  • A11, A12, A13 Plus, A14, A15, A16, A21, A31, A32F, A40, A44, A44 Pro, A51, A62, Aqua Lions 3, it1355M, it1407, it1508, i1520, it1556 Plus, it1513, P13, P31, P32, P51, S11, S11 Plus, S11X, S12, S31, S32, S33


  • Me 2


  • Touch 4G


  • Titanium Jumbo 2, K9 Smart 4G, K9 Smart Grand, K9 Smart Selfie, K9 Viraat


  • Elegance 5.1, Elegance 5.5


  • S5 Ultra


  • V355, V355B

Kruger & Matz:

  • Eagle 701, Flow 5 Plus


  • 01516


  • X260, X500B

Land Rover:

  • N2, Discovery X2 / Guophone X2


  • A44, A97, Iris 41, Iris 50, Iris 51, Iris 65, Iris 88S, P7 Plus, X1, Z50, Z60, Z60E, Z70, Z90, Z91


  • KIICAA Mix, KIICAA Power, M5, M8, M8 Pro, M9, S8 Pro, T1, T5c, Z5, Z5c, Z5 LTE, Z6


  • C106-9, X522, X526, X527, X722, X727


  • A1000, A1010a20, A2010 (A2010-a), A2016a40, A2020a40, A6020a40, A6020A41, A6020a46, A6020l36, A6020l37, A6020A40, A6020a41 MSM8936, A6600d40, A7000-a, A7010a48, A7020a40, A8-50LC
  • K10a40, K10e70, K33a48, K33b36, K50a40, K50-t5, K50-t3s, K520, K52e78, K52t38, K52t58, K53a48, K33a42
  • MSM8929
  • P1a42, P1c58, P1c72, P1ma40, P1mc50, P2a42, P2c72, P70-A, PB1-750M, PB1-750N, PB2-650M
  • S1a40, S1c50
  • TB-7304I, TB-7304F Wi-Fi, TB-7304X, TB-8504F, TB-8504x, TB-X103F, TB-X304F, TB-X304L, TB2-X30F, TB2-X30L, TB3-710I, TB3-730F, TB3-730X, TB3-X70F
  • X3a40, X3c50, X3c70, XT1902-1, XT1902-3
  • YT-X703L, YT3-X50L, YT3-X50M
  • Z2131, Z2132


  • C1-U02


  • L-ITE 552, M Bot 551


  • Wind 6, LS-4503, LS-4505, LS-4508, LS-5002, LS-5017, LS-5018, LS-5020, LS-5502, LS-5506, LS-5507


  • M4 SS4457


  • MS514


  • MSP4507, MSP95012


  • Astro 5s, X55s


  • P7


  • M785P


  • M-PPxS7P, M-SP10HXxH, PhonePad X500


  • M2, M5s, M611H, M710H, M721C, M721H, M721L, M721M, M721Q, M810H
  • Y685C, Y685H, Y685M, Y685Q


  • B5, B5 Pro, C1, D305, D333, E313, E485, E4817, HS2, M611H, M710H, Q301, Q3001, Q3301, Q350, Q352, Q354, Q372, Q385, Q398, Q409, Q411, Q417, Q421, Q4251, Q427, Q4310, Q437, Q349, Q440, Y685C, Y685H, Y685M, Y685Q
  • Bharat 5


  • M3CR, M5CR, Leo, Power 1, VirGo


  • Mobix M6


  • R5


  • iQ1012N, iQ1019N, iQ1452, iQ1551, iQ1553, iQ181011C, iQS300, R3 iQR300


  • M55CR


  • E7


  • ACE, Astro, Berry, Berry 1, Candy, Dandy, Ego, Frio, Ice, Icon, Play, Pulse, Pure, Pure Mini, Pure Plus, Rebel, Rush, R1, R2, R3, R4, R6, R8, R9 Lite, Shift, Switch 1, Tango, Tango Lite, Trendy, Trendy Plus, Ultra, U2, V2 LTE, V1, V4, Vivo, X4, ZEN, Zoom


  • Kohana


  • Hero 3


  • Smart Surf 2 4G


  • MS50L


  • C-Smart II, Q-Smart II, Q-Smart III, Hummer Blade, Hummer Bolt, Hammer Energy PLay, MyA10, Titan 2


  • E451


  • D455, Suprem Fine, Supreme Fine Mini


  • T500 3G


  • 175FT1050241, 176HS1050531


  • TA-1000, TA-1003, TA-1007, TA-1011, TA-1020, TA-1021, TA-1024, TA-1025, TA-1027, TA-1028, TA-1029, TA-1032, TA-1033, TA-1038, TA-1039, TA-1041, TA-1044, TA-1047, TA-1053, TA-1056, TA-1060, TA-1066


  • Energy Graphit, C070010, C070012, C070014, C070020, C10103
  • i4510, i5001, i507, i5010, i5011, i5030, i5031, i5050


  • Ewis E43


  • A2003, A3000, A3003, A3010, A5000, A5010, A6000, A6003


  • Active 5.0, Newton 5.0, Smart 8


  • A33w, A37f, A37fw, A53, A57, A59s, A71, A83, CPH1607, CPH1609, CPH1611, CPH1723, CPH1725, CPH1727, F1s, R7g, X9009


  • C3, C8, C12 Pro, K10000, K10000 Pro, K6, K6000 Plus, K6000 Pro, U7 Max, U7 Plus, U7 Pro, U20 Plus


  • T102MS 3G, T72HM 3G


  • C3, K10000, K10000 Pro, K6000 Plus, S4035 3G


  • Eluga A2, Eluga A3, Eluga Arc 2, Eluga I2, Eluga I4, Eluga I5, Eluga I9, Eluga Note, Eluga Pulse X, Eluga Ray 600, Eluga Ray 700, Eluga Tapp, P65 Flash, P71, P77, P85, P88, P91, P100


  • C20


  • T1


  • S318, S395, X588, Xenium S386


  • Jet, Hit


  • L600


  • P400, P520, P530, P540, P610, P620


  • PMP3131, PMT3118_3G, PMT3318 3G, PMT3407 4G
  • PSP3403 DUO, PSP3459 DUO, PSP3504 DUO, PSP3507 DUO, PSP3537 DUO, PSP3552 DUO, PSP5502 DUO, PSP5509DUO, PSP5518 DUO, PSP5530, PSP5552 DUO, PSP7501, PSP7511 DUO
  • S7 Duo


  • QPhone 5.4


  • QM-7KL


  • i6 Metal 2017, King Kong Max, Q Infinty Cinema, Q Infinity E Lite, XLi, Z9 Plus


  • MB5015


  • M7 Plus


  • SG1


  • A150, A250, T250

Sigma mobile:

  • PQ34, PQ52


  • Platinum 4.0, 5.0 Pro II, Pro III


  • M512


  • F302, K601


  • M510, M578, M920, P771

Starlight :

  • Future, Madrid, Star Mini, Star Plus, UMI G, UMI London, UMI Rome X


  • B1, B2 Mini, B3 Simply


  • Onyx, S551, VS5502


  • SD 530


  • i10, i20, i90, H58, H175, P7, R20, R30, R100, V110, V140, V47, V75m, V92, V96, Roar V78, Roar V95


  • FL02, M3G, P561U


  • A6, CA6, CA7, CF7, F2, F2 (v2), F2 LTE, F3, I3, I3 Pro, I5 Pro, IN1, IN2, IN3, IN5, K7, K8, KA7, LA6, LA7, L8 Lite, L9, L9 Plus, RA6s, W1, W2, W3 Pro, W4, W5, W5 Lite, WX3, WX4
  • Cammon C9, Cammon CX


  • Mini, Mini 1.1


  • Infinity K


  • SP3.3


  • TM-5009, TM-5071, TM-5073


  • TM-MID798


  • T510H


  • TP703A, TP801A, TP910A


  • A3, O

Turk Telekom:

  • TT175


  • E500A


  • Armor 2, Gemini, Metal, Power, Power 3S, Power S8 Pro, S7, S8


  • IMpress Saturn, VisionBook P55 LTE


  • Iron, Super


  • S2, Z1, Z2 Pro


  • Zyro


  • J5


  • Apollo, Mix 2, Thor E


  • Impress Click, Impress Eagle, Impress Fortune, Impress Luck, Impress Sun, Impress Tiger, Impress Pear, Impress Vega


  • S4008, S5021


  • 1601, 1723, 1724, Y55A, Y66
  • PD1502F, PD1503F, PD1523, PD1523F, PD1612DF, PD1613BF, PD1613F, PD1624F, PD1708BF, PD1730CF, PD1730DF, PD1805F, PD1814F
  • V1731CA, V1813DA


  • X2, Y55A, Y66


  • S8, VK800X


  • VFD100, VFD1100, VFD200, VFD300, VFD320, VFD500, VFD511, VFD600, VFD600 MSM8909, VFD700, VF-696, VF-795


  • SV451 Vision


  • YU5530


  • Primo E8i, Primo F6, Primo F8, Primo GF6, Primo GH7, Primo HM4i, Primo NX3, Primo R4 Plus, Primo RM3, Primo RX5, Primo RX6, RM2 Mini


  • Fever, Freddy, Harry, Jerry 2, Jerry 3, Lenny 2, Lenny 3, Lenny 3 Max, Lenny 4, Lenny 4 Plus, Lenny 5, Primo GM3, Primo GF7, Primo GH6, Pulp 3G, Pulp 4G, Rainbow Jam 4G, Rainbow Lite 4G, Robby, Sunny, Sunny Max, Sunny 2, Sunny 3, Sunny 3 Mini, Tinno, Tommy, Tommy 2, Tommy 3, View, View Max, View Prime, U Feel, U Feel Lite, U Feel Prime, U Pulse, U Pulse Lite, Wim Lite


  • E2


  • Spark, Spark X, Swift, Swift 2, Swift 2X, Swift 2 Plus

Your Welcome:

  • YW100


  • B19


  • Mi A2 Lite, Mi 5, Mi 5S, Mi 5X, Mi 6x / Wayne / M1804D2SE, Mi A1 / MDG2, Mi A2 / Wayne, Mi Max, Mi Max 2, Mi Mix 2 / Chiron
  • Redmi S2, Redmi 3, Redmi 3S, Redmi 4 Premium Edition, Redmi 4A, Redmi 4X, Redmi 5, Redmi 5A / MCG3B, Redmi 5 Plus / Vince / MEE7 / MEG7 / MET7, Redmi Y1, Redmi Y2
  • Redmi Note 3 Pro, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 4X, Redmi Note 5A Prime / MDE6S / MDT6S, Redmi Note 5 / Whyred / MEE7S, Redmi Note 5A, Redmi Note 5A S / MDG6S


  • Era 2


  • V4


  • Admire Sense


  • A0620, A0622, A1, A1R, A2017G, A2017U, A310, A320, A476, A452, A460, A465, A510, A512, A520, A520 V2, A520C, A602, A610, A610C, A612, B2017G, BA520, B2017G, K81, K88, L5 LTE, L110, M2, N9136, N939Sc, N9560, NX512J, NX597J, T520, T663, V0720, V0730, V0800, V0850, Z812, V0829, V580, V8 ProZ820, Z10, Z3001S, Z828, Z831, Z832, Z835, Z851M, Z852, Z981, Z983, Z956, Z958, Z959, Z965, Z971, Z978, Z982, Z988

Octoplus FRP Tool - Package Content:

  • Octoplus FRP Dongle with Smart-Card – 1 pc.
  • 6 months of warranty
  • Free Octoplus FRP Tool Support Area

Due to the onrush of technology and efforts to meet every customer's demands, the supplier retains the right to change some positions in the list of cables and accessories coming together with the product. Therefore, the package content presented above is rather tentative. More details on the matter can be obtained from our sales managers.

* Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions.


Dongle is compatible with the following models of Cell phones
  • Samsung





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