Power Supply HYelec HY3005D-3 (LCD Display; 0-30V; 0-5A)

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Power Supply HYelec HY3005D-3 (LCD Display; 0-30V; 0-5A)
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Triple outputs power supply HY3005D-3 provides electronic devices and schemes with direct voltage. For the two outputs the voltage is variable from 0to 30 V and the current is variable from 0 to 5 A, the third one output has fixed voltage 5 A and current 3A.


  • If it’s needed to increase output voltage or current the outputs are connected series or parallel, correspondingly.
  • Output current and voltage control for the two variable outputs is performed by means of LCD.
  • Output voltage measurement accuracy is within  1 % ± 2V and current measurement  accuracy is within 2% ± 2 A.
  • Adjustment of current and value is made by means of potentiometers independently in two variable outputs.
  • Output terminals, from which one can turn off the voltage and ground connector are located in the bottom of power supply faceplate.
  • Power supple device HY3005D-3 is overload protected by current and by voltage in each channel. In case of protection acts, corresponding overload indicator flashes on. Protection turns off  secondary output voltage to prevent device breakdown until the failure is fixed.
  • Power supply is by alternating current 220V. Power supply source HY3002-2 switching on/off is made by big key switch with safe position fixation.

Technical specifications

Output voltage 1 - 2 output 0 - 30 V
3 output 5 V
Output current 1 - 2 output 0 - 5 A
3 output 3 A
Ripple By current, mA ≤ 3 mA
By voltage, mV ≤ 0,5 mV
Overload effect, % By current, mA ≤ 0,2 ± 5 mA
By voltage, mV ≤ 0.01 ± 5 mV
Power effect, % By current ≤ 0.2 ± 1 mA
By voltage ≤ 0.01 ± 1 mV
Output current and voltage indication 4 3 ½ digit LCD
Dimensions 365 × 265 × 164 mm
Power ~ 220/110 V ± 10 %


Number of channels
  • three-channel
  • transformer
Max. Voltage
  • up to 30 V
Max. Current
  • up to 5 A
Indicator type
  • LCD indicators





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